The Woodpeckers Van

The Jowett Bradford was a respected light commercial in its day, but survivors are now thin on the ground. Bob Weir went to historic Glamis Castle in Angus to meet Barry Eddon, and his early example of this postwar classic.

Glamis is the historic home of the Bowes Lyon family, and the current Earl of Strath more can trace his roots all the way back to King Robert the Bruce. Childhood home of the late Queen Mother, the castle and its royal connections go hand in hand. It is one the most famous stately homes in Britain, and the Earl

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As home-builders’ tales go, they don’t get much more dramatic than that of Barry and Julie Surtees, who four years ago decided to build a house of truly epic proportions on an enviable plot overlooking Brighton. Bold, brash, and gigantic in scale, this was to be Barry’s legacy. «Throughout history there have been people who are dead for centuries but are still recognised,» Barry said at the start of the project. «I’d like to think that there’s a little bit of me left around after I’ve gone.» Fast-forward four years and past a double hip replacement, a heart attack, a

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EU: on Mars discovered something similar to lichen




One of the last images that the rover Spirit, contains the remains of the plant-like object. The photo — a site on a hill cliff Columbia, where the rover spent the last seven months.

Dark radially symmetric projection is shaped like a terrestrial lichen, said Barry Di

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Riddle goat vampire ragadana


Mythical Chupacabra or "goat vampire" — does it exist in reality? And if there is, then the victim he or nightmarish villain? These questions attempted to answer a professor at Michigan State University Barry O'Connor (Barry O'Connor), quite a serious entomologist, having a bunch of jewels and publications.

First started talking about the Chupacabra in 1975, when in Puerto Rico fell a completely bloodless dead goat with bite marks. Subsequently, these findings began to appear in other Latin American countries, as well as in the U.S., and

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