Guarding Baltic Skies

Gerard Gaudin reports on the basing of Belgian F-16s in Lithuania to provide an air defence to the Baltic states.

FOUR BELGIAN F-16 fighters have been defending Baltic airspace 24 hours a day, seven days a week since Estonia. Latvia and Lithuania and four other former communist Eastern European states joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) on March 29 this year. As new members of the Alliance, the three Baltic countries come under NATO’s collective security and defence umbrella, which includes routine policing of all NATO airspace as required. However, all three countries lack dedicated air defences.

Historically, all

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Battling in the Baltics

Air Baltic and Estonian Air have similar strategies, but is there room for both?

One of the few promising airlines in Eastern Europe until its near-collapse last year, Air Baltic is slowly returning to financial stability and rebuilding its strategy—and now it faces new competition from Estonian Air.

Both Air Baltic and Estonian in turn are challenged by low-fare airlines, although their exposure is still below the European average. And they are squeezed between much larger carriers such as their former parent SAS Group, as well as Finnair and LOT Polish Airlines, which are trying to feed their hubs with

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Baltiysk, Russia — 28 July

THE HEAVILY-GUARDED port and town of Baltiysk (Pilau) opened its gates to the general public for the first time on July 28, to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

The Kaliningrad District has a special status within the Russian Federation which allows it to develop as a free economic zone. Separated from Russia by the Baltic states, the District is now establishing firm foreign contacts, mainly with Poland and Germany.

Thanks to its location, the Kaliningrad enclave has become particularly important to Russia. Its military significance was highlighted on January 1, 1995, with the creation of the Kaliningrad

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The crew of the newest corvette Courageous has spent artillery firing

The crew has been accepted by the Baltic Fleet corvette "Courageous" held in the Baltic Sea artillery firing at sea targets. As the press service of the Baltic Fleet, shooting under the command of Captain Sergei Lipsky were successful.

Now corvette "Courageous" is factory sea trials, and within which the crew made artillery firing at sea surface targets. They were shooting in the sea of 100-mm artillery system, recently mounted on the ship. The goal was amazed by.

In the near future crew will conduct firing of all weapons, to conduct

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Exercises in front of borders, or you want peace …

The Roman historian Cornelius Nepos decades before a new era defined normal and clear principle: If you want peace — prepare for war. Nepos passed since the time of two thousand years, and the phrase so far has not lost its relevance. On the contrary, in the second half of the XX century, it acquired a «second life». Then cool war ended and started a relatively peaceful period in history. Yet, countries continue to prepare for a possible war and train its troops. Laudatory endeavor. If, of course, it is not at odds with one’s interests. In the midst

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The fourth stage of the Primorsky ring opened to traffic

Today opens the motion for a new, fourth stage of the Primorsky ring. Speedway tied Kaliningrad Zelenogradsk Svetlahorsk and Pioneer.


Now workers are putting the finishing touches, preparing the way for the flow of cars. Sets wanting a ride to the Baltic resorts with the wind is not observed. Length — about 26 miles away, and its construction cost the federal and regional budgets of more than 10 billion rubles.

Is ready and the project documentation for the construction of the next stage of the Primorsky ring — this road will connect with the Baltic Svetlahorsk.

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The groundbreaking ceremony was held oil barge at the Baltic Shipyard

February 25 "Baltic Shipyard" a ceremony of laying the first of a series of non-self-oil barges. For the Baltic plant is the first order that runs the river fleet. Implementation of this project will allow the plant to establish itself as a company capable to occupy a niche in the river shipbuilding. The contract for the construction of four ships of the class was signed on November 11 between JSC "Baltic Plant" LLC and "Path". The project is designed by the St. Petersburg Open Company "Marine Engineering Bureau". The vessels will be built under the supervision of Russian

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Baltic Fleet frigates for why they should be and will be more

At the groundbreaking ceremony for the Russian Navy frigate's fourth project 11356 ("Admiral Butakov") sounded important news that can not be ignored. It concerns the renovation of the fleet of combat.

Series of Project 11356 frigates for the Russian Navy will be increased. This was announced by a senior official of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) Jacob Berezhnoj: "There are plans to lay here in the Kaliningrad factory" Amber ", in addition to the six frigates of this project are three of the same ship." 

That is, in the near future can not be

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Frigate Tarkash completed tests

At JSC "Baltic Shipyard" Yantar "(Kaliningrad, CCL) priemoperedatochnye completed tests of the second body frigate Tarkash (Quiver) Project 1135.6 is being built for the Indian Navy.

As a spokesman for the plant Sergei Mikhailov, "frigate Tarkash successfully passed the full range priemoperedatochnyh tests performed on offshore landfill Baltic Fleet. Two crew that were on board the ship — the Baltic Fleet sailors and the Indian Navy, as well as experts of "Amber" qualitatively fulfilled all the tasks of the test. "

For example, were executed various artillery and anti-aircraft fire. However, unlike the first frigate Teg,

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Frigate Trikand moved to the position predspuskovuyu

November 24 at the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" (part of the JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") from the boathouse nominated frigate "Trikand" being built for the Indian Navy.

"Trikand" (Bow) — the last ship in the sub-series of three Project 11356 frigates, the construction of which goes to the Shipyard "Yantar" in 2006. The first two — "Tag" (Sabre) and 'Tarkash' (Quiver) — is lowered into the water and preparing for tests. In the step before shifting, the third frigate was mounted launcher rocket complex "BrahMos", wound up propeller shafts, propellers installed and nose cone with a sonar system.

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