Now, nine months of pregnancy safely over — the baby is born. Now the fun begins.

Are you surprised that the baby does not look like the pictures in the glossy magazines? Calm down, this is normal. You do not know how to handle a baby? Are you afraid to do something wrong and hurt him? Do not worry, everything will be fine and you will learn everything. Vnevapno found that donated and purchased for the child odezhki and useful stuff — it's not all that's required. It does not matter two or three call in the Specialty

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Normal stools in infants

Normal chair for children from 0 to a year — a relative term. First, its frequency and nature depend on the type of feeding (breast or artificial) and the availability of complementary foods. Secondly, with the age of the child "normal" chair change.

In the gut of the fetus is formed meconium — original feces, which is released during childbirth and the 1 —2nd day after. It represents the dark-greenenuyu homogeneous mass odorless, consists of the secrets of the various parts of the digestive tract, sluschivshegosya epithelium and swallowed amniotic fluid. To 4 —5th the day of the

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The norms of sleep: from 0 to 6 months

From 0 to 3 months

Typical sleep at this age

At this age, the newborn sleeps quite a lot — about 17 to 18 hours a day for the first few weeks and 15 hours a day to three months.

Children almost never sleep more than three or four consecutive hours, day or night. And that means that you too will not be able to sleep for hours. You have to get up at night to feed and swaddle your baby, and during the day you will be playing with him. While some babies sleep through the

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The expression of anger

In the way of self-knowledge, we can meet the most unexpected problems. Everyone knows the state of anger and rage. For some people, it is almost impossible to call, and for some it appears like a gust of wind, which turns into an impetuous hurricane.

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Most of the anger arises when the circumstances completely out of our control. People who can not

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The norms of sleep from two to three

Typical sleep at this age 

Two-three-year children need about 11 hours of sleep a night, and one-half to two-hour siesta.

Most children at this age go to bed between 19:00 and 21:00 and gets up between 6:30 and 8:00. It seems that your baby's sleep, finally, like yours, but the difference is that a child under four years of spending more time in the so-called "easy" or "fast" dream. The result? Because it makes more transitions from one stage of sleep to another, he wakes up more often than you do. That is why it is so important

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Nurse, governess

If you are planning to go to work or are just tired of "working mother", and there is no help, it makes sense to think about the nurse. Of course, the best — in fact anyone else you do not trust your child.

However, the nurse, excellent in all respects, it is extremely difficult to find. Is almost impossible. Ideal nanny — Is generally a mythical creature. Therefore she should know all the techniques of early development, taken together, be very young (because young irresponsible), not very old (able to run and jump with the child), the average

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On the pedagogy of Maria Montessori

Name Italian Maria Montessori wonderful teacher, psychologist, physicist, doctor seventy years has been forgotten in eastern Europe and was mentioned only in the writings of historians of pedagogy. At the same time, in the West, in America, Asia opened research institutes and academies in which to study and implement life anthropological, didactic, pedagogical ideas of Maria Montessori, and millions of children have successfully studied in its schools.

It is a Montessori school is listed in the Guinness Book as the most numerous. In her studies of more than 22,000 children, and it is in India. It is said

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Christmas gifts for kids

Not far off the New Year Happy holiday, and that means it's time to contemplate about the gifts that we can give the main gourmet our lives — our children. Many utter, it is now possible without problems elect sweet New Year's gift, because the shelves almost overwhelmed with candy, marshmallows and other sweets. But in fact a choice of sweet Christmas gift specifically for the same reasons and it becomes very difficult undertaking. If you want to find a good New Year gift for their own child, then please contact the website /. Order is there to do

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Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …

August 31, 2012 16:26

"Ghost stroked my stomach, as if coaxing a baby …"

While priests, psychics and scientists have puzzled over how to defuse the Krivoy Rog "Barabashka", which burns on the body of a young woman signs in the form of arrows and chicken legs and strangles her in the night, he attacked two more people More than two years ago, the information in the "facts" about the unknown creature leaves burns on the body of 22-year-old Alena Dorogova, became a sensation. Priests, psychics and readers have tried to solve, which means the guest visits from

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Obesity in children: how to help

Obesity — a serious disease, and worst of all, when they are ill children. However, many mothers still believe that the fullness of the Child — a measure of its health. It's time to finally get rid of this harmful misconceptions!

Why do children get fat? How dangerous excess weight in a child? How to help your child lose weight?These and other questions are answeredMD, author of the methods of treatment of overweight Golden Eagle ®, physician reflexologist Mariyat Mukhina.

— A feeling that the fat kids every year it becomes more and more …

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