MPs no one but worth participate

They noted that none of the opposition representatives in the vicinity of the area did not get into parliament, but there is a positive thing — they were able to carry out a broad information campaign to spread a huge amount of leaflets, hold pickets do reverse connection with voters. From which a candidate has received hundreds of calls.

Sergei AntusevichNumber of votes acquired at the press conference were not called, they will be known later. Their worldview expressed about the campaign of the candidate: Yaroslav Romanchuk (UCP) Victor Padchynenkau (UCP) Vadim Saranchukou and Sergei Antusevich — Both of the

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Mogilev watching expelled from the polling station

For reasons beyond the supervisor, he tried to remove the video course counting. The chairman of the commission, the director of the Mogilev school number 6 Basil Kitsikav, reads Buhel, vydvarenne argued "that I rented without the permission of the committee members than offend their dignity." According to Boris Buhelya, he was allowed to watch the counting of 10 meters from the place of counting. How to count the votes, he beheld not, but I heard called candidates for deputies, running for this constituency.Mogilev-Lenin district-independent trade union activist running for electronic industry Natalia Zaitseva th vice-chairman Municipal Federation of Trade

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Candidate was not on the lists

He says that fifteen years lives and votes in this place, but the problems never appeared. His and his wife brought in the list for voting only after, he said he would tell about what happened to observers from the OSCE.Sergei Kuzmenok running in the Grodno-Zanemanskaya surrounded N49, which lives on the ground. Not counting him running for Vadim Saranchukou of the BPF, the last political prisoner Alexander Vassiliev and chairman of the executive committee Antoņenko.

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A.Milinkevicha recognized on the streets deepest

People are well aware, in the deepest member BPF, Yaroslav Bernikovichwho is running for Glubokoe constituency number 22, because they willingly responded to the invitation to take a propaganda leaflet or calendar with a portrait of the candidate. Many passers-by recognized and Milinkevich and stopped to talk with a famous politician.

Evening in Milinkevich scheduled to meet with residents Sharkovshchina: he means to visit a meeting with agitational role-independent candidate, Vladimir Borovka

who is running for Postavy constituency number 29. Tags: elections, Milinkevich campaign

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In Ushachi arrested for collecting signatures

According to activists, the police called one of the inhabitants of the district center, deciding what’s happening a violation of the law. Militiamen violations in the actions active group not have found, but before releasing rewrote their names.Jaroslav Bernikovich, who wants to run for Glubokoe constituency number 22, states that it is the first in a similar incident today campaign. He said that in the deepest signatures for his nomination collected without problems: members active group even made a special shield, where the information about a possible candidate, and put it in the urban market.Collect signatures in a similar way

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M. Statkevich implies rival Kalyakin

"Not everyone is willing to voice their intentions, as the fear of pressure from the authorities. Also in the list of party members there who were the founders of "one list" SLM. About 7 persons includes both European and in a single list. And they risk exclusion from one list, "- explained M. Statkevich.Representatives euros list, and among them People community members, activists, entrepreneurs’ movement, unregistered Party of Freedom and Progress, and other structures are going to run a 2-thirds of the districts. "I will run for Kolasauski district in Minsk, because there is a sovereign Sergei Kalyakin, that will

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Elections: in Minsk until two of 20

Less disk imaging member commission in 20 metropolitan surroundings. Until it became clear only 2-of the opposition, which included the county commission. This representative BPF Yuri Meleshkevich (in its environment is going to run for deputy Valentina Svyatskaya) and UCP representative Eugene Lemesh (in its environment running Alexander Dobrovolsky). Tags: Elections

Putin is a possible third term

Society "We will act on the basis of the actual circumstances in the country, of what we have done, from the mood of society," — said the Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, when asked about the possibility of running for the presidential elections in Russia in 2012.

Putin met in Sochi with political scientists, experts and journalists from 17 foreign countries with so-called discussion club "Valdai".

Putin raised the question, does not threaten Russia's political system, a scenario in which he would run for president in 2012 and will win the elections.

Responding to this issue, Putin mentioned that

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Bulletins are going to land. Let them wait until the election

The Company The CEC reported that the number of ballots does not exceed the number of voters more than 5%. Given that citizens with voting rights in Belarus is currently 794,000, this number can be 7,447,000 copies. But what exactly the number is now ready for transport — the CEC did not say.

Over the past few election campaigns independent experts urge citizens to refrain from participating in early voting, because in the absence of control over the risk of ballot rigging of the will of the Belarusian people. What to do in a situation where people do not

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