Minsk hopes to strengthen cooperation with Austria

This was in the Austrian Feldene III Economic Forum on Central and Eastern Europe, said Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Valery Racehorse and other representatives of the Belarusian delegation.

As reported by the Austrian Wirtschaftsblatt and Kleine Zeitung, in This year Economic Forum was marked by the tallest consulate — it was attended by about 400 people. As for Belarusian delegation headed by Valery Racehorse, which included 13 Belarusian officials responsible, it showed the intent to strengthen economic relations with Austria in a rather complicated period for Minsk — acts of sanctions from the EU. It is reported

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Young gymnasts Tula — winners of the International Children’s Games in Windsor

August 21 competitors returned home.

Second row, fourth from left unchallenged coach Dima Govorov — Yuri T. Sklyarov

Guys waiting for a reception in the heart of Tula: they met top officials of the city and, most importantly, loving parents who were waiting for an entire week and worried about their seems to be more young children, but adult athletes.

— We are proud of you, you guys rock! Did everything they could — welcomed the Tula gymnasts and footballers Prime Minister Yuri Andrianov. — We, as representatives of the government, will continue to help

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Gaddafi — alkagoli record for blood

The traffic police Imst neighborhood that in the Austrian federal state of Tyrol, compared what they had seen Belarusian wagon with a bomb on wheels. Full load machine made true on the track "Eight." If you managed to stop a van and open the driver’s cab, police heard a strong odor of alcohol.As necessary from the Police Blotter, police from Imst beheld in my own practice a lot, but Such is the case they seemed unparalleled.As shown by a special test, 47-year-old Belarusian received about 3 per mille of alcohol in the blood, which corresponds to approximately 600 grams of

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Fluids from Novodvorskaia

For obschechelovekov our Victory — "unfortunate minute" "April 13, 65 years ago, the Soviet army (in an evil hour, miserable minute) entered the territory of Austria." This is not a quote from secretly leaving in the jungles of Argentina newspaper "aspiring SS officer and his last-modern." This is a liberal's "Moscow Times" Victory is preparing for the holiday by posting an article Valerie Novodvorskaia "brutal landing", which with grief over the Soviet offensive in Austria begins. It is clear that from the point of view of Russian liberal offensive of the Red Army in 1945, and in Austria,

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Farming in the Tyumen region supplemented cows from Austria

Just two games of foreign cows from Austria bought a farm of Omutinskaya district. In early August, the farmers arrived 151 Simmental calf, a week ago, 149.

As the press-service of Rosselkhoznadzor for the Tyumen region, in both cases, the animals were completely healthy, and the accompanying documents are in order. New settlers from Austria received a residence permit in Omutinskaya area.

It should be noted that the cows of Simmental breed is very popular with farmers Tyumen. In August Rosselkhoznadzor specialists have examined two more batches of cows coming from Austria: 200 animals were received in OOO "Seagull"Situated Ialutorovsk

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Admavlyayuchyesya subject to dismissal from the curse

"Free Belarus" in 1918 , under the heading "What’s going on in Minsk?" informs: "Intercourse with Russia, and even the coming of the towns, until, neem … Predstavnik Garadkogo harchovago to-that negotiates with germanskay power to assist the authorities in the food business. Abetsali him that the German authorities will go to the meeting … Gadavshchyna revolution took place quietly and softly. No board nor any demonstrations. Once a day adtrymlivayutstsa Vilnius newspaper in including and "babel" which zednav for themselves in the midst of many followers on Citizens. "In 1928 year "Russian Belarus" under the heading "Judicial Chronicle" writes:

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Brussels amazed comparison EU-Belarus

In an interview with the British edition Nemsic, namely, said: "Belarus is better for business than Brussels … We were in Belarus treated much better than in Brussels."As reported by the Austrian news agency APA that Nemsic associates EU and authoritarian Belarus, the European Commission makes a surprise."We do not know what he laments," said the representative of the European Commissioner for Telecommunications Viviane Reading. According to the Reading, "expression Nemsic quickly associated with the last balance sheet of the Austrian group. Revenues" Telekom Austria "in mobile telephony totaled Last year 10%. "According to representatives of the European Commission, it

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Head of the Austrian Telekom: Belarus Brussels better

Statement made in connection with another attack on the European Commission’s mobile operators. Brussels suspects that international roaming charges (charges for the use of the services of a foreign operator) — it vymaganne funds from clients, and not the result of fair competition. On last week Brussels urged European elektrasuvyazistav reduce roaming costs for SMS-messages and mobile access to the Web. At the last conference in Barcelona Special Commission even led to this last time — until July 1."Belarus is better for business than Brussels" — Financial Times said the manager of one of Europe’s largest telecommunications company Telekom Austria

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Belarusian spy in Austria turned thief

Members of "greenish" made sonorous statements komplote political and espionage.On the days of the story was the sudden development. According to the verdict of the Austrian court, the robbers computers recognized 19-year-old Belarusian, who, according to the Austrian press, is a drug addict and a thief. Some time reversing the Austrian government, despite numerous protests in society, acquired several 10-s expensive fighter aircraft "Eurofighter 2000" co-production of Germany, Italy, Spain and England. Austria’s political opposition led by the "greenish" said corruption and initiated the creation of a special parliamentary commission to investigate the case. According to the testimony of opposition

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In Austria, came the devastating landslide

May 15, 2013. The huge mass of rocks and wet soil slid down the hill in a remote mountainous area near the village of Matrei. The landslide destroyed a large portion overpass, which is not so easy to be recovered.

Landslides are one of the most destructive natural phenomena. They usually occur in the mountainous areas after prolonged heavy rains, when gravity overcomes the adhesion primer.

The first half of May stood out in Austria is quite moist. Many regions have already fallen almost monthly rainfall. In addition, the soil has not had time to dry out after a

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