Title Belarus — is sacred offends public opinion

An activist of the unregistered organization "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko received the decision of the court Nesvizh that she, along with Artem Dubski of Asipovichy must pay 931 rubles a thousand fine for inscription on the wall of the building: "Belarus — is sacred." Another 300 thousand members of the Young must pay as compensation for the harm caused by the real. August 25 employees Nesvizh police detained activists of "Young Front" Anastasia Azarko, Artsyom Dubski, Alexander Zhukov and Anastasia Palazhanka. Detainees in police drew up reports in which the police wrote that the word "Belarus — is sacred" idea

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Week in Belarus in photo 1 — September 8

September 1. Ruler of the State Humanities LyceumSeptember 1. Flash mobs "BPF Youth" until a day or educationSeptember 4. Detention before Saligorsk Tribunal over Ivan ShylaSeptember 4. Tribunal over Ivan Shyla SoligorskSeptember 4. Tribunal over Anastasia Azarko, ShultsEverywhere around the court were policemen. In the courtyard of the police station was still ready Nesvizha bus with commandosIn court Anastasia parted with flowers donated by associatesTogether with his mother Zoe Azarko who refused to testify against her daughterIn a break Anastasia Azarko met Paul Seviarynets and activistsSeptember 5. Youth activists Soligorski in courtKasia GalicianDmitry YasevichSeptember 5. Tribunal in restoring Yuri Oleynik

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Anastasia Azarko: It was not a tribunal, and exam on the strength

Kalinowski: "Nastya, say, at the moment you feel some relief that this process eventually completed and not the worst way you and your other colleagues?"Azarko: "Naturally, I feel so relieved, I have such a soul stone fell, chip on my shoulder …""On examination, I decided to come in formal attire"Kalinowski: "Relief feeling, apparently, and your ancestors?"Azarko "Ancestors too. Process came on the mother, the father did not work with the work, the mother broke down this whole process normally — morally supported me."Kalinowski: "One gets the impression that you were going to process charges in a criminal case, as in

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Anastasia Azarko fined 1,240 thousand rubles

Nesvizhski Tribunal ruled activist "Junior Front"Anastasia Azarko guilty of activity on behalf of unregistered organization. Tribunal fined her 40 basic units — is 1,240,000 rubles.

Tribunal goes over the Young Front activist Anastasia Azarko

Dr. Beetle confirmed that Anastasia Azarko got to the clinic after, lost consciousness as a result of the hunger strike. Mama Zoya Azarko girls refused to be witnessed in her daughter remained in the courtroom.Questioning witnesses ended, the referee read positive characteristic on Anastasia of Nesvizhsky LNOZAVOD. Midst of documents that are considered in court — from the interview protocol for Nastya Radio Liberty. In the courtyard stands trial bus with commandos.• Soligorsk and Shults: Tribunal over Ivan Shyla and Anastasia Azarko, 4.09.2007 • Photo: detention in court in Soligorsk, 4.09.2007 • New criminal cases against the Young, 8.08.2007

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Tribunal appointed over Malady Ya.Grischeney

Yaroslav Grischenya charged with participation in an unregistered organization. Activist faces up to 2 years imprisonment. The guy does not renounces that participates in activities "Junior Front"But does not consider it a crime." It is my constitutional right — to be a member of the organization that is not contrary to law. Then authorities illegally do not register "Young Front"Of course all" — says opposition. Recall, 4th September start courts on similar charges over Malady Azarko Anastasia and Ivan Shyla. Anastasia Azarko will judge Nyasvizh, innovatorskoy Shiloh in Soligorsk. • Yaroslav Hryshchenya: "Power does not think that will happen when

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In the Young Nyasvizh trial for graffiti

Referee Nesvizh Court sovereign gvozd saw administrative reports on regional activist "Junior Front"Asipovichy of Artsyom Dubski, also nyasvistsav Anastasia Azarko and Olesya Zhukov.We recall that on the night of August 25, police detained four activists of "Young Front", among whom was a minor Anastasia Palazhanka. They were taken to the police station and kept there overnight.Policemen confiscated cell phones and the Young lawyers and refused to call the parents of the detainees. Protocols were only a 10-minute morning, accusing all the small hooliganism.Anastasia Palazhanka told "Radio Liberty", the first time that such an interpretation of the administrative beheld article:"Inscription" Belarus

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Another defendant in the case of the Young Front

Anastasia Azarko interrogation in the regional prosecutor’s office received a formal accusation of a criminal case, which is filed by the KGB against regional activists "Young Front".Investigator Witold Alekseev said to the girl, that unless refer cases to the tribunal. He extended the investigation for another month.Anastasia Azarko told "Radio Liberty" that it did not become current interrogation sudden:"In fact the allegations, I will say that not surprised this case. I think that detention, the general situation in the country of was necessary wait. This case applies not only to me personally, and the whole "Young Front", the guys over

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Shults: Anastasia Azarko summoned to prosecutor’s office

Malady do not exclude now be charged with the girl. Court for this very article expects Soligorsk the Young Ivan Shyla in Baranovichy extended the investigation into Yaroslav Hryshchenya.• Shults: Anastasia Azarko delayed, 03.07.2007

Shults: Anastasia delayed Azarko

Anastasia Azarko exists in the criminal case, which is filed by the KGB against regional activists "Junior Front"For his role in an unregistered organization.• Participation in the Young interrogation regions, 04.06.2007 • Anastasia Azarko summoned to the prosecutor’s office, 24.05.2007 • Anastasia Azarko sought to call the names and addresses of activists, 17.05.2007 • Anastasia Azarko: "Today’s politicians adults lacks passion", 11.05.2007

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