Surprised by Joy

By THE EvE of our fourth wedding anniversary, we had wanted to have a baby, but without success. My husband asked me what I would like for our anniversary, and I sheepishly answered, “a baby.” He gently told me he couldn’t promise me that, but that we’d have a nice celebration of four happy years.

But an anniversary wish impossible for my husband to promise was not impossible for God! The next day, we heard that after waiting four months with an adoption agency, we had been chosen to parent a baby due to be born in two weeks! Miraculously,

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He characters in Dan Chaon’s third collection of disquieting, nocturnal stories are haunted by past sins-easily damaged, plagued by guilt plunged into darkness, and certain that the universe is sending them messages. In the title story, a baby is bom with two heads. Though the ‘parasitic» head has awareness-eyes blink, mouth sucks-it will leech the life from the perfectly formed “host» baby if not removed. To this creepy premise Dan adds an accident involving the baby’s father that creates an almost unbearable sense of foreboding. In two stories-«Patrick Lane, Flabbergasted» and “To Psychic Underworld»-characters receive mysterious missives. One man looks

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Human memory can store a huge amount of information. If we talk about the possibilities of the child’s memory, they are almost limitless. «Shape-Mom» to examine how the child will form memories and how to develop his memory.

Do you think that your toddler is not able to recall the events of the past day, week or month? Or, conversely, in your view of the newborn brain resembles a computer and will keep all information indiscriminately? Indeed, kids sometimes surprise parents lightning memorization of new images, words, poems. And then they discouraged their forgetfulness — the day after the visit to the zoo all the animals seen there had merged into one shapeless gray mass. A month later, a pipsqueak can not remember what had been there! Explanations of all these oddities can be found in the physiological

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I want to school! Preparing for school season

The closer the September 1, the greater the stress on the parents: «How to collect the child to school, so do not forget?» Not in a hurry to grab his head — we’ll explain how to plan the purchase to go on line with high spirits!

With needles. Secrets of the choice of school uniforms

Health First! Choosing a school uniform, carefully read the composition of the tissue. Cotton, viscose and wool percentage should prevail over synthetic materials. Inspect welds products: they must be strong, because you’re buying clothes for a long daily wearing. In addition, it should be quite

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Taganrog: Director of «Taglift» let-up faulty elevator that killed a child

Using new powers, regional prosecutor’s office canceled the illegal decision of SU RF IC in the Rostov region and sent for further investigation of a criminal investigation into the death of a child in a dangerous polutoragodovalogo elevator.

The prosecutor’s office area has studied the materials of the criminal case brought by the investigation department of the Investigative Management RF IC in the Rostov region into the death of a child (Art. 1, Art. 109 of the Criminal Code).

It was established that April 1, 2009 a small resident of Taganrog lost under the following circumstances. Returning home after a

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Comparative «sadovedenie»


— Do you think of the program, which operate kindergartens in Poland and Russia look like?

— Yes, they are similar to their approach to work with young children and philosophical justification of this approach.

— Does the Polish general government program, which should work for kindergarten? Or each kindergarten working on its program?

— No single government program for all kindergarten we have. Programs lot. Each kindergarten can choose the one he likes. It is possible to modify the selected program. You can even write your own. But there are certain requirements of the Ministry of Education, which

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Montessori children’s group entered our lives not so long ago. But if the Western countries the idea of ​​Italian physician, philosopher and teacher of Maria Montessori has become one of the recognized directions in pedagogy, then we have the opposite situation. WHY this educational system causes so many contradictory responses and heated debate?

In Montessori education in Russia — a long history and difficult destiny. The first kindergarten was opened at us in 1913, several years after it first appeared in Italy. However, in 1926, Nadezhda Krupskaya, criticized the absence of such groups, education of collectivism, after which they were

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Rest with the baby.

ACTIVE — ITALY. A popular place for an active summer holiday with kids — the Dolomites. «Rest here love hiking supporters who actively attracted to this kind of recreation and their children, many of them very young and, — says Anna Poklonova, CEO of travel company» Fan-tour «. — Moms-traveler with a 6-7-month old baby sitting in slingoryukzachke, are not uncommon. The Dolomites are laid convenient routes for tourists, for which there are a number of houses for the night (tent set in these mountains is forbidden) and dining cafés. Not far from these paths are located villages and

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From 1 to 3 years

During this period, the most important type of memory is motor. Scarce stores various movements and actions. However, they have not been brought to automatism — if they cease to constantly repeat, will soon forget everything baby. During this period, all stored by itself, that is, the memory is involuntary. Children absorb information like a sponge everything that is related to their direct activity. All they need to know what causes strong emotional reactions. Studies have shown that primarily remembered negatively stained events or images, then — and only after the positive — neutral.

Most of the time in

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For the Baby and Beyond A Chest of Drawers Designed with Growing Up in Mind

This mahogany chest of drawers blends traditional lines with a modem day idea. The top is a dressing table for changing a baby’s diapers. Down below are convenient storage drawers. When diapers are outgrown, a miniature chest of drawers stands ready for a child’s use. Later, the piece can serve the next generation.

Interpreting an Early American design, craftsman Hugo van der Horst built the chest using post and panel construction. Subtle details like tapered legs and moulded edges give the sturdy structure a light and delicate feeling. These plans differ slightly from the piece in the photos in that

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