Mapping the Cyberwar Battlefield

Every day, thieves, “hacktivists,” even nationstates, use the global network to steal information and compromise businesses. Organizations today have to rethink their defenses and move from reaction to anticipation – figuring out when, why, or from where the next attack is coming. The most effective way to do that, we’ve found, is semantic analysis.

We used this approach when U.S. financial institutions suffered a series of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks by a hacktivist group, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Cyber Fighters, reportedly related to furor over an anti-Islam video on Youtube.

Starting in September 2012, we tracked internet chatter

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Midlife crisis in monkeys

Psychologist Alex Weiss of the University of Edinburgh, explores the mood gorillas

What determines the psychological wellbeing of orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees?

Weiss: First of all ages. This change can be represented as a curve in the form of the letter U. The peak falls on the youth drop — in the middle age, and then re — growth. By the time the period of emotional downturn coincides with the so-called «midlife crisis» in humans.

How did you set it? After all, monkeys do not go to a shrink …

The findings are based on observations zookeeper Australia, Japan

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A day or figure: 34.4%

According to the Ministry of Statistics and Analysis, supplies of finished products accounted for 60% of the average production companies.Particularly difficult situation in the light industry. July 1, linen fabric supplies exceeded the average of the volume of production» least 5 times, woolen fabrics — 4 times, stocking — 2 times.

Characteristics of infant mortality in Belarus are the same as in the U.S.

Show the highest life expectancy in the world in the Land of the Rising Sun and San Marino — ’81. The lowest — in Sera — Leone and Swaziland -37 years.Belarusians live on average 68.4 years. Men die on average 63 years old, and the ladies — 70 fourth rate average life Belarusians more than the Russians, but lower than the Ukrainians, Georgians, Estonians.According to the State applets demographic security of Belarus, in 2010 the average length of the country should reach 70 years.In the ranking of life, with a composition that takes account of life expectancy, education level, purchasing

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Figure a day or: real wages in Belarus decreased by 4.7%

Nominally almost no reduction, but from October to January, the prices of consumer products increased, while the average monthly salary — virtually none.In Baksova equivalent average salary decreased in January 2007 from 321 to 288 bucks.It should be noted that 2006 overall average monthly wage in real terms increased by 12%.

Cherepovets farmers beat the 20-year-old record for milk yield

Agriculture under the Cherepovets (Vologda region). Rapidly increase milk production. Manufacturers believe that we have achieved such astonishing results thanks to modern technology and the quality of the grass. According to local farmers, in Cherepovets area of milk production was in 1990.

"In May, a cow on the average milk yield of 421 kilograms of milk, once considered a good indicator of 350-370 pounds" — says a leading specialist local Ivestock Svetlana Smirnova.

This efficiency is due to several factors. Besides the high quality of the grass, yielding results improved breeding, raising the level of work culture and the

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The government promises in 2009 the average salary $ 550

Tuesday at a meeting of the Council of Ministers discussed the project Destinations fiscal policy for 2009. By the promises of the government, with the growth of the average wage to 550 bucks will grow and "social transfers population", in other words, pensions, scholarships, municipal benefits. Share of social spending in the 2009 budget is planned to see 3% (from 61% to 64%) — on education, health. As it is real, if the average wage is currently 330 dollars, and inflation based on the annual number — more than 12%? Economist Lena Rakov expressed such a world:"It’s hard to say

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One of the paradoxes

Protest personal business (PP) gives rise to reflect the occurrence of Belarus significant social stratum, which begins more influence the political processes in the country. In advanced countries, it is called the middle class. S. and V. Chernov Nikoliuk printed big and serious article on this topic on the web site "Our worldview." They resemble aspects of the definition of the middle class adopted in sociology (income level, social status, etc.) .. In general, the middle class is when people decide the problem of survival and began to petition for a own life. You can argue for a long time,

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The average salary in Yekaterinburg exceeded 32,000 rubles

The average wage in the capital of the Urals has reached 32.6 thousand rubles a month. This is according to the Department of Economics Administration of Yekaterinburg.

The average monthly earnings of the residents of the Urals capital by 7.9 thousand rubles more than in the Sverdlovsk region and by 6.5 thousand rubles national average, 24.7 thousand and 26.1 thousand respectively.

It is worth noting that over the past 4 years the average monthly salary in Yekaterinburg increased by 10.1 thousand rubles, or 45%.

The average monthly wage in March was 28.4 thous. growth of 6.6%

According to preliminary data, the real disposable income of the population of Russia in March increased by 8.3% YoY and 2.3% from February, according to Rosstat.

Real disposable income represents income after deduction of compulsory payments, adjusted for inflation.

The average monthly wage in March increased in nominal terms by 4.2% (year on year) in real terms — by 6.6% and was 28.4 thousand rubles.

In January — February the average monthly gross wages and salaries of health and social services was 82% to the size of wages in the manufacturing sector, the

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