Gosispytany NEW AK-12 will be completed by mid-2013

Municipal AK-12 tests run in the first half of 2013, then the machine is put into mass production, said to RIA Novosti on Thursday the chief designer of NPO «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin.   Earlier, the press service of the plant «Izhmash» said that the new AK-12 will be submitted to the state tests in 2013, when all of this is a clear start date and the end of the test was not announced.   «In June and July, in other words in the first half of next year state tests run AK-12» — said Zlobin.   He noted that

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Compact automatic SR3M

Currently, police and anti-terrorist units around the world have in their arsenal an unlimited number of weapons, including such standards acceptable military weapons like assault rifles and machine guns. With all this special requirements for police weapons, imply the existence of unusual and specific solutions. In Russia, the MIA system large enough popular special 9mm compact machines, for example, 9A-91, developed by engineers famous Tula Instrument Design Bureau. This is not unusual because Tula gunsmiths tried to make a cheap machine is very usual in the production and. Also worth mentioning two Klimovskikh development — automatic «Whirlwind» SRH and SR3M.

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Israeli designers have developed a kit for rapid transformation X95 machine for cartridges 5.45 mm, 5.56 mm and 9 mm

TEL AVIV, October 18. (ARMS-TASS). Israeli designers of «Israel uepon Industries» (Israel Weapon Industries, IWI) developed a set of technical transformation for X95 machine for ammunition of different calibers and use for it provides not only the regular rounds of 5.45 mm, and 5.56 mm and 9 mm. Automatic X95. Source: arms-tass.su As explained korr.ARMS-Tass company IWI, designed set allows you to use the machine for X95 ammunition Western and Eastern production 3 calibers, reduce the cost of spare parts, training time and cost of operation of this instrument. Effective range of the machine acts X95 is 150 meters

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Submachine gun Hero PP-19-01

The fact that in the city firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle, albeit shortened, unacceptable undeniable. Yet, specifically AKS-74U can often behold in law enforcement officers. In addition, the bullet 5.45 x 39 saves your energy on a fairly large distances, and can get to a person who is far away from the place of the introduction of guns, ammunition that has a few flaws that are relevant to specific weapons for police guards. First, the missing stopping power, resulting in neutralizing the enemy from the 1st shot is problematic, in addition, the bullet passing through the body of the enemy,

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Glock 18 pistol (Austria)

Glock 18, released in 1986, was created based on the model 17 for counterterrorism Special Forces EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) of the Austrian federal police, which required small-sized lung tool with the ability to fire bursts. The main difference from the Glock 17 is the presence of automatic fire, which cut one lever switch firing modes, placed on the surface of the left rear of the bolt shroud. Glock 18 different sizes in the same frame rails and slide-casing parts trigger and the barrel, which made an exception for interoperability with other models in order to rework the assumptions

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In the Strategic Rocket Forces mission (RVSN) received automatic command and control system (AFCS) nuclear missile weapon 4th generation. This isoobschil now ITAR-TASS official dealer Colonel Vadim Koval RVSN.   «This new, except for solutions to common problems in bringing orders, collecting reports and monitoring readiness launchers provides automatic shift implementation plans and operational retargeting missiles,» — he said. «Paths of bringing orders and collecting reports of the system formed by wire, radio and satellite communication channels and possess the necessary vitality and immunity,» — said Koval.   With all this, he said, «is provided specifically to bring orders

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AK-12 Send to TEST

New AK-12 manufactured by «Izhmash» Friday, October 2, was sent to the preparatory tests in the Central Research Institute of Machine Building clear (TSNIITOCHMASH). This RIA Announces said the press service of the company.   Earlier it was reported that tests the machine will begin in November 2012, but the date is not clear called. During the test, automatic check for frost and heat resistance, efficiency criteria in high humidity, dust, and after falling from a height of five feet.   According to Dmitry gendirektoraTsNIITOChMASh Semizorova, quoted by preparatory test machine will take no more than a month. Chief

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Queue underwater

So it was that type of firearm that was created for the implementation of the water, it was created a little. Moreover, not all of them were able to reach mass production. The main problem, which had to fight weapons designer, was the density of water. Do joke, almost 800 times denser than air and leads the interaction with the bullet accordingly. The resistance of the water just does not give bullets ammunition available to accelerate to more or less respectable speeds and fly (or float), or even slightly applicable distance. So frogmen had to enjoy what is —

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OC-25: the younger brother of AKM

Carbine OC-25 (Top) and automatic AKM (dropped), created on the basis of which the OC-25

In the second half of the 80th. the last century in the world come times of discharge. This led to the USSR to release a huge number of small guns. The development and production of these samples at one time was spent enormous labor and financial resources, and suddenly here is a martial tool no one was necessary, and considerable resources are "thrown to the wind." What's all the same could be done in such a situation?

Found a way out pretty quickly! Designers

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Disclaimer of Kalashnikovs — silly speculation, said Defense

In the near future the media extensively discusses the termination of the AK-74 procurement for the armed forces of Russian Federation. There are even speculate about the likely withdrawal of the famous Kalashnikov assault rifle with military weapons. But in an interview, manufactured to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov referred to these discussions "stupidity" and explained that the failure of large contracts for the purchase of the Kalashnikov assault rifle does not mean that it will not be coming to use.

He also pointed out the fact that at this point required a fundamentally new design solutions for small

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