Swimmer’s ear

If using a special instrument to look into the swimmer's ear, with high probability we can see irritated and reddened ear canal with a small amount of sulfur. This is a classic case of the so-called "swimmer's ear", which is a manifestation of otitis externa.

All that is required for the "long-playing" an infectious disease called "swimmer's ear" is a pair of ears and neprosyhayuschaya humidity. In the ears constantly gets water during swimming, showering, washing with shampoo. When people try to dry them with a cotton swab to remove the top layer of skin along with the protective

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Sore Throat in Children

Angina (sharp tonsillitis) is one of the most common diseases in children of all ages, starting from the 2nd half of life. It is most often caused by a virus (adenovirus, rhinovirus, corona virus, respiratory syncytial virus, Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus), bacteria are the cause of angina in about a third of cases. The vast majority (90-95%) of cases exciter bacterial tonsillitis — is β-hemolytic streptococcus group A. The viral forms of acute tonsillitis prevalent in children up to 3 years, after 5 years of more frequent bacterial form of the disease.

Streptococcal angina — Is a serious

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In Russia, as in many other countries around the world, Antibiotics without a prescription. And if on the one hand, this makes them easier to use, thenother— Because of normal human carelessness — only contributes to the development of resistance to them at various pathogens. Most drugs are treated like children especially hypochondriac parents. They feel that the temperature that lasts a few days — a tragedy. For a long time it is no secret that the cause of many diseases are microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Antibacterial drugs work only on bacteria. So use them, such as

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In the Antarctic lake find a new species of bacteria


Under layers of ice in Antarctica Russian scientists have found a new species of bacteria. This discovery may tell more about the nature of science Lake Vostok. These bacteria, which genotype is only 86% identical to the known science of bacteria were found in a sample of water from Lake Vostok, which lies at a depth of two miles beneath the Antarctic ice. The composition of the water of the lake has not changed for many millions of years.  

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Can bacteria help break down harmful pollutants?

Can bacteria help break down harmful pollutants? It is interesting

For 50 years, scientists finally understand the mechanism of how bacteria can break down hazardous phosphorous acid decomposes slowly in the environment. It is estimated that each year more than 20,000 tons of phosphoric acid is released into the environment in the Western Hemisphere. Most of the discharged acid pollutes ground water, endangering human life, aquatic flora and fauna. This substance can be found in medical preparations, detergents and herbicides.

The study was conducted postgraduate chemical separation Canadian university Queens Mc Sorley Fernie and several assistants. The study identified the

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Help fight the drought special bacteria

Help fight the drought special bacteria Facts

Experts from the University of Milan found that some of the flora found a way to survive even during a severe drought. When a plant is not possible to draw water from the soil, they enter into a symbiosis with living in the soil specific microbes that help the plant to continue to grow, even during droughts.

To experimentally prove their hypothesis, the scientists began to monitor the growth of shoots pepper, put it in terms of insufficient watering. Simultaneously analyzed the type and amount of bacteria colonies which began to

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Put-stand. Throw — stuck into. Sniffed, not smell

Socks of the "nipple"

Currently, in many countries around the world paid much attention to the creation of various materials and products with antibacterial properties. To prevent the action of microorganisms textile materials during their manufacture subjected antimikrrobnoy processing, whereby the growth of microorganisms and reliably for a long time is prevented, textiles retain their characteristic appearance and its functional properties.

In our country, work in this area is also being very active The participants of this project are: the Moscow State University of Design and Technology, Moscow State Textile University. Kosygin, PG

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In the waters of the Antarctic Lake Vostok unknown class of organisms found


Scientists who have studied water samples taken in May last year of the Antarctic Lake Vostok, discovered in these bacteria, which can not be attributed to any known subkingdoms bacteria, said of the Laboratory of Genetics eukaryotes Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics (PINP) Sergey Bulat.


"A week ago, was actually completed last analysis (there will be another, but the results are unlikely to change anything.) After exclusion of all known contaminants (foreign organisms) … was detected bacterial DNA which does not coincide with any of the known

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Russian scientists have developed a bio-filter, which absorbs the nicotine

Smoking is dangerous not only for smokers. In the production of tobacco in the air is allocated a significant amount of nicotine and other volatile substances toxic to humans, causing his allergic reaction or simply strong-smelling. Only one way out — to put filters. Specialists Institute of Biochemistry. AN Bach Academy of Sciences, Institute of Biochemical Physics. NM Emmanuel Sciences and Ltd. "Innovative Biotechnology" developed a bio-filter — a community of microorganisms capable of effectively absorbing nicotine from the air and odorous substances.During the processing of tobacco leaves in the air enter the volatile organic compound. The most dangerous of

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Video: Effective nanofilters

In the garage after the German experiment nanodoskoy still remained nedolomannaya furniture, but the experiment went to another plane: now healthy men smoke into the filter and check its capabilities in the world.

In the apparatus used the titanium dioxide nanoparticles with the addition of platinum and palladium. Under ultraviolet radiation (320-400 nm), the impurities in the room (gas, dust, viruses, bacteria) can be expanded. Thus there remains no odor.

Produces Such filters Russian company Aerolayf. In the video — two filter options: large — to work in the smoking rooms in public places (airports, etc.), and small

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