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Now Baranavichi will last courts over public activists, which were detained September 10th, when judged member ‘Junior Front"Yaroslav Grischenya. Earlier Baranavichi already fined six of his friends. Jaroslav Hryshchenya believes that this is an attempt to intimidate the young opposition:"They say that at the moment oshtrafuem 5 basis, and tomorrow will plant all together one day. They think that young people are also astonished that. But none of those who time at one point went to the square, will never be afraid. "In Baranovichi *** Now comes Tatiana Seviarynets — Mom sentenced to 17 days of Paul Sevyarinets serving a

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Jaroslav Hryshchenya about his process: It’s fun and primitive

"What I I can tell about this trial? It’s funny, in fact. It is to such a primitive state that we can not imagine for yourself how can this be. Since, in the 1-x, collected such witnesses who time or were excluded from the "Young Front", or in general they were not there … Was that of a young man by the name of Ignatovich, who said that was "Yuen front" 2 weeks and knows everything there happened … That "Young Front"- Is political party, which is committed to trying to overthrow the present regime and come to power itself,

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Tribunal began on Paul Sevyarynets

Tribunal over Paul began with Sevyarynets standard on confidence trial. Seviarynets Paul said he did not trust the court in principle because, in his opinion, the courts in Belarus — is punitive structure. At this hearing was interrupted.Total detainees now made two protocols — participation in an unsanctioned rally and small hooliganism.Pope 2-juvenile detainees — Ivan Shyla and Luba Filyutsich — were not allowed to meet with the children. Protocols were drawn up without their parental role. Both before This time — and 10 hours — remain in the sector. • Baranovichi: paddy detainees in court yard, 10.09.2007 • Baranavichy

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Baranovichi: Criminal case against another 1st Malady

Victor Parnachov was arrested Baranovichi on the night of 10 to August 11. Then a few people caused the inscriptions on the City Court building: "End the persecution of MF" and "End the persecution of democratic youth!." In the hands of the police only got Victor Parnachov.Earlier, another activist "Junior Front"- Artur Finkevich — was convicted for political graffiti during the presidential campaign:" We wish the new ". He is serving his sentence at the chemistry of the special settlement in Mogilev. During graffiti just been convicted about 10 ka man, but the investigation and the courts qualified their acts

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Baranavichy toloka held at the monument to victims of repression

Now Baranavichi activists "Young Front" Yaroslav Hryshchenya Victor Parnachov Artem Lastovetskiy Anastasia Zdroh, Kasia Radchankava and other cleaned the area around the cross in honor of the victims of Stalinist repression. Jaroslav says that no one bothered them, but none of the passers-by to the farm madafrontavtsav not joined: "Today, all the old bushes uprooted and dried flowers, which have around a cross. Remove the paper, bottles and other trash in the park, and later planted flowers, which zatsvituts later. So makarom, In September there will be flowers already here. " First, the 1990 representatives of the democratic public in

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Baranovichi: Victor Parnachovu gave the order not to disable phones

Employees Baranovichy police detained Viktara.Parnachova NIGHT MODE August 10. He was accused of involvement in the inscription on the building of the city court — "End Persecution" Junior Front "And" End the persecution of democratic youth! . "According to Victor Parnachova, he was kept in custody until the 4th morning. Policemen conducted inspection of personal belongings, found a can of paint and made the standard paint. August 11 Victor Parnachova again summoned to the police Baranovichy. Was drawn up.Victor said to Parnachov Radio Liberty, Baranavichy that police demand that he pleaded activists of the unregistered organization "Young Front. " •

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Killed the head of department Baranavichy UCP S.Andrushchanka

UCP chairman Anatoly Lebedko said about the deceased:"I’m saying that he had not died and was burned at work. This man gave himself absolutely. He’s not walking a half-step. Never did only part of the story. Very sorry. Was a young, healthy, beautiful, hopeful and very efficient.As a fighter, he was beaten in Baranovichi. Government used against him and his business. He persevered through it all. But I had to pay for this great price … "Sergei Andruschenko born in Khabarovsk Krai. Baranavichy — from 1974. Worked in Baranovichi GOVD investigative department. In the opposition of 1995. In 2001, the

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Names of Liberty: Ivan Panko 1897 (?) Baranovichi -?

Call Belarus "Orthodox state," Only people totally ignorant or, to put it mildly, disingenuous. At the end of the XVIII century, to capture our lands and Russia began royalties fight uniatism that was, in fact, popular religion Belarusians Orthodox were the least in the region of 10 percent.In the centuries to our most tolerant country in Europe — Lofty Duchy of Lithuania-lived peacefully alongside people of different faiths. Pronounced relates not only to Catholics and Orthodox, and Protestants, which official media disk imaging and municipal well now face from time to time disparagingly called sectarians find something is foreign-seditious, although

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M. Charnavus will be judged on February 22

Draw up a report on it for his role in an unauthorized rally, which was held February 11 in Baranovichi. M. Charnavus should come to the Tribunal on 22 February.A.Charnavus said that disagrees with the protocol, because until This time, the applicant shares received no reply from the executive committee, and therefore did not know whether this action is authorized or not. He also said that was the place of the shares at 12.30 and not at 11.30 as police say.Recall, yesterday held a rally in Baranovichi businessmen against the presidential decree number 760. During the campaign deputy chief of

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For refusing fingerprinting will not be released abroad Belarus


22.11.12.Nachalas new "wave" of mass fingerprinting.

Site received a letter today from a reader: "Resume a campaign for total fingerprinting in Baranovichi. On 19 November, police department Baranovichi was an instruction from the higher institutions of the need to promptly forcibly remove fingerprints from persons who have not passed the procedure for various reasons. Those who had earlier refused to undergo fingerprinting will with repeated failure again brought to administrative responsibility. "

This information website confirmed in the forensic department police department Baranovichi.

"If a person does not pass the fingerprints as soon as possible, preferably before

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