Rogozin care violation authors Kalashnikov and other Russian weapons brands

At the current time, the Russian Federation is on the 2nd place in the sales of weapons and special equipment. As Vladimir Putin said at a meeting on military-technical cooperation is not only a business, and the element of Russian foreign policy.

At the meeting, Vladimir Putin focused on the economic part and asked to report on the performance of the past year.

First deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Alexander Fomin referred to follow-up data: the volume of military exports headed for the Russian Federation in the amount of 13.2 billion. bucks. Characteristics of 2010

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Rating favorites midst machines

In the near future become a fashion to make the ratings tools, it is not clear, however, that that premise, or a series of transfers of channel Discovery, or something else. In short, I could not resist and fashion autumn and aggravation going to make your own small rating machines, I will hope that he will seem to enjoy the website more impartial than the rating of foreign experts, well, if I forget someone's beloved toy, I ask throw those stones that easy. Let's not make the list of top 100 and top-1000, limit 7 prizes. Seven — and the

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The development of machine guns in 1914-1918

The introduction of machine-gun technology changed along with changes in the strategy and growth of the number of weapons and equipment to the troops. At the beginning of the First World War machine gun parts "realized … they are an integral and fundamental part of a very infantry, and not a type of artillery "(L. Eymansberger). Guns began to be distributed in combat formations of infantry units (one unit to the right). First War, the British began to bring the number up to 4 units of machine guns per battalion (earlier in the battalion had 2 machine guns), but Lloyd

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The missile skorostrel

The sound of automatic ship makes a great memory. 170 shots per second — feral howl, unbearable for the human ear. Because of this, our naval officers prefer to install the AK-306 with the lowest rate of fire than the AK-630 and "Broadsword".

In October 1943, near Yalta German bombers sank the U-87 favorite "Kharkiv" and the destroyers "Grim" and "Able". Their anti-aircraft guns were worthless against low-flying aircraft, and 70K machines have low rate of fire and after 80-100 shots are heated to 350-400C. After that battle, Stalin forbade out huge ships "without adequate air cover." Admirals reinsured,

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In Tikhvin starts one of the largest car-building factories in Europe

January 30 started one of the largest car-building factories in Europe. The plant will produce four types of freight cars, the most popular on the market today. The company's management said that the rolling stock has a high load capacity and durability. Requires less than the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Under the project, every 4.5 minutes in the company will be issued wheelset, every 24 minutes from the conveyor TVSZ will come out a new car. The production capacity of the plant is 13 thousand freight cars of the new generation of 90 thousand tons

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In Sofia went to another party Mytishchi subway cars

"Rusich" at the station in Sofia

A member of the JSC "Transmashholding" of "Metrovagonmash" trehvagonyh shipped two metros to the Sofia Metro.

According to the department of external relations TransMashHolding, supply wagons 81-740.2B/81-741.2B model type "Rusich" is implemented in the framework of the contract signed in 2011, which involves the transfer of the Bulgarian side, a total of 18 trains trehvagonnyh this modification.

The first delivery (of two) was carried out in April 2012 in accordance with the terms of the contract before the end of the year in the Bulgarian capital will be

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The complex automatic small gun Barishev

Speaking about the Russian automatic weapons twentieth century, we can not ignore one of the most curious complexes, which are not created in the industrial research institutes or design bureaus Huge arms companies, and professional designer lone Anatoly F. Baryshev. He outlined a new way of creation of light automatic weapons infantry with the introduction of a whole range of various ammunition, from maloimpulsnogo submachine gun cartridge 5.45 mm and ending with 30-mm grenade shot. This pathway involves a significant increase in number of gun fighting properties, including the effect of the best breakdown of bullets in the defeat of

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In Russia, a new shock-reconnaissance vehicle

"Rosoboronexport" is promoting to the world market a new shock-reconnaissance vehicle "URA" type buggy. A working prototype of the car is presented at the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012", which today began its work in the Transport Exhibition Complex "Russia" in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

"Today we are marketing the machine in areas where traditionally strong position of" Rosoboronexport "- the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America. Machine is offered to potential customers in a variety of versions, including the impact anti-missile system" Cornet "set on the roof of the car" — said korr.ARMS-TASS Deputy

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Russia has developed a rare system of 3D-face recognition

At an exhibition in Moscow company "Vocord" unveiled its new design of 3D-face recognition under the name of VOCORD FaceControl

According to the developer, the system allows real-time to identify the faces of people on the move and can be tested, for example, to football fans and in the future it can be used as various intelligence agencies, and enterprises to control access for employees, and it can be will be used in all public places.

According to the company's website, VOCORD FaceControl designed for automatic non-cooperative allocation of face images from the panoramic video stream

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Chinese Type 74 light machine guns and Type 81

Chinese-Russian system was perceived unification of small tools based machines. On the basis of the Chinese Type 56 machine, which a copy of the Russian AK, made Type 74 light machine gun. Automatic machine gun works outside of the garment propellant gases and their impact on the gas piston that aggressively linked to the bolt. The barrel is closed by turning the valve, which has two lugs. Trigger trigger mechanism allows both continuous and single fire. Vapor unit have changed. The barrel is fixed conical flash suppressor. Power is supplied by a standard box-store sector capacity of 30 rounds or

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