Initial Contract Awarded for THK F-16 Upgrade

LOCKHEED MARTIN was awarded a $67.7 million long-lead contract on July 19 to begin development for the Peace Onyx III upgrade programme for the Turkish Air Force’s F-16C/D fleet, for which a Letter of Offer and Acceptance was formally signed earlier this year.

Work on this initial phase is scheduled for completion by July 2006, after which the main contract is due to be awarded, with Lockheed Martin’s total contract share amounting to some $800 million.

The programme will upgrade 117 aircraft, Lockheed Martin providing kits for 37 F-16 Block 30s, four Block 40s and 76 Block 50s. The deal

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ASTOVL research contracts awarded

CONTRACTS TO EXPLORE the feasibility of a next-generation advanced short take-off and vertical landing (ASTOVL) aircraft for the USAF/USN/USMC have been awarded to Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas by the United States Advanced Research Projects Agency. Two three-year contracts were awarded, Lockheed Advanced Development company being asked to develop a shaft-driven lift-fan concept in its $32.9 million contract, while the McDonnell Douglas Aerospace $27.7 million contract is for examination of an exhaust gas-driven design. A full-scale model will be built of each design, including a working engine, for testing in the NASA Ames Research Center wind tunnel from early 1995. Unsuccessful

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Four Russian cities awarded the title of City of Military Glory

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on awarding four Russian cities the title of "City of Military Glory", said Nov. 4 the Kremlin press service. These cities were carpets, Taganrog, Lomonosov and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Title "City of Military Glory" assigned since 2006. According to the text of the relevant federal law, the rank assigned "Cities in whose territory or in the immediate vicinity of which during a fierce battle defenders of the Fatherland had the courage, fortitude and heroism".

In the cities, which was awarded the title "City of Military Glory" is set commemorative stele, as well as

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Chelyabinsk commandos received state awards

Press and Information Office of the Interior Ministry.

The commander of the Ural Regional Command of Internal Troops of Russian Lieutenant General Alexander Poryadin and Chelyabinsk Region Governor Mikhail Yurevich presented state awards Chelyabinsk military special forces.

This was reported Press Service Ural regional command of internal troops of the Russian Interior Ministry.

Press and Information Office of the Interior Ministry.

Awarded the Order of Courage Ensign Jamil Ishembetov, Marat Zhapaspaev sergeant, corporal and a soldier Nikolai Gorbachev Ravil Fakhretdinov. Medal "For Courage" was awarded a warrant officer Sergei Tretyakov. Sergeant Denis Kozlov, Junior

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Scientists from the Institute of Theoretical Physics. LD Landau Sciences have received prestigious awards

Among the winners in 2012 — a few people:

Alexey Starobinskii Amaldi was awarded the Medal of the Italian Society of gravity for fundamental contributions to cosmology.

Sergey Anisimov was awarded the Landau-Spitzer for 2012, awarded jointly by the Plasma Physics of the American Physical Society and the European Physical Society.

Isaak Markovich Khalatnikov and Vladimir Belinsky awarded Marcel Grossmann Award for the "discovery of the general solution of the Einstein equations with the cosmological singularity of the chaotic nature of the oscillator, known as the singularity of Belinsky-Khalatnikov-Lifshitz."

Sergey Novikov was

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The Titans defense industry

Constructors enterprises Rostekhnadzor create military-technical potential

The development of the military-industrial complex — one of the most important tasks on a national scale. Russian defense companies, including organizations Rostekhnadzor, annually participate in exhibitions of military equipment. Many development of Russian manufacturers considered unsurpassed in the world.

Enterprises provide excellent financial performance and improving our products. But it turns out that the brand new, breakthrough developments in the defense industry today is extremely small. According to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin creation Council chief designers defense companies at the Military-Industrial Commission will help to solve this

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Anatoly Wasserman: Nobel errors

In my opinion, the Nobel Prize is awarded to more or less adequately in those areas where the community can assess the merits of colleagues are awarded. It is accurate — physics and chemistry — and more or less accurate — biology and medicine — science.

True, there occur serious lining.

So, in 2009, the year the award was awarded to three of biologists, experimentalists, confirmed the offer in the early 1970s by Alexei Matveyevich Olovnikov Leonard Heyflika explanation of the experiment. But by Heyfliku Olovnikova and this award is not given, although they are both still alive (and

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Steel rail 2009

Dear fans! Who has the map JUS. It's time to take stock of the 2009 season and select a player who will be awarded a "steel rail". This prize was established in 2007 by the assembly of all the organized groups of fans Locomotive and became an annual event. [Cut] In September 2008, the match Lokomotiv Moscow — Zenit took delivery of a "steel rail" in 2007. Prizes were awarded to the most deserving, in our opinion, the players who play confirmed the dedication and loyalty to our "Locomotives" in recent years. It Sergey Gurenko, Vladimir Maminov Oleg Pashinin. In

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The employee was awarded TSAGI ICAS

Deputy Head of the Foreign Economic TSAGI Eugene Andreev was awarded the John J. Greene. This award is given to an organization ICAS (International Council on Aeronautical Sciences) every two years, a specialist in the age of 35 engaged in international activities in the field of aeronautics research. The award is a recognition of professional achievements in the development and strengthening of international cooperation.

The prize was awarded to Russian nominee for the first time. Andreeva supported the candidacy of the European Commission and the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union.


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Jasmine dog from the Altai Mountains was awarded a medal for his service in the Caucasus

Service dog Jasmine from the Altai Mountains, which saved his life during the years dozens of lives, was awarded the medal "for strengthening military cooperation," this is the first such case in the region, reported Friday on the website of Interior in Republic of Altai.

"For the first years of the Center for service dog Interior of the Republic of Altai, for the courage, dedication and professionalism shown by the line of duty, exemplary and conscientious performance of official duties at the time of the measures to ensure law and order and public security in the

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