Ryhor Baradulin Nobel try his luck in the subsequent time

October 8, has been dubbed the Nobel laureate in medicine, physics and chemistry. Now experts have decided the fate of the favorite of the Swedish Academy — the country’s eighteen recognized writers and scholars who have chosen the same members of the Academy until his death."Ksty" combined spiritual and of cosmicPeople’s Poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin first 2007 he was re-nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature for the book of poetry "Ksty."Belarusian Writers Alliance received a letter from the Swedish Imperial Academy, in which it was said public Belarus has the right to resubmitted to the Nobel Prize in

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Prayer wind Gregory Baradulin published in the Land of the Rising Sun

News about the book edition of his poems in Japanese caught in Gregory Baradulin Ushachi — on a small home."I glad that worked out for me the book of poetry in Japanese. It is called "Prayer wind" — this is very exciting in the Eastern title. I’m just really glad that the sun has come out of the country the sun in my mood "- said Ryhor Baradulin. And he added, in particular its hast the fact that translations of his poems in Japanese manufactured specifically with the original.Translated the poems of famous Belarusian poet in Japanese Gov Cassino. 35-year-old

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Painters — Gregory Baradulin

"I am very pleased to welcome Uncle Gregory’s office BPF" (applause). So began the celebration Party Chairman Vintsuk Vyachorka. One of the first word took control center Jazeps Drozdovich organizer, plein air, dedicated to Gregory Baradulin Hell Raychonok:"Workshop we usually devoted to the people with us. And painters decided what you need appreciate the people in life. We have our own people, our native Rygorka. We love him very much. So we decided to immortalize it in Last year spent plein air. And you know, it was the most successful open-air ".Role in the opening ceremony were singers and musicians.

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Congratulations national poet of Belarus Grigory Baradulin

Gregory Baradulin wife Valentina on Saturday were not allowed in the ICU clinics Office of the President, there are quarantined. And because it is in the morning on the phone — takes calls from his wife congratulations from all over Belarus and adjacent states also call the clinic.Valentine Baradulin "High slept. And these characteristics that different monitors, already close to normal. So the doctor said. And I told him I write down all the greetings from Moscow, Vitebsk and other cities …".But that said "Freedom" duty doctor resuscitation Vladislav Vashkov:"While serious health condition. Will be in intensive care on Saturday

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National poet of Belarus Grigory Baradulin — ’72

Ryhor Baradulin came to the clinic on February 22. In ICU guests are not allowed. Also in the clinic quarantine influenza. Name Gregory Baradulin — in the list of nominees for the Nobel Prize in Literature.Greetings friends and colleagues Gregory Baradulin — later on our web site and in the evening air.

Ryhor Baradulin: Without hope, there is no health

Society The health status of the national poet of Belarus Ryhor Baradulin improved. He writes poetry, which promises to read listeners Liberty immediately after discharge from the hospital.

A few days back health of the national poet Gregory Baradulin deteriorated. He was in intensive care in one of Minsk hospitals that took place April 2, scheduled treatment. But now he's better. He was transferred from intensive care to the medical department, said the poet's wife Valentina.

"His condition has improved, has no temperature today and yesterday was normal. But sometimes 37-37, and then all of a sudden 38, 38

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In Minsk, presented a collection of Borodulin Kamotskaya and Kunstadtera

Society Tonight in the State Literary Museum of Yanka Kupala was presented the book "Vyarovitsa Ales Kamotskaya." It is a little book of Psalms national poet Gregory Baradulin, decorated with images of American photographer John Kunstadtera and drive naspyavany bard Alexander Kamotskaya.

Literary and artistic part of the collection was published by "Radiola-plus" and the music — the company "Vigma."

The central figure of today's celebration, the poet Ryhor Baradulin due to illness could not attend the presentation, so the tone had to fight Ales Kamotskaya. He told how he was born the musical part of this collection. 21 tracks

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Today, February 24

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.  


In the morning sun, afternoon rain, snow in the evening, the temperature of -9 — 11 C 

Do not pass:

Minsk: Rock concert at the "Saltaym"

Minsk: WE ROCK Music Project at the club, Alex-S


Brussels, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin will visit the headquarters of the European Union

Budapest, Conference of Defense Ministers of the European Union

Kiev, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmunsen visit Ukraine

St. Petersburg, visit the royal family of Spain  


1901: In

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