While the Royal

Australian Air

Force may have only had five squadrons equipped with Beaufighters in the Pacific Theatre, they punched well above their weight. Crews had three years of intensive low-level operations over land and sea, hitting the enemy hard; but often at the cost of men and aircraft lost. Combat in the Pacific was a war of grinding attrition.

The two most active RAAF Beaufighter units were 30 and 31 Squadrons, both of which were war-raised. No.30 was formed at Richmond, New South Wales, on March 9, 1942 and five months later 31 was created at Wagga Wagga, NSW.

No.30 remained

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Three of the Savior of August.

August 14 begins the first of three Christian holidays in August — Honey Spas. It is believed that from this day the bees cease to carry honey from flowers bribes. The cells in the hive at this time is usually filled to capacity, and beekeepers begin to collect. Strict guardians of folk customs with only the first of the Savior began to eat honey, sanctify it previously in the church. Since the beginning of Honey Spas sets strict two-week Assumption fast. Arranged so-called «orphans and widows to help,» when the world helping the poorest and weakest villagers. Also on August

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Association in 1925 and ODVF Dobrohima changed the status of a holiday — in 1925 and 1926. He became known as the Day of Soviet aviation and chemistry (Aviakhim). The list of celebrations at the Central Airport name Trotsky (Khodynka), in addition to traditional flight entered and «pollinate» viewers from the air, land and «fights» in gas masks.

In 1927 there was another escalation, and Aviakhim merged Society of assistance to defense (CCA). Giant Osoaviakhim and demanded a grand celebration and in July instead of one public holiday, a whole week — Week of Defense. Unfortunately, in this week’s

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Congress, Chinooks, Crashes and Uncertainty

A new budget is supposed to be in place October 1. Only Congress can make that happen.

It won’t.

Forced to keep government running under a temporary measure called a ‘continuing resolution’ and with sequestration increasing total defence cuts to $10 trillion over the next ten years, Hagel doesn’t possess the means to decide anything and the air staff doesn’t have any way to plan anything. Air Force chief of staff General Mark Welsh wants a new bomber — the US has just 162 today — but there’s no money even to study the prospect.

It gets worse. The same

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Canadian restructuring continues

IN PREPARATION FOR its disbondment on August 1, 1995, the Canadian Forces 7th Wing (based at CFB Uplands, Ottawa) has lost both its subordinate squadrons, the 412th Transport Sqn and 450th Tactical Helicopter Sqn.

The 412th Transport Sqn was virtually decimated during 1994, having retired its CO 109 Cosmopolitans on June 30 and recently transferred two CC144A Challengers (CL-600) to the 434th Combat Support Sqn at CFB Shearwater, the home of the 12th Wing.

This leaves the squadron with the sole responsibility of maintaining the administrative flight service with four CG 144B (CL-601), serials 144613-144616, owned by the Treasury Board.

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The early activities of the 8th Alt force in Britain in mid- 1942 are less widely known than its later exploits. However, they provided the crucible in which the fighting skills of Army Air Force airmen were honed for the long battles ahead. Photos of the contrails of B-17 streams may define that campaign for many, but the men of the 31st Fighter Group, the first such unit deployed to Britain, and its successors were as important in the successful strategic pounding of the Nazi war machine.

Once the USA finally entered World War Two after Pearl Harbor, the AAF

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August Production

This year was a turning point for me. Our creativity heard Ivan Okhlobystin wrote: «What steampunk!» But in parallel with this our administrator Dan phoned the girl Zhenya, which eventually became our director, asking rearranged hymn «Doctrine 77». Make it harder and add a male voice. And he told her that he has a great guy for the job. So we met and became friends. It helps us a lot, believe in us. I have since the time of the script «DMB» a big fan of his work. Six years ago, when I served in the Army, Ensign our conversation

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Brest detained human rights activist Raman Kislyak

In a telephone conversation, he said, Radio Liberty, Now that it blamed for an administrative offense. Raman Kislyak clarifies that was arrested August 19 during the presentation of the book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest." Then the police made the report, but then denounced the tribunal errors in it and returned to the Metropolitan police department protocol for revision.Currently Raman Kislyak contain the police department of the Metropolitan District of Brest. Policemen rewrite the report from August 19. He is accused of participating in an unsanctioned August 19 meeting.• Trials of opposition in Brest will continue until October, 24.09.2007

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Brest tribunal saw business journalist

Anastasia Myaleshka performing an editorial job, attended the presentation on August 19, Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Law enforcement authorities considered it an unauthorized meeting. On 14 participants were drawn, seven appeared before the tribunal. Yury Bakur Eugene Belasin, Vyacheslav Kruglov, Sergey and Vasily Bathhouse Vavrenyuk were fined from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles.Magazine journalist "Shade" Love Pronevich, also as Myaleshka Anastasia, was present at the presentation of the book on an editorial assignment, the court issued a warning. Now came the turn to the correspondent of "Brest Courier". Anastasia Myaleshka shares his impressions with Radio Liberty:

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Want to declare in Belarusian — a tribunal

September 9, Gomel customs Man accused of violating Article 23.4 — disobeying legitimate requirements of the official.Sergey Semenov crossed the Belarusian-Ukrainian border by bus, on Fri skip "Guta newcomer." Belarusian customs officers offered Semenov fill the declaration. Youth not renounce, but asked to form whiteRussian language, explaining that zastseragaetstsa errors when completing an official document in Russian. Customs amounted Sergei Semenov protocol on administrative violation.Tribunal over Sergei Semyonov held on September 24.August 30 referee Central district of Homel Marina Domnenkov fined Sergei Semenov 930 thousand rubles "For disobeying the customs inspector at the Belarusian-Ukrainian border." August 21, traveling by train

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