On Dzyady will be two processions

Applicants shares Dzyady received permission to march and rally of Minsk city executive committee and the executive committee of the Minsk district. At 12 o’clock, people will gather at the Eastern Cemetery, as 20 years ago. After honoring the memory of all recognizable public figures will march in Kurapaty, where memorial service will be held. Members of the Conservative Christian Party on the same day will be a separate procession from the watch factory buildings.Applicants shares Lavon Barshcheuski and Viktor Ivashkevich said that action on Dzyady sanctioned by the authorities. 20 years ago Vskhodnik cemetery in Minsk accomplished first mass

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BNF celebrates 20th anniversary

Favourite BPFLavon Barshcheuskigreeted the ambassadors of Sweden, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Germany, Romania, Poland, in their own languages. Part ambassadors who participated in obschebelorusskoy dictation, now got souvenirs — a copy of Liberty Bell.Lavon Barshcheuski in his speech said that Belarus is the only post-Soviet state where the Popular Front for the acts and retains its name: "This is as launched in 1988 the mission was not completed until the end: New Freedom has been lost, there is a threat of losing the independence of Belarus.", Good word Barshchevskii mentioned founders BPF, including, Vasil Bykov, Poznyak, Alexei Marochkina, Eugene Kulick, Misha

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Buraukin: Memory can not be separated

Now chairman of BPF Barshcheuski Lavon and his deputy Viktor Ivashkevich applied for on November 2nd ordinary funeral procession on Dzyady. 20 years ago, in late October, held the first national Dzyady, which went down in history forever. Then a thousand people gathered near the East cemetery to commemorate Protz. Now chairman of BPF Barshcheuski Lavon and his deputy Viktor Ivashkevich have applied in Minsk city executive committee on conventional funeral procession on Dzyady. Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski stressed that these Santas should not disconnect anyone, but instead should connect people. He said of the talks with the

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