OVER A DECADE ago Osprey Publishing released a volume called Supercarriers in its hugely popular ‘Colour Series’ range. This humble tome went on to sell well over 25,000 copies, plus spurn two further works with the word ‘Supercarrier’ in their respective titles. The moderately priced all-colour books produced by the publisher proved so successful throughout the 1980s that a number of other competitors also adopted this format, and by the early 1990s saturation point had been reached. Today, only Motorbooks of Osceola, Wisconsin, continues to release titles in this format under the less than original banner of ‘Enthusiast Color Series’.

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With CUTE north towards SOUTH

Portrait of Anna Viktorovna the heroine of the film, «I answer for you,» hangs on the name board of honor. Her dear colleagues, superiors appreciate. With remarkable dexterity she controlled with sophisticated equipment and from work receives its joy, pleasure. «I know all about you. Leading member of the Bureau of the District Committee elektrosvarschitsa mentor «- said, referring to Anna Viktorovna, photojournalist, who came to the shop to take a picture for the paper. Add to this, wonderful, thoughtful hostess, mother of two children, finally, just attractive, rare emotional charm a woman. Engaging simplicity, enthusiasm and sincerity with which

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Receiving your attorney

In the old application forms for innovations contained a section «Agreement on the distribution of remuneration between co-workers.» And in the new forms approved by the CSB in 1976 ,, this section is missing. Now proponents write an agreement where someone like. Is there anything common or similar free form? L. Sinyaeva Moscow.

Yes, it may be free form. The agreement on the distribution of royalties can be arbitrary. Note, however, that such an agreement is not necessary when considering the proposals, and after the start of use, provided recognition of its rationalization.

I’m with a group of friends

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Griffon shoot-down

I THOUGH IT was interesting read about the Afghani conflict from the viewpoint of the Soviets.

Apart from the details of half a sortie, most of the effort was made to credit the Soviets with the loss of the only Pakistan Air Force (PAF) aircraft during its operations against violating Soviet-Afghan aircraft!

Although details and cause of the F-16 loss have appeared in numerous air journals, the author persists in crediting it to the Soviet Air Force.

However, just to set the records straight, the aforementioned F-16 was flying as the lead in a formation of two when they were

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Who Does

I’m chairman of the board voir naturally worried about the introduction we need inventions. We found one invention, know that it has introduced a foundry Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) Send a request to expel drawings. The answer is that your request for a technical documentation. from. Number 414 033 to inform that the invention has been manufactured and installed on working sketches. Drawings 9a-nol does not have. » It wrote the chief engineer AI Karpychev May 20th. Such a response to our request does not come first. On implementation of the various inventions, we are corresponding with factories, authors and

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How was hit?

Track: «We together» Artist: Valery Music by Sergey Galoyan Lyrics by Vladimir Adarichev

The story of the song told us by Vladimir Adarichev:

— With Joseph Prigogine and Valeria we met in 2005, it was in the Kremlin, at the graduation ceremony on the television festival «New songs about the main thing.» Andrei and Pokutny were then awarded first Canal for the song Amy Svetikova — «Do not together.» After that, we occasionally Joseph somewhere in something crossed, but cooperation is somehow not reached. Until one day, in the winter of 2007 to us with Andrew Pokutny we not

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The article describes the patent of Ukraine (№70481, authors NI Marfin, Bednosheya VJ et al.) «External fixed device for lifting and lowering the disabled and elderly people in high rise buildings», registered in the State Register of patents 11.06. 2012

Lifting and lowering wheelchair users and elderly people in high rise buildings

Nikolai Marfin, Poltava

The authors known wheelchairs for outdoor use different designs of foreign production (China, Italy, USA, Germany). However, moving them invalid s in high-rise buildings in the ascent and descent is associated with great difficulties, mainly related to the angle of the surface on which ascends or descends people with disabilities.

Figure 1 shows a cross-sectional height high-rise building. At the level of the attic ceiling from the front of the building there is equipment for lifting, lowering the cab 11. In one wall of the

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Air War on the Edge

Author: Bill Norton

Details: Midland Countries, ISBN 1 85780 088 5, 432pp, illus, hbk, £50.00

WHEN I saw the by-line ‘A history of the Israel Air Force and its aircraft since 1947’ on the sleeve of the cover, I was intrigued to see just how comprehensive this account would be. I am pleased to report I was favourably impressed. I have no doubt that the censors in Israel would have stopped this book from being published if they could have their way because I have never seen such a detailed reference of this kind on the subject. Looking at the

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Air War Iraq

Author: Tim Ripley

Details: Pen and Sword Books Ltd, ISBN 1 84415 069 0, 112pp, illus, sbk, £16.99

TIM RIPLEY will be a familiar name to many of our readers as he has written a number of articles for AFM over the past year shedding much-needed light on various subjects related to the war in Iraq. The author spent most of the lead-up to the war and the combat phases reporting from the Middle East, so is well qualified to write such a book. In doing so he provides a photo-journalistic perspective on the vital role that aviation played in

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Authors MIGs

Even the experts, if they have not worked with Mikoyan and Gurevich, first learn a lot from this book. For example, that about twenty years ago, before Gagarin’s flight, we had buildings and tested fighter SM30 variant MiGa19 — to intercept aerial scouts and saboteurs, taking off with gunpowder boosters, without a run, the rocket first spoke about finding a compact aircraft radar. Bulky, heavy while the ground system with huge antennas had to be immediately turned into a small, lightweight, install it on a fighter, where every gram counts, every centimeter. And without radar fighter was nowhere …

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