Size Zero…!

The deluge of Smartphones has severely crippled the prospects of ultra compact point-and-shoot cameras, with the phone cameras receiving a boost with better sensors and large optical zoom lenses. To survive in this competitive environment, ultra compacts need to re-invent and evolve, and we saw the first spark of brilliance when Panasonic announced the LUMIX DMC-XS1, which has a smaller footprint than most high-end Smartphones, yet at a smart price. A few millimetres broader than a credit card, the 16.1-megapixel XS1 is sure to turn heads.

Design and Build Quality

The tiny XS1 has a metal outer shell and a

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Canon Rethinks D-SLR Auto focusing in Live View

Canon continues to expand its D-SLR update program with the launch of a replacement for the enthusiast-level EOS 60D. Not surprisingly, the EOS 70D boasts a number of key upgrades overs it predecessor, but far more significant is a whole new sensor design to deliver what Canon calls «Dual Pixel CMOS AF». The new sensor employs pixels comprising two independent photodiodes, one of which performs phase-difference detection auto¬focusing during this phase of the capture process, but both of them are subsequently employed to output an image signal. This arrangement enables 80 percent of the image to be used for autofocusing

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Belarusian-Iranian auto industry legalize Chinese expansion

As Minister of Industry Anatoly Rusetsky, in accordance with the project development applets avtagaliny emphasis will be made to shift to a more languid machines: increment its production capacity and MAZ Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant. But with all this government does not renounces intention to make the creation of Belarusian machines, the status of which is currently the Iranian claim "Samand", representatives of the Chinese automotive industry.Or divide "Samand" destiny "Ford" and "Lublin"?Rezvoi implementation plans release passenger cars prevents financial component: for profitable production need to increase the number of cars made up to 100 thousand a year. But so

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: Preparation of the Belarusian car can pass Chinese

According to the organizers "Motorshow" segodnyaschy exhibition is not significantly different from European counterparts and can fully pronounceable with the prefix "super". 35 car brands will reflect all the available palette and elite ton, depending on the tastes and pockets of Belarusian consumers.Will be on "Motorshow" and exhibits that claim the status of the Belarusian car. This is the familiar reports of Iranian automotive car "Samand" (translated from Farsi "Racehorse" creation began near Minsk in the past year) and the whole Chinese smallish cars, which are also not averse to put roots in Belarus. However, geographical origin and low quality

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Oppositionist? Demonstrates pockets!

With Anton ASTAPOVICH Poland in personal cars traveling together youth activists Timofei Dranchuk and Dmitry Kaspiarovich. But personal care was performed only Anton ASTAPOVICH. By him, guards viewed notepads, books, CDs acquitted, but nothing seized. His question — what is involved in such examination, said that they had received an order from above. Alexander Zarembyuk vorachivalsya with his wife on a personal car of Druskininkai. By him, personal inspection conducted both. Border guards intrigued samizdat edition "Deyachas" Mostovskogo writer Leon Vashka. Checking magazine later returned. And Anton Astapovich and Ales Zarembyuk believe that such close attention to their faces —

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Scientists from Kazan and Germany will work together on the air, auto and shipbuilding

Kazan and German scientists in April 2013 in Hanover will sign the project on the establishment of the German-Russian institute of new technologies, which will run on air, auto and shipbuilding.

This was during the visit of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov composite technology center in Kazan State Technical University. Tupolev said Acting Rector Albert Gilmutdinov, transfersTransport news agency."The support project of the German-Russian Institute for New Technologies (GRINT) can have a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the Government of Russia," — said Albert Gilmutdinov. The main activity of the Centre composite

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Belarusians impose Chinese cars

Participants Chinese auto landing no secret that came to Belarus in order to search for partners to build cars here. According to forecasts, in two years in Belarus will be up to 10 Chinese avtobrendy and more of favorite it would be appropriate to organize the assembly of Chinese vehicle. As the representative of the company «Chery» Zhou Inchzhe if governments 2-states support the proposal, joint projects can be successfully implemented. At least, businessmen from China noted the attractiveness of the Belarusian market. How are similar prospects spetsy? "Chinese" and "nice car" — two different thingsAnatoly Shevchenko, who not so

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Russian customs officers seized 100 cars Belarusians

As said in Minsk at a press conference the first Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications of Belarus Nikolai Verkhovets, about 100 cars confiscated by the customs authorities of the Russian Federation on return people of Belarus home from Russia.Such acts Russian customs officers have caused surprise among the Belarusian minister. "For it to confiscate the cars? Yes, where? On the Russian-Belarusian space. We can not agree with this approach," — he said."Pinning their hopes that in the very Lately solution will be found, and Belarusian citizens, traveling to their home on the territory of Russia, were not afraid that

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Automotive market in Russia demonstrates a positive trend

Russian exports of auto parts in the 3rd quarter of 2011 exceeded the volume of the same period last year 6 times.


Of Russia in Q3 2011 were exported parts of steering wheels, steering columns and steering boxes housings (HS code 8708948009) in excess of $ 4 million. Most of eskportirovannyh Russian automotive (62.3% — according to experts of company "VladVneshServis") was purchased ukarinskimi consumers. Thus, Ukraine has once again sets record growth of Ross's purchases of auto parts. In addition, analysis of the market for auto parts for the 3rd quarter 2011 showed a record

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Buy a car

That would not be read as on television, on the radio did not know, did not write in the newspapers, journalists, in this there is some truth. There is no smoke without fire. Indeed, all the troubles with the money in the country occur in the fall. Therefore, that to err, it is better to take away from all the congestion and banks to invest it profitably.

Some believe that the best buy apartments, and later resell or donate them. For such shenanigans have talent. Someone thinks about their own well-being and wants to move out of stuffy

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