«Intestinal Infection

They are caused by bacteria and viruses that can enter the body kid with dirty hands, unwashed vegetables or fruits.

SYMPTOMS. Loose stools (possibly mixed with mucus or blood), nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, lethargy, weakness.

HOW TO TREAT? The primary task of the parents before the arrival of the pediatrician — to fill the number of lost fluids and normalize the water-salt balance. For this purpose suitable pharmaceutic glucose-saline solutions. Let the kid for a few teaspoons of the solution every 5-10 minutes.


The eggs of worms enter the body through the mouth and the kid dirty

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Simple failure

The child does not like what he is offered, baby prefers something else: Apple juice orange, drawing reading, white blue cap. This «do not want» the perfect and correct: it says that the child begins to form its own view of the world, themselves and their activities. Parents should try to take into account the variety of baby as often as possible: the child has a right to their own tastes, interests and preferences. Of course, when it comes to employment, crumb is gradually accustomed to the word «necessary». But remember: the first «do not want», which sounds, in

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Deepest: who tries russifyi only Belarusian-language schools?

From the words of the head of the district education department Roman Tarasevich, in a dispute involving teachers, ancestors and local bureaucrats:"Cooking school conference. It will be held in September. Before that will be the parent and student meetings. Specifically this will decide the issue."Ask what personal opinion is sovereign Tarasevich."We want to preserve the Belarusian-language schools."Or committed in this case, the pressure on municipal bureaucrat? "This is the caseare not even residents of the deepestHead Gluboksky RONO replies: "This is done by individuals. Not even the deepest inhabitants. Several people such." Again: ‘why these people do not conduct their

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Kids in a Cage — all of the arenas

"Before you grab the baby from the hospital, buy a large arena with a strong grid. The strength of your purchase, you can try, climbing into the arena right in the store. At the surprised looks saleswoman answer proud silence and contemptuous stare. She probably do not know that riding is not the baby will need, and you yourself, so, hiding behind his reliable wall, you could safely drink a cup of coffee or a newspaper to read up without the risk that your young son gets to you. "

This humorous advice famous astrologer Linda Goodman, I remember

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Proximity child

In a world sometimes children are very comfortable. They are obedient, most of all love to be near his mother, and in the company of other adults feel quite good. They like to sit at home is clearly more than a walk. And if they have to go out, they usually bypass the sandbox and my mother gone away from playgrounds.

At times my mother tell my child leads to the site, but it does not show any enthusiasm, the child afraid of the noise and the crowd pressed to saving his mother's knee. The other children quickly taken

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In Poland, the topic of surrogate mothers is an intense debate

"Looking for Mrs. aged up to 30 years, which has agreed to be a surrogate mother, takeaways made from germ cells of the parents," — such ads on specific Web pages do not very many, but they are.The creators of these ads do not wish to speak to reporters, fearing the likely difficulties first that through the resonance of their future child will know that he has given birth to another woman.Ms. Katarzyna agreed to kutsee expression only to learn that it is foreign radio, and provided that we change the name."Now, to be honest, it’s our only hope. We

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10 Weeks Pregnant


Gradually increasing waistline, but rounded tummy will appear later. In the meantime, because of the increased volume of blood veins become more prominent abdomen, legs and chest. If you do not suffer from toxicity, then at this point can gain about 2 kg.


Now the embryo one can call the fruit. Baby weighs about 4 ounces and has grown to 27-35 mm ("crown" to "buttocks"). He already looks like a grown man. Heart beats stomach secretes gastric juices muscles contract under the influence of impulses coming from a brain. Almost formed diaphragm — a

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10 rules for colds parents

You are sick … You have aches and lassitude of the whole body, pain in the eyes, runny nose … Of course, it's nothing unusual — we all from time to time to catch a cold and grippuem, but your case — special: you have a flat chest kid and you to do everything to protect it from disease. After all, even a simple runny nose, he moves much harder than we adults: for us it's unpleasant, but it is bearable state and infant stuffy nose distracts me vitally important — to suck. Compliance with the proposed rules to

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11 Weeks Pregnant


Now you burn calories faster than before pregnancy: the metabolism increases by 25 percent. Forget for a moment about the meats, preservatives and spicy. Your Diet must the most diverse, especially a lot of it must fruits and vegetables. Ideally cake with cream stands prefer a carrot, but do not go too far and try to get the most satisfaction from his position.


Your baby appears sensitivity of the skin of the palms. Gets busy grasping reflex. Developed sense of smell, baby even smells the meal eaten by the mother. Between 11 and 12

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13 Weeks Pregnant


Here it is, your little tummy and trim! It became evident because the uterus and baby "Grown up". In this period you gain another pound.

Freckles and moles darken, and the abdomen, from the navel to the pubis, there is a brown streak that will disappear after the baby is born. Your heart beats faster now, to cope with the increasing amount of blood. In the second trimester morning sickness usually weakens, but may start constipation. Try to eat right.


The child had already formed the beginnings of all 20 primary teeth. The

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