Slot machines Volcano

If you are a real connoisseur of the game, the slot machines Vulcan amuse you a lot of positive feelings. The web site a good opportunity to play slot machines without any registration and is completely free of charge. Excitement, fortune and the profits — these are the three pillars on which rests the game slot machines.

Game Vulcan machines have been enjoyed popularity until the next time the midst of gamblers. Vulcan clubs were in every city of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the near abroad. Now these machines are available online, including Gaminator Gaminator (heart, books,

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What is the tank autoloader?

Unfortunately, in the history of Russian "defense" and of the industry as a whole lot of examples of very obscure achievements. At the same time they usually are the subject of our special pride.

This fully applies to the more controversial elements in the construction of Russian / Russian tanks — the automatic loader. Indeed, we have become accustomed to the color to emphasize the advantages: we de such automata equip their tanks and zabugornye manufacturers in the vast majority do not. But why? Neuzh that the development of this unit was too tough South American, German, English, Japanese (on

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In the Western Military District received more than 100 new Kamaz trucks with automatic transmission

Military motorists Western Military Region for the first time today started development of new KAMAZ trucks equipped with an automatic transmission. Military drivers, conscripts, began training on the transport of heavy loads on trucks KAMAZ-65225.

Before you get behind the wheel of the newest truck, each of conscripts was theoretical training in specialized classrooms equipped with modern training equipment, including interactive whiteboards. After completion of the theoretical training of cadets training center have undergone simulator training on multimedia simulation simulator, which simulates actual control of heavy wheeled and tracked vehicles of different brands.


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Journalists criticized the new Kalashnikov

Russian media never cease to criticize new machine Kalashnikov AK-12, the pride of Izhevsk arms factory. AK-12 is to change the outdated AK-74. Despite the fact that the new model of the famous guns have supposedly improved design, the machine will not pull on the claimed "fifth generation".

The design of the AK-12 armed with a Picatinny rail, a special device mounting of additional equipment, but it shall be astonished, only those who had never seen the South American M-16, the Israeli Negev or the product of German gunsmiths. Many media outlets have questioned whether enough of such features as

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Lived, live and will live

JSC "Izhmash" develops ordered the Defense Ministry machines Kalashnikov Fifth generation.Russian military department formulated new requirements for features models of small arms, the right army in modern conditions. Office of the enterprise to design and weapons center tasked by the end of 2011 to create activities experienced production standards under these requirements in accordance with the best global standards. In the brand-new fifth-generation should be significantly improved performance characteristics and ergonomics, reliability AK saved. In 2012, the need to prepare for their roles in the municipal trials, the results of which Izhmash expects to receive a positive opinion and

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In the Altai region opened a new cheese plant

In the Tretyakov's Altai region opened milk processing plant GC "Kiprino" — LLC "Tretyakovski Creamery."

The investment amounted to about 640 million rubles. Thus, the company has entered the top ten of cheese-making plants Altai region in terms of the feedstock. Raw materials for processing at the plant will supply 17 agricultural organizations, as well as private farms of Zmeinogorsk, Tretyakov, Kuryinsky, Loktevsky and Krasnoschekovskogo areas. The project built a new factory building — from offices acceptance of milk to finished goods warehouse. The works on the organization of electricity, heat and water production, laid sewer

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In 2013, the SLC Umbrella has launched a new, modern complex for thermal cutting.

ODO "Umbrella" trademark "Avtogenmash", Odessa, continues on the basis of long-term experience to develop and produce equipment that meets the latest requirements for the complex thermal cutting. Modern consumers today want to have at its disposal facilities, which can operate reliably in harsh industrial environments in three shifts, performing in automatic plasma or oxy-fuel cutting of sheet metal. Cut the preform must be cut precisely and with a quality which does not require further processing. Complexes must be suitable repair, staffed CNC system, reliable working in dusty, cold and hot shops, have quality industrial equipment, tables with an effective

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Armored Car Scorpion LTA from protection

Corporation "Protection", for many years engaged in the development of armored vehicles, presented a sample of the new generation of technology. This LTA — light tactical vehicle. It is an impressive step forward in the development of the line "The Scorpion".

Curb weight of a five-seater car is 4.3 tons load capacity is 1.5 tons. LTA is equipped with a diesel engine of 6.6 liters, delivering 280 horsepower and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Torque in excess of 700 Nm is achieved at 1,800 rpm, providing excellent traction, allowing you to climb a slope greater than 30 degrees

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Rook will replace the Makarov

In recent decades, Interior Ministry officials were armed with Makarov pistols. But now, with the departure of non-existence in the term "police", the legend goes, and weapons. The police are adopting new guns designer Yarigina "Rook" and the PP-2000 "Hero", reported newspaper "Expert online. "

Interior Ministry claims that the upgrade — it is a logical continuation of the reforms of the past year. According to the source "Professional Online", the police, for the first time since the middle of last century, district and arm the guards with pistols and machine guns, adapted specifically for the town. He believes that

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Grenade from Ukrainian shipyard

Ukrainian shipyard of Lenin Forge announced the production of 40-mm automatic grenade launcher UAG-40.

UAG-40 — automatic grenade launcher, which uses ammunition, proper standards of NATO. It is curious that the grenade did not work of designers from Ukraine, he was created in Belarus. His advancement in this country is engaged in the municipal headquarters of foreign trade GWTUP Belspetsvoentehnika (LSVT).

In contrast to the applicable Belarusian and Ukrainian armies automatic grenade launcher AGS-17 Flame, a new tool does not use Russian ammunition 30 mm x 29B. Instead they are used more in the world vserasprostranennye types of grenades

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