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English golfer Rebecca Hudson was horrified to find her golf ball lying within a dead branch from a palm tree next to the tenth green at Selborne in the final round of the SA Women’s Open. And a strong wind was blowing the branch about, so she was faced with a moving ball. When the branch stopped moving, a rules official gave her the bad news: she must play the ball as it lies, or deem it unplayable and take a penalty drop.

Natural objects such as dead branches are loose impediments,

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National Pro Fastpitch

The Comets have no home field. They practice at Rutgers and play their local games at four minor league baseball stadiums scattered between Pomona, New York, and Allentown, Pennsylvania, in order to reach die maximum word of mouth audience. Fans wishing to save on gas can listen to radio broadcasts of the games online, as I sometimes do, dirough the Web site of the Christmas City Broadcasting Network. A word of warning: Barry Eisenberg, the play by play man, doesn’t sugarcoat. «I am not making this up, folks: a bunt double», he said, in the middle of a dispiriting onslaught

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ONE OF THE BALL Molniya wrenching problems of modern physics. Hypothesis candidate of technical sciences OI MITROFANOVA EXPLAINS ALL SET PROPERTIES mysterious phenomena, but to pay for it accounts for very expensive price; Shall revise established notions about e. SPECIALISTS, read this article, is unlikely to agree with the ideas of the author. While there may be many, they give pleasure conundrum and shine fantasy.

Many explanations of the nature of ball lightning is a disappointment, as the abundance of funds for baldness. For half a century of scientific study of ball lightning have tried, it seems every conceivable hypothesis,


Make every 4-footer.

These tips will help you sink all the shorts ones.

First, I have a confession. I didn’t make every short putt I attempted on the PGA Tour in 2011. From five feet and in, I made 1 006 out of 1 024 (98.24 percent). So if you don’t want my advice, I understand. Joking aside, the reason I make most short putts is that I stick with some sensible fundamentals and never deviate from them. If you routinely miss the ones you should be making, my advice should help you, too.


The biggest thing I work on is

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When golf course designer Peter Matkovich unveiled his unique Ebotse layout at Rynfield Dam in Benoni in 2008, comparisons were immediately made between it and the golf links of Scotland and Ireland. Matkovich had cleverly used excess sand from the quarry’ on which the golf and country7 estate has been developed to build natural looking dunes between the holes. He intentionally created a links feel, supplemented by elevation changes, deep-faced bunkers and long wispy grass in the rough.

So it comes as no surprise that Ebotse has now been rebranded as the

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Bellvilles belles of the ball

For 50 years, fashion designers David Sassoon and Belinda Bellville were society’s fairy godparents, turning girls into princesses with their magic wands (and acres of tulle). Now, a retrospective is giving us the chance to go to the ball all over again.

If you were to leaf through Tatler’s Bystander pages from 1960 to 1990 and zone in on the grand weddings, and if you were to further investigate the wedding dresses, you would arrive, invariably, at the door of Bellville Sassoon, a partnership between the Amazonian ex-debutante Belinda Bellville (who set up the label in 1953 as Bellville et

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MAGIC glomeruli

Game integrative activity for preschool children


Part One.

Investigation of the properties of different coils

The teacher with the children comes in the group, and draws attention to the new toy — a house inhabited by tenants unusual.


Show how you can do that. Now open eyes. The children called their names. )

There is another toy — colored pyramid. Each ball of wear to the Pin.


You guessed it, from what made all the toys in the house?

Children. From coils.

Teacher (picks up a big ball).

That tangle-prygunok.

He does not like those who are

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Anniversary of the disaster: flowers at the stone with the word sorry

Indirect observers for those events become your correspondent Russian edition of "War Journal", currently editor of "free previews" Vasily Zdanyuk.Commander showed hypervigilantThe journalist was given the task to do an interview with the then head of defense forces (PVO) of Belarus Valery Kostenko. But talking about the development of a unified Russian-Belarusian air defense system a couple of times interrupted duty reports about an unknown object near air Birch, who did not respond to requests and continued to delve into the area of Belarus. To illustrate the actual care of military, General finally ordered to beat "drone"."Well, and later, when

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SOUTH Spartacus PROTASOV distressed. Moscow has pleased

21.08.10 SOUTH "Spartacus" PROTASOV distressed. Moscow has pleased Yuri Plokhotnichenko, "Sport-Express"

The heat of thirty-five degrees or more, lasted almost a month-on-Don, passed the position just a day before the match. And yesterday, the weather was at all comfortable: Top games temperature dropped to nearly twenty. But right near Rostov fires began: the truth, not the forest. Burned meadows across the river. TV stations have started talking about going to the city of smog, but most Rostovites not see anything ugly. So it was safe and holding meetings of latter-day candidates for seats in the European competition.

Absolutely no natural

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The fourth goal, Rostov counted

[Img =] «Locomotive" at the last minute with "Rostov" leveling the score at the second meeting in a row saved the railroad from defeat Denis Glushakov. Rostovites not have a few minutes to get their first win of the season. [Cut] In this case, the referee Stanislav Sukhina in the second half did not count the other goal of "Locomotive", performed by Renata Yanbaeva. Two games starting judge lifted his third goal of the gate Rostovites. The latest victory in the Premier League, "Rostov" won in the 30th round of the 2007 championship, when Rostov was already doomed to

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