Agrogorodok in dvorishche: live in rural areas and work in the town

Moving again, three years later, on a trip to the village’s Court, put least three goals. Figure brought here made in This year agrogorodok solving economic and social problems of the once famous eponymous economy? What’s going on for there the once best in the country, a horse farm? Also — either went to the famous case of the farmer and businessman Victor Cosmo? It began with a nasty surprise. Had a leisurely ride municipal "prolazili." Bus neighbor explained to me:"He took off on a commercial minibus dvorishche. Had to leave at the junction and walk to get there. 16

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Grodno vertical fool Lukashenko

The last point to severe administrative inspection in step became Dvorishche municipal equestrian coach Natalia Yuranova. Seen her outraged:"The minutes of the orders of the president says:" Executive Committee will complete construction manezhu in 2006. "They have created a transport for 2007 and reported that passed in 2006. Documents have not shown us. Whom fools keep?"Remember that the federation is headed by managing director Presidential Administration Sovereign Domashkevich. Neuzh it difficult for him to apply power? Ms. Natalya shrugs:"I speak to him in person only at the event, we can not really get through to him. Yet let versed State

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