Avalon. Klaus Dona. Hidden History of the Human Race. Online

Klaus Dona — Trustee Art Exhibit House of Habsburg, Austria. Mr. Don, as an experienced professional in the organization of art exhibitions around the world, was a witness of the existence of unusual archaeological finds, beyond common sense and rationale of classification in today's historical context.

That is, the artifacts that should not exist under modern science. Klaus Dona has studied these types of artifacts for decades, and after a long and careful preparation, decided to show them in the exhibition called "Unsolved Mysteries". In "Avalon" presented slides of the

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Avalon — True Peace Center

Among all the values which are given to all known Wikipedia, Avalon — is not only a favorite fantasy world of Robert Zelazny network malls or movie title, it is primarily a mythical island, lost the True Center of the World. This is the place where, according to legend, a magic boat was taken away after King Arthur was mortally wounded in earthly battles. To this day it remains a mystery whether the "island of apples" (also known as Avalon ") is actually or is it just a fairy tale.

Anyone interested in mythology, knows

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