Aerial Common Sensor Contract Award

ON AUGUST 2, as AFM was closing for press, the US Army awarded an industry team led by Lockheed Martin, a cost-plus-award fee contract, valued at $879 million, to complete development of the Aerial Common Sensor (ACS) programme. Lockheed Martin’s successful bid for the airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) system will be integrated on Embraer ERJ-145 type aircraft. Embraer will assemble the aircraft and fit the mission systems in Florida at a new facility at the former Naval Air Station at Cecil Field, outside Jacksonville.

The IxKkheed Martin proposal was selected over a Northrop Grumman-led team offering a version

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Night Siege — July 6

On forums portal discussions are how Alexander Lukashenko congratulated his fellow citizens with the 125th anniversary a day or birthday Yanka Kupala. "All life is imbued with zeal Kupala build Fatherland independent, peaceful and massive state. Present sovereign Belarus with the highest level of economic, scientific and cultural development is the epitome of stately poet desires," — said Alexander Lukashenko. Forum participants’ reactions."Could not Yanka Kupala dreams of modern decadence Belarusian culture and language. Simply hurt by heart as you hear this.""What an indescribable hypocrisy. Though if one of those other Kupala that Bykov and poet whose poems future president

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Academy Award for best film of the year got drama The Departed

More Award nominations had musical movie "Maid of Dreams" — 8 films "Babel" — 7, "The Queen" and "Pan’s Labyrinth" — 6. But the best film of the year was another tape — criminal drama "The Departed" ("The Departed") with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. The director of this movie 64-year-old Martin Scorsese received another "Oscar" for best production.Best actor Forest Whitaker became black for his role vgandyyskaga dictator in the film "Last ruler of Scotland." Best actress of the year — 61-year-old Gelen Mirren. She starred in the movie "The Queen" of the English monarch queen Elizabeth the

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French resident of Donetsk awarded the prestigious Order of Napoleon

Lecturer, Department of Foreign Languages won the French unique vocabulary

In Donetsk school French is now a sign of world-class quality. November 29 Donetsk philologist Love Kofanova representative of the French Embassy presented the prestigious award in the field of education — the Order of Academic Palms. The solemn ceremony was held in the framework of the "French business practices," which opened the chairman of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Andriy Shyshatskiy and the speaker of the regional council Andrey Fedoruk.

Order of the Academic Palms — the award is not simple. Its established by Napoleon Bonaparte, and the

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Fund Skolkovo established an award for GLONASS

Fund "Skolkovo" and JSC "Navigation Information Systems" established the first international award dedicated to GLONASS.

Award will of people and organizations who have succeeded in the development of new technologies based on the Russian navigation system and their commercialization. It is planned that the award "will give a new impetus to the active introduction of GLONASS in Russia", and will also help to promote domestic innovation technologies abroad.

The prize will be awarded in five categories: "For innovative idea or original application", "For a significant contribution to the popularization of", "for bringing to market a new product," "Person

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A scientist from the Donbass made a breakthrough in China’s steel industry

Professor of Mariupol received the most prestigious award for foreigners

The winner of the most prestigious award for foreigners — the medal "Friendship»(« Friendship Award ») became professor of Azov State Technical University, Anatoly Trotsan.

He recently returned from Beijing, where he was honored secretary of the State Council Ma Kai and premier-Minister Wen Jiabao. Development of Mariupol scientist also be a significant breakthrough in the industry, has been implemented at the largest enterprises of the republic. Unfortunately, in Ukraine it has not yet found application — the country is simply not ready to upgrade steel production.


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Kozulin — candidate for the Sakharov Prize?

On January 18, the Minsk City tribunal sentenced the former deputy editor of the newspaper "Zgoda" Alexander Zdzvizhkou to three years in prison for inciting religious hatred.Previous Lawyer Alexander Kozulin Igor Rynkevich saw that Alexander tried Zdzvizhkou in closed session, and the action, which he is accused, had no negative consequences. According to human rights, in this criminal case an obvious political motive."We can state that we have a regular political prisoner. Sdvizhkou quite comes into this series. Naturally, Alexander Kozulin is very indignant condemnation of the hard facts are that the journalist."Meanwhile lasts International solidarity campaign with Alexander Kozulin.

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Anatoly Wasserman: Nobel errors

In my opinion, the Nobel Prize is awarded to more or less adequately in those areas where the community can assess the merits of colleagues are awarded. It is accurate — physics and chemistry — and more or less accurate — biology and medicine — science.

True, there occur serious lining.

So, in 2009, the year the award was awarded to three of biologists, experimentalists, confirmed the offer in the early 1970s by Alexei Matveyevich Olovnikov Leonard Heyflika explanation of the experiment. But by Heyfliku Olovnikova and this award is not given, although they are both still alive (and

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Petty Officer Police received a medal For Courage 17 years later

Medal "For Courage" was handed to the Assistant ITT duty of the Interior Ministry of Russia TOGUCHINSKY district of Novosibirsk region Stanislas Siuhinu. This award is the police sergeant earned more in the first Chechen campaign, being a sailor-conscript.

The decree of the President of Russia indicates that Stanislav Siuhin awarded "for his courage, heroism and bravery shown during the performance of the special task." As noted by his current colleagues at the headquarters of the Russian Interior Ministry in Novosibirsk region, it was a military operation, and the award for her "looking for her hero to

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The employee was awarded TSAGI ICAS

Deputy Head of the Foreign Economic TSAGI Eugene Andreev was awarded the John J. Greene. This award is given to an organization ICAS (International Council on Aeronautical Sciences) every two years, a specialist in the age of 35 engaged in international activities in the field of aeronautics research. The award is a recognition of professional achievements in the development and strengthening of international cooperation.

The prize was awarded to Russian nominee for the first time. Andreeva supported the candidacy of the European Commission and the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union.


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