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Outbreak of avian influenza H7 in Australia


20.11.12.Avstraliysky Department of Basic Industries announced the need to score 50,000 chickens in connection with the discovery of these highly contagious bird flu virus. It is a strain of H7, outside of the infamous H5N1, which began with a large-scale epidemic, which killed since 1997, many lives in Hong Kong.

According to the head of the Department of Veterinary Services John Roth, the virus is not transmitted through the eggs and poultry meat. However, owners of the farm, located in Maitland, were placed in quarantine until the reasons of infection, the most likely of which are called wild birds.

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Two new outbreaks of bird flu in Japan


Photo: EPA

29.01.11.Dva new outbreaks of infection of chickens with avian influenza found in the southern prefecture Miyadzkaki, be destroyed 98,000 chickens and broilers, according iformatsionnoe agency Kyodo.

This is the fifth case of infection in poultry avian influenza in Miyazaki Prefecture since last Saturday. Just one week destroyed some 400,000 chickens, quarantined the movement of chickens and eggs within 10 kilometers of the foci of infection.

Since last Saturday, the first time in Miyazaki found chickens infected with avian influenza H5N1, the virus was detected in two prefectures — Kagoshima and Aichi. It was destroyed

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Specialists have not found avian influenza in birds that flew in the JAR

Professionals in the course of veterinary monitoring is not found in the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) of avian influenza viruses in wild migratory birds, which are the spring and early summer have migrated to Russia from Asia, told RIA Novosti the governments in the region.

EAO passes through several active migration paths that wild birds come from China, Japan and South-East Asia to Russia. According Rosselkhoznadzor in EAO annual arrivals or stop to rest more than a hundred of thousands of migratory geese, ducks and other wild birds.

"Experts of the State Veterinary Service EAO selected and sent to St.

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In Indonesia, a new type of bird flu

Scientists in Indonesia have discovered a new species of bird flu, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of ducks in the country, said on Wednesday the Singapore newspaper Strats Times.

"We found a highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtype H5N1 — put 2.3 (a group of organisms, united by the presence of a common ancestor.) It is very different from the open earlier form of avian flu — clade 2.1" — said the head of the Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department of Agriculture of Indonesia Shukur Ivantoro (Syukur Iwantoro).

According to the latest WHO data, since

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Germanys Agriculture Ministry prevents it avian flu

Threat of the spread of avian flu, which was recorded on a farm for breeding ducks in the state of Brandenburg, to other poultry farms in the region and the neighboring regions in Germany so far, told RIA Novosti on Saturday, spokesman for the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany Holger Aichele (Holger Eichele).

The fact that in Germany — in a poultry farm in the district Merkish-Oderland (Brandenburg) — the newly discovered avian influenza, previously announced regional ministry of environment, health and consumer protection. Detections of avian influenza, including dangerous to human highly pathogenic H5N1, repeatedly

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