A.Kozulin lawyers filed a complaint to the Attorney General

According to this document, the complaint has undergone review May 21, a month after its submission. "We remain the only way — is supervising complaint to the Prosecutor General of Belarus Petr Miklashevich. But at the moment to say that the regime showed its nyagnutkasts and inability to meet the demands of the Belarusian and world democratic community" — said the lawyer Freedom last Kozulin Igor Rinkevich.

In Last year Alexander Kozulin was sentenced to five and a half years imprisonment on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Politician serving his sentence in Vitebsk colony.

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Searches in the AP and Fox News were on the personal orders

U.S. Attorney General

By scandal with the American journalists were involved in the most high-ranking officials in the administration of Barack Obama. The decision to issue the search warrant was made at the highest levels, including Attorney General Eric Holder, although the document was originally asked a federal judge.

The aggressive attitude of the Obama administration to information leaks in the press has been the object of attention in the last week in connection with the investigation by Fox News correspondent James Rosen and agency Associated Press. This prompted the U.S. President to instruct Holder to revise

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In the blast case arrested 5 people

Society Two people were taken into custody on suspicion of committing a terrorist act in the Minsk metro. This is a performer and a person who helped him. Collected more than a thousand of evidence. The Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus, head of the investigation team Andrei Swede.

He showed reporters CCTV footage that recorded the terrorist actions in the subway.

According to the Swede, found a place where things were made bombs and explosives directly, ripping at the metro station "October." As explained by the Deputy Attorney General, "at the place of manufacture bombs found evidence that

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Most of the rivers of Ukraine in a sorry state

Today in Ukraine, 88% of the ecological state of the rivers and their basins, according to the classification of water quality, defined as disastrous. This, as the correspondent ForUm'a, said Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Pshonka at the board meeting on the status of the rule of law and human rights activities in the field of water relations.

According to the Attorney General, the most polluted basins of the Dniester, Danube, Western Bug, Seversky Donets River and Azov.

"Sea of Azov in general by an ecological disaster. Whereas previously there were 114 species of fish, of which the

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Prosecutors said the writer unsubscribing

Society Came the reply from the Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus to the appeal of writers with a request to transfer Vladimir Neklyaeva the hospital.

Head of the General Prosecutor's Office for Supervision of procedural activities of the Interior Ya Bruise reported that their appeal brought before the prosecutor of Minsk Nicholas Kulik.

Ales Ryazanov, Vasil Zuyenok, Pavel Morozov, Svetlana Aleksievich Vladimir Orlov and other well-known Belarusian writers demanded that the Prosecutor General Vladimir translation of Neklyaeva detention center KGB in the hospital and assisting the emergency care.

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