War Stories

Before NASA, John Glenn was a Marine pilot

John Glenn is the kind of pilot who makes it home. The world held its breath on Feb. 20,1962, as he reentered the atmosphere after circling the Earth three times. There was an indication that the heat shield on his Mercury capsule Friendship 7 wasn’t attached properly, threatening a tragic end to the first U.S. orbital human spaceflight, but he got home safely. Glenn attracted less attention in 1953, when an antiaircraft shell blew a hole in the tail of his F9F Panther over Korea (see photo), one of 12 times his

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VINTAGE VVB4 Violin Bass

Nothing evokes the sound of rock’n’roll bouncing off an arched brick ceiling quite like a violin bass – but this well-designed tribute can do more than just twist and shout. Review by Gareth Morgan.

Last month we reviewed Hofner’s thud-tastic President bass; this month the spotlight falls on a hollow-bodied Vintage-brand Violin Bass. Of course, Paul McCartney played a Hofner Violin Bass on all recordings by the Beatles from 1961-’65, but Hofner didn’t come out with the first violin-shaped electric bass guitar: that was Gibson with the Electric Bass of 1953, although that was a solidbody design with an endpin

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Twilight of My City: On the Personal in the Project

How does one choose a photographic project? How does one project differ from the other? How does one photograph time, or the passage of? Can we photograph something that does not even exist anymore? Is a personal body of work merely personal?

After a six-year project on Kashmir, I was emotionally sapped. I wanted to take on a project through which I could connect with myself. I wanted to look inwards. And thus began a journey of going back to my roots, my memories of growing up in old Delhi.

I thought this was going to be a very simple

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Triumph Speed Tripler

I’m stacking on the miles. That’s because 1) I love riding this motorcycle, and 2) I’ve had a few assignments outside Los Angeles County that I opted to ride to. Before I could shove off on my first overnight trip, I needed to reinstall my Ventura luggage system. Fine, except the L-brackets—the structural pieces that bolt to the bike’s subframe and support the rack and Mistral pack—were bent in the crash. No problem, because Ventura (www.ventura-mca. com) sells components individually, allowing me to order up new L-brackets for $174.

Back with my rack and pack, I realized something that may

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TOP 5 New launches


Q Acoustics Q-BT3 £400

Making your way in the world of consumer electronics is tough-going for a standard pair of desktop speakers. Why? Because of products like this. The new Q-BT3 speakers not only claim to deliver proper «hi-fi sound» as opposed to a «jazzed up iPod dock» but also feature the higher-quality aptX version of Bluetooth for wireless streaming from laptops, phones and tablets. There’s also an integrated DAC for connecting digital sources.


Meridian Director £450

We welcomed Meridian’s exploration of the more affordable end of the market with open arms — and a five-star review of

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To Armourgedon and Back!

Tucked away in rural Leicestershire is a company offering a wide range of services that will no doubt be of interest to military vehicle enthusiasts and owners. While Armageddon offer a range of services that include paintball experiences, tank and military vehicle driving, vehicle restoration services and vehicle sales, they arc perhaps better known for being the only place in the world where customers can take part in a tank-to-tank paintball battle!

If you’re not familiar with them, Armageddon are a company going places, having expanded considerably since they started out and now boast a range of vehicles, from main

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The medical device company must back up its recommendations with scientific research.

I certainly understand why a hospital would be skeptical of Bosi e Faora’s solutions-selling strategy, given that the company doesn’t seem to be backing up its recommendations with scientific proof.

Before planning to disseminate inexpensive blood-pressure monitors for home use, a medical device manufacturer should study whether patients are likely to participate in such a program, how much training of medical and support staff would be required, and whether the new practice would improve health outcomes. Before marketing the device, the company should run pilot studies, either on its own or in partnership with academic researchers, that set up the

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THE Gold standard

2 0 1 2 BMW R 1 2 0 0 G S versus 2 0 1 3 R 1 2 0 0 G S

«Shocked at the difference!”

“Amazed a bike can improve so much in one year.”

“As different as two bikes with the same name could possibly be.”

Test Ride participants had the opportunity to ride the 2012 and ’13 GS models back to back, and the results were dramatic. Tough they still look similar in silhouette and even on the spec sheet, BMW’s all-new R1200GS couldn’t be more different than the bike that it replaces, as the

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The ES-175 can feed back and its bulky to some, but it boasts the longest unbroken production run of any electric guitar model

The ‘lowlier’ ES-175 has its own set of fans, across all genres. A hollowbody ES was an unusual choice for a future prog shredder, but Howe has remained faithful to the guitar that has supercharged his career. ‘The 175 is a brilliant guitar,’ Howe says. ‘The parallelogram inlays are beautiful, the whole guitar is beautiful.’ Back in the 1990s, even legendary guitar-collector Howe was having a clear-out. ‘I’ve bought a lot of guitars I didn’t need,’ Howe told G&B. ‘I’m selling 45 at the moment. But I’ve kept my ’63 ES-175, which was the first Gibson I bought. I played

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The Distraction Monkey

Don’t let him get to you

SOME PILOTS ARE METHODICAL and thorough when doing a preflight inspection. Some are not.

And some, like me, find it difficult to stay focused and are always feeling the urge to get the preflight over with and get into the air. It’s like a monkey on your back. He appears when I’m first moving the airplane out of the hangar, jabbering away and urging me to just hurry up and get flying.

Usually, he confines himself to, “There’s never anything wrong with that,” or “Look! Everybody else is gonna take off now.” Although I’ve

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