The newest gun systems for naval ships was successfully tested


The first production model made of "CRI" Petrel "advanced 100-mm automatic naval gun mount A190-01" Universal "has successfully passed the qualification test, confirmed full compliance with the requirements of the customer and shipped to military shipbuilders to equip small missile ship" Hail Svijazhsk "project 21631, under construction at the shipyard Zelenodol'sk named after M. Gorky. This Central Navy Portal source in the "savages".

According to the terms of reference of the Navy in the Central Research Institute "Petrel" created a 100-mm automatic gun ship setting a single-tower. It has a rate of 80 rounds per minute and

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NIKIMT-Atomstroy (Moscow) has prepared a unique set of automatic welding

JSC "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" was established in 2001 in order to centralize and efficiency construction work performed at nuclear energy and industry Rosatom, as well as for recovery of construction and assembly capacity of the industry.

Forces of "NIKIMT-Atomstroy" designed and built complex multifunctional automatic orbital welding of circumferential joints of large diameter (350 to more than 1400 mm) from the inside of pipes, which has no equivalent in domestic practice.


This allows you to perform complex multi-pass TIG welding and cladding of corrosion on the internal surface of pipes and pipe spools of NPP

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NEFAZ launching a line of automatic welding of tanks


September 30. One of the most important investment projects NEFAZ 2011 is the reconstruction of the production of oil-loading equipment. Currently, the line of welding and assembly of tanks completed installation and commissioning of automatic welding systems internal and external circumferential welds. The plot consists of two sets of automatic welding seams annular inner and one outer set of automatic welding circular seams.


Calculated welding speed — from 0.4 to 0.9 m / min. This provides a stable geometry of the weld, high quality and excellent aesthetic appearance of the product. It should

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M4 — automatic carbine Marines Chile

Marines Chile ordered from the American company Colt batch of 2,000 automatic rifles M4 5.56mm. This is with reference to the publication Infodefensa reports   The transaction price was not specified. For disk imaging publications, contract provides an option to supply an additional 2,000 rifles. The first batch of the customer should get in 2014.   As noted, the South American Navy carbines Chile elected after a series of tests as part of applets Titanio.   End Chilean tender also came Germanic machines HK416 and Belgian SCAR-L from the company FN Herstal.   According Infodefensa, South American rifles

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Cuba is interested in Belarusian drones Siberian Crane-BM

9.08.2012, the Minsk Aircraft Repair Plant has shown to the media ready for serial production UAV "Siberian Crane-BM", a part of unmanned aviation complex "Owl".

Work on the creation and management complex drone took place during the last 5 years. The first time the drone was shown in 2009 as a medium-range UAV. On the creation of unmanned complex izderzhali over 500 000 dollars. Approximate cost of the 1st batch drone "Siberian Crane-BM" is about 250,000 dollars, and the whole complex in general, can cost about half a million bucks.

On this day made several prototypes, batch creation of

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Pistols with the possibility of automatic fire VP 70

Continuing the theme of guns with the possibility of automatic fire will try to meet with another prototype tools, specifically gun VP 70, a native of Germany. Prerequisite for writing about this weapon, like a gun Leclair became a comment under the article about the gun, «dart», which had the opportunity to conduct automatic fire off in the three rounds. Pistol VP 70 is somewhat different from the models mentioned above, because in itself for itself gun can fire only a single lamp, but accession to the butt, has opened new abilities. But first things first. Appearance guns quite

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Online Casino Club Volcano. Slot machines for every taste

For over a hundred years old slot machines are incredibly popular in the world. Since the first of them: Liberty bell (1887 issue) and to this day with them have been numerous developments and despite the fact that now they can play online, principle remains the same. So, welcome, online slots casino "Club Volcano": Http://

A little background.

As I said, the first "one-armed bandit" was Liberty bell (Liberty Bell), slots, which consisted of three drums, which were portrayed 20 characters: bells, horseshoes, card suits and stars. It was invented by German immigrant

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Automatic «Grad»

Kalashnikov rifle assembly bullpup — it has long been not uncommon. Many with alternate success doing such an instrument and will continue to do in order to reduce the size of the 1st of the common machines in the world, while maintaining a reasonable length of the barrel and the maximum number of unique details. It got to the point that some manufacturers even produce kits, allowing to make the traditional assembly of guns bullpup. Amidst all this abundance, there is one standard that raises many questions, and even his reality from time to time called into oscillation. Deals

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State tests of the new AK-12 will be held in June 2013

Urban testing a new combined-arms of the AK-12 is planned to initiate in June 2013. «In the interest of the Russian Defense Ministry» Izhmash «works on modernization of standard AK-74 and AK-100 series, and still developing military machine on the platform of the AK-12, municipal trial which is scheduled for June 2013,» — said the company’s Chief Designer Vladimir Zlobin. New Kalashnikov rifle For AK-12 ammunition formed a new caliber. In September 2013 the «Izhmash» conceives introduce 3 new cartridge — one pistol and two automatic — the creation of which will be on ammunition factories within the group

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The Southern railway network retooled

Southern Railway Railway workers continue technical reconceivingciency, fitted with the transfer of information flows. Recently, experts Lozovskaya signaling and communication Southern Railway completed the work on the site Merefa-Krasnohrad. Last analog transmission system in this area replaced by a new modern digital equipment. It is reportedIT Expertwith reference to the press service of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

 The introduction of digital transmission systems based on fiber-optic cable allows you to transmit data streams at high speed and to organize their automatic backups. So, on a site-Merefa Krasnohrad railroad installed 4 sets of digital equipment

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