And after 30 years in Belarus denied Caligula

Or impedes Culture Belarusians viewing porn?Chairman of the National Commission for the prevention propaganda porn, violence and ruthlessness Nina Froltsova assures all illegal to show the tape is not actually have any meaning, and promoting porn, violence and ruthlessness.Ms. Froltsova states lack the box office rejected movies hardly disturbs the Belarusian society is fed up with porn even in the midst of the 1990s and at the moment needs a completely different repertoire:"Lud our not so such illiterate. Occasionally this I heartily rejoice, yes, I’m an optimist by nature and I am glad for our population. In other words, the

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In Rakov on Thursday wives Peri blocks for prevention

In Rakov most famous people — brothers Yanushkevich: Valerian architect, painter and scholar Joseph Felix. Despite the rural status, there is only personal gallery in the country. On an area of 500 m2 — monuments, busts, works of art, a rich local history exhibition: books, household items, documents and unique attributes of the Polish, German and Russian times. Immediately — the only hotel in Rakov classical Belarusian cuisine and drink. A sign above the entrance — the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts.

Academics without AcademyMy guide on the art site — Felix Yanushkevich: "For us it is important that

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Minister Naumov visit Geneva

During his stay in Geneva, Minister Naumov met with Director General of the organization and will discuss future cooperation.Recall Minister Naumov comes in the list of officials banned race on the terrain of the European Union. • The European Union has approved the list of Belarusian officials banned arrival in the country of the Union, 10.04.2006

A few words about the bath and sauna

One method of improving your health is to visit the baths or saunas. But if anyone thinks that the "one-off" campaign in places such types will give your body the vitality and strength of new topical, such a judgment on the other as a mistake not to be called. Visiting baths or saunas should be periodic. Doctors they say that the frequency of once a week for the human body is more appropriate. Seen too frequent baths are contraindicated.

With all of this must be kept in mind that bath, and sauna jobs require some preparatory training. Now vserasprostraneny bath

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With the baby in the bath

In the bath life begins. And it's not just a pretty picture. For centuries, women gave birth in Russia in the bath (and not only a commoner, but boyarynya, Princess and even the Queen).

By the way, modern medicine, as is often the case, confirmed that our ancestors had for a lot of reasons. In the bath, plenty of warm water, the desired temperature (which is suitable not only giving birth, but the newborn baby), and the hot steam kills disease-causing germs. And with the birth bath accompanies human life — Bath soars, sauna rules, sauna fix everything,

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Prohibitions. Extreme body / Taboo Watch online

Most of the people seeking to make better their appearance: lose weight, wrinkles, pump up muscles do body lovely. But in the knowledge of some "beauty" — is something else entirely. In Guadalajara, Mexico lawyer by profession and a mother of four kids decorate his demonic nature with extreme configurations.


Prohibitions. Extreme collection / Taboo: Extreme Collectors watch online

From the collection of children's skeletons to "Noah's Ark" with 550 live animals, we will see how collecting may be beyond reason.


Procession on April 26 banned rally allowed

Society Minsk authorities have banned the march "Chernobyl Way" on April 26, but were allowed to rally in the park of Friendship of Peoples.

About This was announced Radio Liberty Chairman of the organizing committee of "Chernobyl Way" Yuri Khadika.

The rally will be held from 18 to 20 hours. On his decision, the authorities informed the applicants shares at today's meeting in Minsk city executive committee.

The applicants were asked on April 26 to allow gathering of the "Chernobyl Way" in 18 hours on-site at the Academy of Sciences and a procession through the street Surganova to Chernobyl

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Russian bath from a bar — an abundance of approaches to building

Bath for the Russian people — not just a place to wash up and take a steam bath, which, of course, is very good for health. This is also an opportunity to relax and unwind, to return peace of mind. A bath on the suburban area — it is not just a luxury, but of mandatory attribute of a healthy lifestyle. What is the association appears when you hear "bath"? Small beautiful house made of wood — for real bath should be wood. At present, more economically profitable not to the detriment of the quality of the bath timber

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Switzerland joins the EU sanctions

Society As explained by the ITAR-TASS press secretary State Secretariat for Economic Affairs of Switzerland Anche Birch "we are not talking about the new regulation," but only to include in the judgment of 2006 new persons who are prohibited from entering the country, and whose holdings and economic resources are locked.

Thus, to President of Belarus and more than forty high-ranking officials added another 116 names. The new list contains 157 names, which possible assume coincides with the list of persons against whom the European Union has imposed sanctions. All 157 people were denied entry to Switzerland and transit

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