Wilson Audio Sophia 3


If you expect to get a bit of style with your £16,500 speakers you might be a bit disappointed by the Sophia 3s. Distinctive and unusual perhaps sums it up best. They’ll appeal to a die-hard fan of Silent Running (we can’t be the only people to think they look like the garden-tending robots of the ’70s sci-fi classic, can we?)

Wilson Audio has prioritised function over form, though, for these undoubtedly high-end speakers.

The idea here is that the shaping and cabinet materials work optimally for each range of frequencies. The company has also opted for a full

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Sound Simplicity



Bosc Lifestyle V-Class Home Entertainment Systems aren’t just designed for superior audio performance, but enhances user experience by solving the clutter of modern home theater setups. This is achieved through the new Bose Unify Intelligent Integration System. With this intuitive Unify technology, the Lifestyle V-35 supports up to six HD video and music sources, helps optimize the setup process with easy on-screen guides, intelligently assisting in the selection A/V sources, and can even detect if connections are made properly. The Unify system will also help program its

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£2300 / ruarkaudio.com

Hang about. I seem to be holding a copy of the Habitat catalogue. Don’t panic, gadget fan. Until 2017, when DFS will include the Autonomous Bum-Grinding MechaSofa in its autumn collection, we have nothing to fear from furniture. And furniture is precisely what Ruark has created with its lovely new R7: furniture that also happens to do a very good job of playing music.

Ha! It’s a… a thing! A music thing! Yes, it is a sound system. It’ll play pretty much anything from any source — it’ll stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth (aptX), use its

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Reason 7

As well as hugely expanding the sonic arsenal, this freed up the Swedish developers to concentrate on the core app rather than being the only ones developing modules for Reason.

The system requirements have crept up slightly but remain comparable with other similar apps, and you’ll want 4GB of RAM or more and a dual-core processor, Mac OSX 10.7, Windows 7 or has always been good at and recognises hardware efficiently tends to dominate stability in version hardware is far from partly has enjoyed something of a related to the lack of support for conventional plug-ins (and don’t

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Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000


Мощный бас

Естественное звучание СЧ

Поддержка Bluetooth

Простота установки и использования


Нет HDMI-порта


Будучи одним из самых компактных комплектов в тесте, Polk Audio SurroundBar 5000 прекрасно подойдет даже для 32—37-дюймовых телевизоров, хотя и на фоне больших моделей смотрится неплохо. Конструкция саундбара предельно проста — она имеет пару широкополосных излучателей, которые с помощью DSP-процессингa воспроизводят многоканальный звук. Акустическое оформление излучателей фазоинверторное, причем конструкция фазоинвертора такова, что при малых габаритах устройства один только саундбар (без сабвуфера) способен воспроизводить достаточно глубокие низкие частоты. Тем не менее сабвуфер в комплект входит, причем не обычный, а беспроводной.

По габаритам сабвуфер также довольно

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Make Your Own Audio Cassette Copier

Any audio electronics hobbyist will be interested in a quality cassette copier to enrich his music collection. Here is a quality recording circuitry which has been tested and used for over six months and found working efficiently.

The whole circuit is in fact an integration of some well-known circuits. A cassette copier has four main sections. First, a head preamplifier to pick-up the signals from the playback head and, second, a high frequency booster to boost the amplitude of high frequency signals during recording. The high frequency response is deliberately boosted in order to give a high signal-to-noise ratio on

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Stay ahead in the tech scene with the latest in brilliant design and exceptional performance


Exceptional in technical design and appearance, Excalibur sets new highs for the discerning audiophile. Available from Len Wallis Audio. lenwallisaudio.com.au, acapella.de


This spectacular French-designed system creates a soundscape that fills the room with pure crashing waves of unadulterated sound. cabasse.com


Combining Sonos’ wireless, hassle-free music streaming with high-fidelity audio reproduction, the PLAYBAR integrates with and enhances the movie and television audio experience, flooding your home with epic, full-theatre sound. sonos.com


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£1500 ★★★★★

With a hefty black metal body and a name like Fortissimo, this amp is clearly out to impress. It’s been a while since we tested an Audio Analogue amp, however, and the last one we had didn’t exactly blow us away. Will this be any different?

The first thing we notice is the size of the sound. It’s a wide-open soundstage, spacious and organised enough to make sense of Buena Vista Social Club.

It’s also a precise and agile performer. Dynamic reach is decent at the low end — not so much from the midrange to treble, but


Save great legacy

The Russian company to the recording format "Super Audio"

Super Audio CD (abbreviated SACD) — write-once optical audio disc format that allows you to store audio data at a much higher quality than conventional CD

Options SACD deliberately inflated by many times than you can play today's equipment. This is done to ensure that in the future our descendants can fully appreciate today's "Chaliapin and Richter"

Recording SACD-ROM may contain from 1 to 6 audio channels. When using only one SACD-band sound duration exceeding 2 hours

Record on SACD occurred when sampling

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Made in Tver warning system Signal-Alpha

New development of our company

playback of audio streams coming on IP-based network technology «audio over IP»;

playback of audio files stored in the internal memory of the device on team with Touch Memory;

line impedance measurement, detection of open or short circuit in the loop.

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