EARLY layering — the key to high honey yield

Ha bee farm the farm "Yudinsky" 1500 bee colonies, which are located at the II apiaries (beehives at 125-200). 760 bee families contained in the hive-lounger for 18 frames with supers shop, 440 — in dvenadtsatiramochnyh to shop supers and 300 families in the in-multihull hives.

Honey harvest in our area is in early July when the linden blossoms. In large areas planted buckwheat, but after three years because of the bad weather the bees take off her little honey.

The main objective of beekeepers — to prepare the family to the top of linden blossom. Families need to be

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A. Volchak: yes radial police bail

"After all, the traffic police could go on such a step after consultation with management, to As the last with the management of the Minsk regional police department. For such behavior in the usual country relieve Minister Interior.Even if supreme commanders not charged, the must is the main witnesses at the trial. And if these officials will not, then the tribunal can be considered biased. What we need to understand, from whom was this team, how it all happened. And not just — who was there out of the ordinary, and overlaps the movement. And here I think that the

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A. Kim A.Makaev requests release on bail

Makaeu requests to change the measure of restraint with A. Kim custody on bail and are willing to pledge as security about 500 baselines.Similar application filed and mother of Andrei Kim.Recall, a member of the unregistered youth organization "Initiative" Andrei Kim was detained on January 21 during the dispersal businessmen. He was arrested for his role in an unsanctioned rally and later charged in a criminal case under article (threat or act violently against a policeman). Tags: political prisoners, Macau, deposit com

Published the results of research in the landslide zone in Baku

From seismological point of view is in the landslide area in Bail is quiet, — said the director of the National Center seysmosluzhby.

According AZE.az, the Cabinet will be sent a report on the state of the landslide area on Bail.In Sabail capital on Bail slope by the Republican Seismological Service of ANAS continue seismological and geophysical landslides.We study the condition of the soil in the landslide area. Currently landslides on Bail slope in Baku ended, a new landslide hazard in there, said Trend Republican Centre seysmosluzhby (NASA), a member of the commission set up in connection with the

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Michalevic fled. What are the consequences?

Society How are escape Ales Mikhalevich other persons involved on the events of the 19th of December, released on their own recognizance? Or change the regime in respect of them? Or not suffer those who paruchavsya for Ales Mikhalevich?

After being released from the KGB detention center editor of the "Charter 97" Natalia Radin should be in Kobrin under house arrest. She is accused of organizing mass riots in Minsk on December 19 and participating in them. She says she understands the act of Ales Mikhalevich:

Natalia Radin

"I can understand Ales Mikhalevich, if it is true that he

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Mad World: Soul bail …


Unusual service appeared in Latvia — appeared on the market the company Kontora, which provides loan against … his soul. The size of the credit is not so great — you can get from 100 to 1 thousand dollars. All that is required from the client — is to sign a contract in which it appears, that the loan is granted bail "own immaterial essence, such an immortal soul." Then you need to put a signature on the fact that the soul at the moment is not a guarantee in other transactions.


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