Baroness Lane-Fox* of Soho has only been a member of the Lords for a matter of months, but she’s already raised a few bristly eyebrows by bagging her own coathook in the Peers’ Entrance. ‘One of them bustled up and asked, «How did you manage that? Normally you have to wait for ages!’» That’s Martha for you. She may be petite, as softly spoken as a mouse with laryngitis and still walking with a cane after a catastrophic car accident in 2004 that left her pelvis shattered, but don’t even think about messing.

Oxford-educated Martha, 40, is still most often


Visitors from another world

October 17, 2011 14:01

Ouija participants often do not think about the fact that the unknown and which can cause people to otherworldly forces that can behave in unpredictable ways. As a result, payment for such entertainment are serious illnesses or even death. And this despite the fact that the value obtained from "there" information — is insignificant.

Do not let a demon!

At present, most esoteric tend to believe that the call of the mediums are not the soul of the dead, and elementals — the lower, or the primitive astral beings who only pretend to be

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The Baroness de Bode — legend White Army watch online

This is a story about not widely recognized pages of Russian history is the story of the disastrous fate of "maiden" edition of Capital Alexander's military School in October 1917-year. Among the Russian patriots who wanted to fight for Russia in the First World War and had 25 women who were cadets Alexander's military School. But fate would have it, that, having completed School in 1917, the young praporschitsy were not on the front, and in the thick of the bloodiest battles in the streets of Moscow during the October Revolution 1917 year. When the Bolsheviks seized power in

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