Sugamo Shinkin Bank – Ekoda Branch

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design

Playfulness, transparency, colour. a vague definition of inside and outside, blurred boundary between private and public… these are all the standard qualities one associates with a bank, yes?

In tins startling little branch of the Sugamu Shinkin Bank, in Ekoda, Tokyo. Emmanuelle Moureaux turns expectations and traditions on their head, making a facade Zone’ of 48 vertical poles in the colours of the rainbow [29 outside,. 19 inside] that scatter across a two-metre setback on the property line and simply but effectively eliminate the conventional boundary line of the building How are we to interpret

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Canned tomatoes

In №4 I read the letter Tatiana Nadolny «And in a small greenhouse can a great harvest!», In which she talks about the successful cultivation of tomatoes in cans. It is not so simple.

Indeed, this is a very convenient way, I use it for 7-8 years. But …

The author writes that even thicken landing — not terrible. But from my experience — in any case.

Power plants something enough (because of the additional roots in the pot), but light and sun — no, and all will go to the tops. Just missed pasynkovanie — such thickets are formed!

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Stewed without sterilization

We preserve apples, apricots, gooseberries and a very simple way — without sterilization. The main condition for this — cleanliness. First, boil and dry banks, then heated in a sealed container and cover until they take out. The fruit (or gooseberries) blanshiruem and decompose into banks.

We prepare the right amount of sugar syrup by the usual recipes and boiled twice as much water.

Having built up banks with fruits in a row, quickly fill them with boiling water and immediately cover with every clean saucer. After finishing it, since the first banks merge slightly cooled boiling water and

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HOW Grandmother

As we like to remember Grandma’s jam! Fragrant, berry to berry … And by all once, and secrets do not remember. Now do it! Quantity, time and temperature, we advise you and will do everything multivarka.

Recipes for Multivarki:

Tomato jam with chilli and allspice.

3 vosmisotgrammovye banks.

Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

What do you need:

2 kg of ripe tomatoes dense,

4 pod of red, not very sharp chili,

3-5 cm of fresh ginger root,

1 kg of brown sugar

1 tbsp. l. allspice pepper.

What to do:

Chile cut in half and remove the seeds

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Data bank for PD-14

The issues of creation of a database of the characteristics of the structural strength of materials for PD-14 engine: the regulatory requirements of the certification documentation of the qualification of materials; test equipment; types of tests; necessary volumes of tests at different stages of the life cycle of the engine; workmanship samples.

PD614 Engine, the development of which is currently being actively JSC "Aircraft Engine" in cooperation with other enterprises "Criminal UEC"Must be certified in the IAC AR in accordance with Russian Aviation Regulations AP 33 and then validated in EABA in accordance with the European regulatory guidelines FSU".

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A day or figure: 9,000,000,000 271,000,000 800 thousand

This figure provides the State Bank of Belarus. Since the beginning this yeart debt has increased by 37%, or in absolute figures — 2 billion 531 million bucks. In particular, rapidly during this period grew OUTDOOR debt of commercial banks — by 63% to July 1, number 2 billion 256 millions of dollars.

NBB: no country is interested in the collapse of the dollar

Bucks thrashes another record fall. Analysts are inclined to think that the situation affected the reported potential for lowering interest rates in the U.S. and uncertainty in the mortgage market.Against this background, many professionals seem hurried management application of the State Bank of the proposed binding with 2008 Belarusian ruble against the greenback. "The Funeral" bucks early?Meanwhile, representative of the State Bank Anatoly Drozdov states that the final decision on the issue focus on the dollar even as it is not. But he is not inclined to dramatize the situation with the dollar exchange rate, which is immaterial provides:"If the

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Weaker and weaker. It — about a buck

Now the dollar even more haggard on background euro and the British pound is worth more than a 2-bucks. South American currency against the backdrop of unrest slabla the U.S. mortgage market, which caused a narrowing of credit and may spread to the broader economy. It seems that there are still no hope for return to the old rate of the dollar. Analysts wonder what caused such a small rate of the U.S. currency against the European single?Economists, for example, a reduction in the August astounded U.S. jobs are in agriculture. Yang Stenard with BNP Paribas — a bank in

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Nina Skrabets: We returned not only furniture, but faith in justice

A day or two referee Victoria Cakes resolve disputes about whether the right "Belarusbank" for debt Skrabets take home his parents’ property.The decision was taken today — in favor of senior Skrebtsov.Mom says Nina Skrabets policy:"I was sure that if justice exists, it will be in our favor. And if not, we lose. We are very happy with the result. It means that there is still justice and ordinary people still have in including middle of the arbitrators. "Let me remind you, Sergey Skrabets Supreme Court must pay "Belarusbank" more than 500 thousands of dollars. The politician has already served

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Leonid Zaika: Venezuela most needed loans

Economist, General Manager of the analytical center "Strategy" by Leonid Zaika this occasion notes: "As for Colonel Chavez government, he, unlike the governments of civilized nations can simply dispose of the funds. But all the fact, that, as is clear, Venezuela itself needed loans. So the argument vzaem in Venezuela hangs in the air. A other countries? Here we can say only one — now no one in the whole world, so to speak, Meeting billion loan does not. " Statement Alexander Lukashenko, that loans to pay for Russian gas even offer Western commercial banks, Leonid Zaika commented as follows:"Private

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