Meeting with Orlov — no earlier than October

Inhabitant of the district center town of Vitebsk region Avtukhov turned on this occasion in the police department. According views sp.Avtuhova Olga Kovriga violated Article 9:22 of the Code of the Republic of Belarus "On Administrative Offences", creating "obstacles and limitations in the use of municipal Belarusian language."Here that said Olga Kovriga in an interview with Liberty:"Indeed, I made a mistake here — I needed answer Belarusian language, I also love. It was such a small mistake on my part. "In his response to the appeal of Leonid Autukhou Head of the department of culture is not allowed to hold

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In Gorodoksky established cross party anti-Soviet uprising

Society Memorial cross placed near the old church in the village of Medical Sciences on the initiative Gorodoksky activist Leonid Autukhou.

Avtukhov said that the money spent on the production and transportation of the cross in the village Belts — This public donations. Iron memorial cross about three meters in height, it was decided to put near the old wooden church — a monument of architecture of the 19th century.

Mr. Avtukhov believes that this is the best place for a monument to the participants of anti-Bolshevik uprising that swept east of Vitebsk in 1918-19:


"The holy place, church.

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If there is no computer — taken by the KGB DVD-discs

Society After a search of the Haradok activist Leonid Autukhou KGB officers seized 20 DVD-ROM drive and two "flash." Computer claimed earlier — a month ago, he was taken to court officers on account of unpaid fines for taking part in opposition actions.

Avtukhov said that three employees of the Vitebsk KGB, one of which was presented by the responsible Gorodok district, looking for office equipment, not only in a private house activist, but even in the bath and in the barn. Found a white-red-white flags leaflets and they are not interested.

KGB officers were told that the order for

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Was dismissed from his post and took the presidency

Society In Astravets that the Grodno region, replaced the chairman of the district Election Commission Michael Zimnitsky — a former business manager Ostrovetsky executive committee. According to the Secretary of the Commission Mrs. Autukhou, Michael Zimnitsky himself wrote a letter of resignation for health reasons. Member of the election commission, he was left with.

Mrs. Autukhou, secretary of the election commission, explained the "freedom" that Mikhail Zimnitsky Lately health deteriorated, he was already 60 years old, he was in the hospital, he has high blood pressure and a heart condition.

Local activist Ivan Kruk says Zimnitsky removed after, as

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Leonid Autukhou confiscated property

Society The unemployed activist Township court officers seized a computer in the cost of the fine imposed in 2009, a share with a white-red-white flags.

Avtukhov said that to pay a fine of 1.4 million imposed in August last year, failed to still. After all, he has three years as unemployed — Chairman of the regional branch of the BPF work is not taken, because all the heads of local businesses know his dissent, and do not want him to "mess up" team.

Bailiffs have described the property of Leonid Autukhou still Last year,, despite the fact that it is

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