Night siege October 11

The community by_politics publish a statement of some members of such socio-political initiatives such as "third way", "eye", "Mutiny". The text says disagreement with the organizers of the "Euro march" to go October 14 permission from the authorities of the route Academy to Bangalore Square. The creators of this application call to gather at October Square Independence Avenue and move to the State Library. Comments:"Judging by the amount of passion that razdimayutstsa all completed zilch";"Translated into human language this means:" Let’s go get on the head! Later, all told how we hurt evil regime! ";"Great! If these strong organizations 14th

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European March should go to the square of the Academy Bangalore

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the "Euro march" Viktor Ivashkevich city authorities announced the decision during a press conference. Procession from the Academy allowed to Bangalore Square.Organizers of the action plan on October 14 at 14 hours to gather on October Square and from there go to the prospectus Skarina structure of the State Library. The authorities did not agree to the stated option and offered another route.Organizers of the "Euro march" said at a press conference, that althought maintain a peaceful disposition campaign that — to inform the public about the 12 criteria of the European Parliament to

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Bangalore rally began on business

At the rally, discusses the strict requirements of Presidential Decree number 302."According to the decree number 302, — says Anatoly Shumchanka — private entrepreneurs should go to the unitary enterprises. Feature of this decree is that the address legal must be register at the place of residence. And the most important thing — the owner of such premises can not prevent audits, audits and financial activities, etc. In practice, this allows the control of the police, tax inspection, the State Control Committee to come to the apartment and seek documents, to find a product, etc. If you have previously was

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Protest rally on Independence Square is not accomplished

At noon on Independence Square were seen police civil police patrols.After, as Mengravykankam rebuked share Bangalore Square, appeared on the web calls come May 20 at noon at the Independence Square.Members of youth organizations supported this idea. She believes that unauthorized protest detentions completed.Recently the bureaucrats Mingorispolkom summoned for an interview applicants shares in the Park of Friendship of peoples to Bangalore Square Boris Goretskogo, Nikita Krasnov and Ales Kalita.Initiators protests warned that they will be held accountable if public order is broken.Haretski officials referred to such acts of terror before the manifestation of the performances of students, the liquidators

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Night Siege — May 1

The web site "Nasha Niva"Discussions are part of Belarusian musicians in the May Day rally opposition to the communist government:" Comrade Mauser "Blood, Dmitry Bartosik sang Bangalore Square. Comments:Musician Blood: "I communism peranashu spirit and speak not go for them, but for listeners who will come. Could we have at the moment is not so little ability" to look at the people and show yourself? ";Guests: "Mayday and Bangalore — is their real element";"It’s not fair — to act with fig in the pocket";"The blood of the other groups to help gather more people to the rally";"What is the Communists

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Andrew mayovka Left Opposition

Participants of the rally began to gather after 11:00 am at the structure of the presidium Academy, so that together go to Bangalore, but gathering at this place was unauthorized. Police ousted people from the area near the Academy. Participants of the rally sidewalks moved to the official venue of the "May Day". On the street Academic police grabbed 2-protesters — member of the Party of Communists of Belarus Alexander Denisenko and Eugene Myalik from Brest and shoved into a police car. But few minutes were released.Member shares Sergey Vakulenko:"A man came from Brest, non-partisan, he photographed when pushed in

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Chernobyl Way — with the bald hedgehog

Applicants are negotiating with the police, will sue the city executive committeeOne of the applicants’ action, deputy chairman Alexei Yanukevich BPF explained:

A.Yanukevich: "The applicants are negotiating with the police, so that the people who gather at Kolas could relaxed, without interference go to the Academy."

"The applicants are negotiating with the police, so the people who gather at Kolas could quietly, without interference themselves without interfering with anyone go to the Academy. I think the following week will continuesmiling these meetings. On Friday, police uttered us that they do not exclude that Yakub Kolas is inaccessible. From which we

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Bangalore accomplished on May Day

. May Day celebrations at Bangalore held under the slogan: "Labour — a decent wage," "Yes — work, no — the impoverishment of the people!" Mayevka became a favorite of the Communist PartySergei KalyakinHe urged workers to "open the eyes and to compare their lives with those wonderful life, which indicates the Belarusian television." His speech was listened to about 200 people, has more people later. Came to Bangalore and Galina, which for 70 years. Lady remembered that the first time on this May Day after the war, her father brought partisans."Because it gives me great pleasure to go

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Statkevich summons evromaevku

It will be held in Minsk near the State Library. Statkevich said in an interview with Freedom:"May 1st got another meaning Belarus. In today we became neighbors of the EU. And it was natural, Belarus may also become a member of the European family, for the moment Yanka Kupala Park repaired. A federation of trade unions received permission to pad around the State Library. We do not ask permission for such actions, because when tried do, then made sure that there can be only Bangalore. Because we decided to spend about evromaevku library. It is comfortable, close to the subway,

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Authorities sent businessmen at Bangalore

More November first six entrepreneurial movement activists have applied to Minsk city executive committee to hold a protest rally in Minsk on December 10 at 12 o’clock on October Square. Now the authorities have caused the applicants to talk. Member of the movement "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Coley said that the organizers were warned about criminal responsibility:"We were offered Bangalore, we abandoned Bangalore. We were offered to sign a paper on criminal liability, we refused. We stayed at own worldview, we insist on October Square. Meeting that he was, held on October Square. " One of the favorites

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