River Information System for inland waterways of Ukraine

The company "Transas" delivered and commissioning of hardware and software information system on the River Dnieper River. The system is part of the National River Information Services (RIS) on inland waterways of Ukraine and also covers the waters of the Danube River. Created by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, RIS "Dnepr" includes the latest developments of the company, including in the field of e-navigation, and has no analogues in the CIS.

River Information Services "Dnepr" was developed in order to ensure safe and efficient river navigation European level. RIS is designed to provide interested users operational and

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From the AK-47 to AKM

Automatic Korobov TKB-454 mod. '52 With wood butt

The adoption of the AK-47, despite a number of shortcomings, certainly been a great achievement Russian weapons science. Automatic loved the troops for the simplicity of the device, reliability and compact size (compared with SKS carbine). But it was not cheap, and has laid down re immense burden on the bloodless war, the economy and threaten to stretch out for decades. Creating new machines only nekordinalno exceeded their decline as a result of intense training. Because SKS carbines were armed with infantry units, even right up to the mid-60s, and in

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CIVIL WILL SOON MEET WITH AK-12 than the military

Rifled cannon based on the AK-12 for civilian consumer will be available in the summer of 2013, it will be earlier than the end municipal tests new AK-12 for the military, said to journalists on Thursday interim CEO NGOs «Izhmash» Alexander Kosov.   «We are on the platform AK-12 will do a civilian product, it will appear earlier than will courier for the Armed Forces (end state tests AK-12); I think that by the summer (2013) on the basis of rifled gun AK-12 is now available, «- said Kosov.   He noted that it would be «Saiga» with the

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PIK reactor complex is prepared to provide energy start-up

At the construction site of the research reactor complex PIC SIC CI FGBU "PIYaF" which is being built on the territory of the "St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics" in Gatchina, Leningrad region is complex commissioning works carried out during the preparation and conduct of the individual tests of the reactor.

These studies are an important step in the preparation of the PIK reactor to provide energy start-up and development of the design capacity of 100 megawatts. With the release of a nuclear research reactor at full capacity the Russian and foreign scientists will have a powerful

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NEW AK is exactly the precursor PROMISES «Izhmash»

New Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK) 5th generation will shoot more precisely than its predecessors, due to the greater accuracy of fire, said in an interview to RIA Novosti chief designer of NPO «Izhmash» Vladimir Zlobin.   «I can only say in general terms that the grouping is it higher than Kalashnikovs past generations» — said Zlobin, answering the question, what results in the preparatory tests TSNIITOCHMASH (Moscow) showed an AK-12. According to him, a number of shortcomings that have been identified at the model during tests will be carefully investigated and corrected. «As a result of the test will

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Cannon Armenia

Automatic VAHAN

Designed by the engineer Vahan Minasyan.Automation tools works on the principle of blowback, simplifying konsturktsiyu for artisanal production. The gun can be equipped with a grenade launcher GP-30, bayonet, a telescopic sight. VAHAN very similar to the MBK-2 because V. Minasyan, serving in the army, took advantage of this machine, and he also served as the basis VAHANa.

PropertiesCaliber — 5.45 mmInsert — 5.45 x 39 mmThe initial velocity — 1000 m / sBarrel length — 415 mmWeight — 3.85 kgCapacity — 30/45 cartridgeEffective range:with mechanical sight — 500 mwith a telescopic sight — 1000 mRate of

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Complex automatic weapons Baryshev

Speaking about Russian automatic weapons of the twentieth century, we can not ignore one of the most curious complexes who did not branch research institutes or design bureaus of large arms companies, and professional designer Anatoly F. lone Baryshev. He outlined a new way of creation of light automatic weapons infantry with the introduction of a whole range of a wide variety of ammunition, ranging from maloimpulsnogo automata cartridge 5.45mm and ending with 30-mm grenade launcher shot. This path involves a significant increase in number of guns fighting properties, including the breakdown of the best bullets in the defeat

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Czech CZ 805 BREN Machine

Czech Republic has always been famous for his weapon, but soon obvious advantages over their instrument samples from other states were not observed, but everything came back to normal in 2009. Specifically, in this year’s exhibition IDET was presented for the first time a new machine Czech CZ 805, which next «made» even Belgian SCAR in the competition for a new weapon for the Czech army. Try more closely acquainted with this prototype and find out what exactly is its uniqueness, and the main thing that distinguishes this particular standard of the vast amounts of other, far not the

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The airport will sell biometric checkpoint

OSP.ru. 20:30:47 The company Schiphol Group, the airport serving Amsterdam offers to airlines automatic access control system based on the technology of iris recognition. The system was introduced in October last year, and since then in airlines around the world, according to a Schiphol, it showed a "huge" interest. Schiphol with Joh. Enschede, the manufacturer of biometric systems, will form a joint venture. Negotiations are underway with the supply European and U.S. airlines; specific transactions yet. Permission to pass through the automatic gearbox at Amsterdam Airport received about 1,200 regular passengers. They do not need to stand in line

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The ultimate weapon (‘The Wall Street Journal’, USA)

Because cyclopean production volumes AK-47 has become in today’s world number one murder weapon. AK-47 — the most common and frequent tool in the history in every corner of the planet it immediately and find out by name, and in appearance. Made in the late 1940s for the Russian Army, Kalashnikov-47 by the end of the 20th century was the «number one weapon» he used armies, militias and terrorists in virtually all military conflicts, and in most cases they were armed with two warring parties . Even the United States in droves buy an AK-47 for the government troops

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