Showing the way ahead.

September may herald the beginning of autumn, but it’s also red-hot when it comes to seeing the latest products and trends in an exhibition packed month.

As memories of heatwaves begin to fade and people return to work after their August holidays, September once again presents us with the opportunity to see where the market is heading for the coming year, with a plethora of exhibitions.

From The Flooring Show to Decorex and The Bed Show to Design junction via Long Point and Super brands (all of which are previewed in this issue) the calendar is full of must-visit events.

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Vitamin petioles

In the eastern medicinal plant books is described in a few centuries before our era! Dilute vegetable rhubarb because petioles rich in organic acids and vitamins. Autumn is the time for its landing.

Rhubarb prefers partial shade, grows well under a canopy of fruit trees in wet soils fertilized. Dilute the plant seedlings from seed or vegetatively (rhizome division), thus preserving the varietal characteristics.

Vegetative …

Divide and plant rhubarb spring or autumn (September). Fall planting is preferred, since the soil from freezing to de Lenka, sufficient suction roots, and the following year the plant is able to

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Autumn Symphony

For a long time, shrubby sedum species are not separated from the ground cover, and they are all called stonecrop. Now, however, there is a tendency to call these plants ochitnikami and allocate them in a separate subgenus. Ochitniki — is a perennial herbaceous plants, some of which reach 60-70 cm in height. Their compact or sprawling shrubs can be found in almost any garden, because of the hardy crops under force to adapt to any conditions.

The most famous sight ochistnikov (Hylotelephium), used everywhere — it’s about. prominent (H. spectabile). His strict, straight, not overwhelm the stems height

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Fashion trends


Jewellery Roman Lazar from the new collection Geo ME Try made of gilded silver or radio and decorated with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Double ring (Roman Lazar, price on request) will certainly emphasize the individual style and give easy-chic way around.

Well forgotten old, or a collection inspired PAST

Clothes made of autumn-winter collection studio Ksenia Schnaider Bodywarmer for those who value practicality. The main topic was the classic quilted jacket — a garment that has been circulated in the Soviet Union and prized for accessibility and convenience. All the items of the new collection include quilted

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Acclimatization deficit and other problems fall


The fall in the human metabolism is slowing down, changing hormonal activity, and here acclimatization deficit, it is not surprising that in this season of the year we get sick more often.

 To have time to adapt

We have been waiting for the summer, cherish every hot day, rejoice, when the temperature 'chosen' to +30? C, running away from a rainy August in the southern countries. And miss the point, as always unexpected autumn cold snap, leading to devastating health consequences. It is not only and not so much in the fact that

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Yaroslavl golden autumn

Yaroslavl — a city with a history of 1,000 years.

Yaroslavl is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

The historic center of Yaroslavl included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  


And Yaroslavl surprisingly reminiscent of Western Europe.

Not by chance, Yaroslavl called "Russian Florence."

Let's golden autumn stroll through the old city of Yaroslavl.

We will start a walk in the early morning before dawn and ended it in the late evening.

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The southern hemisphere of the Earth is drier

October 4. Scientists from the CSIRO undertook a study of the issue concerning the reduction of autumn precipitation in the south-eastern Australia. Such a trend researchers discovered in the 1970s of the last century. It is noteworthy that in April and May also reduced the amount of rainfall, which is associated with the approach of the dry subtropics called Hadley cell to the south-east of Australia.

In addition, both the autumn and spring rainfall affected by the shift tracks storms and other weather systems in the more southern regions of the continent in the late 20th century. Great importance has

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In the Ryazan region began reforestation

September 23 forest districts of the region have launched towards planting trees.

Reforestation efforts, including in the field burnt wood, formed as a result of wildfires in 2010, conducted in five forest districts of the Ryazan region: Belkovskaya, Kriushinsky, Solotchinskom, Tumskoe and Klepikovsky. Pine seedlings planted on 27.5 hectares. The remaining forest to forest restoration will begin in the near future. Total for autumn 2013 in the region planned to plant more than 9 million seedlings of forest crops on an area of 2.2 hectares. When weather conditions are favorable autumn planting of trees will last until

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AvtoVAZ has prepared a new color for cars Lada


Togliatti auto plant in the autumn will offer consumers several enamels, paints respective ensuing autumn.

Lada Priora and Samara get colors "white cloud" (nemetallik), silver-gray "Snow Queen", blue-turquoise "Nice" bright blue "Perseus" gray-blue "Borneo" and black "space".

Largus painted in silver, "platinum", "gray basalt" and bluish-gray "ice" (nemetallik).

For Kalina and Granta prepared seven colors, "white cloud" bluish "ice", orange "magma", silver-gray "Riesling", "Perseus", "port" and "space."

Enamels for Lada 4×4 remained traditional — "snow-white" green "Nessie" cherry "jasper" blue-green "Baltika".

ATVOVAZ—one of the largest producers

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Beauties in wheelchairs

In Crimea, the first beauty contest for women who are forced to move around in a wheelchair. The event was called "The Queen of Autumn" was held in Saki on the basis of one of the resorts. It was attended by women from different regions of Ukraine and even Georgia.

As we have informed the organizers, participants are seriously preparing for the competition, each of them had to show their talents. Contestants sang and danced right in wheelchairs, recited poems and demonstrated their hairstyles. Not without the traditional parade in evening dresses, especially made for the occasion.


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