Living Lights

April 2, 2012 4:56

Putorana Plateau — "lost world" of Siberia

In Soviet times, every year I like geophysics, have participated in various expeditions all over the then one-sixth of the land. At night, in contrast to the astronomers, we sleep soundly in quite comfortable conditions: in metal trailers, "Kung" or prefabricated houses. Our equipment can not be held in a tent next to her food always roars diesel. From his trailer we look out only when the devices begin to show any devilry — suddenly outside the northern lights, or even a rare "red mist".

Putorana Plateau

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Mysterious balls on display Nikas Safronov

October 14, 2011 12:51

The exhibition of the artist Nikas Safronov Orenburg security camera recorded the mysterious phenomenon: the night in two rooms, where paintings by the artist, appeared transparent balls of unknown origin.

The master says it is no coincidence, since childhood, met with such phenomena, and many of his paintings present a variety of images of balls.


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Leprosy heaven

October 18, 2012 23:24

Tornadoes often bring death and destruction

We all loved the blue sky sometimes interpreted unpleasant surprises. Atmospheric phenomena, called linear vortices form typhoons and storms bring death and destruction. "I looked up and saw the very heart of a tornado. It was the middle of the cavity. The walls of the cavity formed by the rotating cloud, and they covered a continuous flash of lightning "- so wrote the surviving witness, recalling with horror, as the basis of a tornado off the ground and flew over his head …

Strange "gifts"

For thousands of

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Mysterious balls thrown to earth from space?

From time to time in different parts of the world are spherical objects of unknown origin. Some consider their legacy of ancient civilizations, others associate strange findings on visits to our planet representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. And with good reason.

Several dozen stone balls perfectly round were discovered in the late 1940s. in Palmar (Republic of Costa Rica, Central America). Their diameter ranged from 10 cm at the smallest up to 3 m or more. When conducted aerial surveys, it was found that these rock formations are not arranged at random, and geometric pattern. Therefore, to speak of their

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From the End of the World Chinese hide themselves in huge bowls


Chinese farmer found a way to save their loved ones from the coming apocalypse: man carpentry work feverishly huge cocoons, which, according to him, is not afraid of no tsunamis or hurricanes.

Man after hearing the terrible prophecies about what will happen December 21, 2012, decided to build such shelters that would have saved his family from all sorts of variations of the end of the world: floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and other disasters.

Chinese almost finished building the seven spheres designed to have taken refuge in 14 people — all members of the family

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Moeraki boulders came to us from another planet?

May 30, 2012 8:23

This amazing natural phenomenon is observed in various parts of the Earth. But to explain the cause really no one can.

This is the so-called Moeraki boulders, also known as the "watermelon Elijah." Someone takes them for dinosaur eggs, some — for the fruit of ancient marine plants, and some even suggest the possibility that this — the remains of a UFO.

The phenomenon is really strange. Imagine a near-perfect form of stone or iron ball with a diameter of ten centimeters to three meters.

If you happen to meet someone is "egg"

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