Metrovagonmash won the tender for the supply of the Sofia subway trains 18

Factory near Moscow "Metrovagonmash" won the tender to supply 18 trains for the Sofia trehvagonnogo execution of underground. Besides Mytischinskogo plant participated in the tender Spanish company CAF. Bulgarian side will be transferred to wagons series 81-740/741 "Rusich". They are a modern technological solution which has incorporated all of the advanced technologies of the world metrovagonostroeniya. "Rusychi" a modern design, equipped with a microprocessor control system that ensures the safety and automatic diagnosis of car equipment with the information on the display driver; modern braking system with redundancy, providing improved traffic safety, an automatic fire detection and suppression of

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Ultrabullpap Shevchenko Tornado

The middle of the 1970s was marked by the holding of the competition, which was held in the framework of development work on "Modern". The aim of the competition was to create a shortened 5.45mm machine. First, it had to be the main weapon for the crews of submarines, aircraft crews, mechanics, drivers, accounts grenade launchers and artillery guns. The main requirements that are presented to him, was the reliability, security, and small size. The width and height of the new instrument should not exceed the dimensions of the AK-74, and length less than 500 mm.

In fact, the

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Machine-Building Plant Red October Russian manned equipment brickyard Azhemak

JSC "Kharkiv Machine Building Plant" Red October "(Ukraine) has completed delivery of new equipment for the plant" Azhemak "(holding" Bashkir brick "). The Russian company at the beginning of June 2013 received the newest high-performance automatic cutting PL 500, and now the Kharkov experts to prepare it for operation. In addition, a few months earlier by the same company was raised a new generation of vacuum press PL 100.  Both complexes are the latest developments of the design bureau of the "Red October". When you create a PL 500 developers focused on the best European models, such as

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Military experts have rejected the new «Kalashnikov»

New AK-12 failed preliminary tests as combat complex equipment «Warrior.» Implements standards of the Concern «Izhmash» — «Kalashnikov», not staged or accuracy of the professionals or reliability or ergonomics, report «Izvestia» with reference to the army headquarters. Source publication noted that the manufacturer of the AK-12 have a month to address identified shortcomings guns. If concern meet this deadline, the Ministry of Defense allow its products to municipal testing. But he doubted that it could be. The guide enterprises set to continue the struggle for the order and promise to fit the Defense Ministry to make all the necessary improvements.

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Ukraine armed with the latest automatic cannon

DOD Ukraine has adopted the latest automatic 30 mm cannon ZTM-1, according to a press release from the military. The respective order number 169 for March 26, 2012 signed by the Minister of Defence Ukraine Dmitry Salamatin. The paper also identifies structure sets a new instrument and its main tactical and technical characteristics, reports

Responsible for the supply of guns to the troops will be central rocket and artillery control of the armed forces of Ukraine. Creation tools will Kharkov Design Bureau of Machine name Morozov. Earlier it was reported that ZTM-1 will be in the firing module that

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AK-12 against A-545: weird news about the contest

One of the main topics in the field of re our army in recent years has become a promising machine. A new type of small guns should be adopted in the next few years or even months. Currently, the Ministry of Defence and the main organizations carry out activities necessary to determine a more appropriate design. Tests and checks are closed, but on September 24 in the Russian media disk imaging appeared some information about their progress. Edition of «The News» said that the Defense Department spending preliminary tests of small samples of several types of guns, decided not to

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Line of automatic winding step of cores

For the first time in Russia designed a line of automatic winding step of magnetic LAN-120-500cm. The line is designed for winding round and rectangular stepped section of magnetic tape electrical steel.


The military will be the new Kalashnikov

Soon there was a lot of negative reviews on the Russian small arms, equipment and personal protective equipment. Some have even said that "Kalash" is out of date and we are lagging behind the leading countries in the world for 30 years.Constructors blamed that on the machines are no adjustable telescopic rifle butts, no Picatinny rails, used in the world for fixing various sights, awkward grip, low accuracy of fire.

There are also claims to protection — heavy and uncomfortable Russian flak jackets and helmets. Mass claims and gear. Whether they are due?

The armor is strong?

The armed

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Triple-automatic rocket launchers TKB-059 Herman Korobov

Automatic multiple rocket launchers TKB-059 standard unique Russian design ideas, created by Russian designer of small guns Herman Korobov Alexandrovich (1912-2006). Triple- automatic (Device-3B) Herman Korobov made in 1962 in the Tula Design Bureau.

The database design the layout of the machine "Bullpup" (English bullpup) — Assembling a circuit of small tools, in which the hammer mechanism and the store located in the butt, behind the trigger pull. A similar assembly allows to increment the length of the barrel without increasing the overall length and weight of tools that helps to improve traits in range and accuracy.

Herman Korobov in

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The same Stechkin

2011 marks 60 years since that time, as the Russian army was private tool the last generation — 9mm Makarov pistol (PM). Against this background, something seldom remember that in the same 1951, the Soviet Union was adopted by another very exciting standard of personal weapons — a 9mm automatic pistol Stechkina (ABS).


History pistols, able to produce bursts of bullets, has more than a century. And all this time, do not calm down debate about their purpose. In Russia, even in 1906-1907 in the workshops of rifle landfill Officers Infantry School tried to provide the guns, "Parabellum" model

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