The sun in your pocket

Script writers — Olga Sidelnikova Eduard Gavrilov, director — Eduard Gavrilov operator — Inna ZARAFYAN artists — Arsenio Klopotovsky, Eugene SHTAPENKO composer — ANNA IKRAMOV songs on poems OLGA Sidelnikova sound technician — Dmitry VOGOLEPOV

Roles performed:

Anya DASHA Vishnjakova

Irina — FAITH Ivlev Aunt Claudia — Maria SKVORTSOVA mother — JAN Friends Dad — Vadim Andreev grandmother — Maria Vinogradova

Sergei — Sergei PAKHOMOV


Galya — Faith unbreakable


Eugene — Vova KUKUSHKIN

Ira — Anya Sidorkina

Natasha — Kate Shamraeva

Lena — Anya Groznova


Kiddy — Egor

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Bye-bye body hangups

Dr Linda Papadopoulos unravels the causes of poor body image

I hate my nose


When I was 10, my aunt told me I’d ‘inherited the big family nose’, and it’s crushed my confidence. I hate my picture being taken in profile and I’m convinced people are always staring at it. Why is her comment still affecting me?


The way we develop body image can be greatly affected by lots of factors: messages from some sections of the media, bullying, insults, compliments… and comments from friends and family. We stop seeing ourselves from our own perspective but rather, see

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Broom on Chakra




"Radiant energy smile envelops your rectum, and it starts to glow … kind smile penetrates the pancreas … In your beautiful cerebellum, pituitary and pineal … The young man in the sixth row, stop snoring! Yes its a wake anyone "-" Huh? Who's there? "Thick aunt grabbed

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Sno — a vision




Prophetic dreams there — our readers have proved this in practice

In the article "The disease sends us signals … dream "of 1 December, we were asked to tell you about the dreams that come true in reality. Today — some of your stories with comments psychiatry

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Sanya, stay with us, we can do, we can do

Currently, the Company can not write a poem, "Kill the President" or sing a song, "President, go home." It's not that it chravata consequences, and that "we are not heroes." Just "so do not wear." The era of slogans, pathos, and finally — the expression directly. Somewhere it has ended many decades ago, but in our particular country it happened after the disappointment of 2006. It is intended to parapolitical sphere. In 2006, there has been a strong surge of idealism at first, it was followed by a no less powerful frustration, frustration and doubt. Which, in turn, have made

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