Commando struck the leg, as in the groin

Franak Vyachorkawill seek medical help. He, like several protesters beaten on the corner of International and Yanka Kupala. Franak Vyachorka says:"The commandos began to take white-red-white flags, paper flags as the European Union and NATO. I clung to one flag, trying to save him. Commando then pulled me to the side, knocked a couple of times in the leg, as in the groin. As a result of this I fell earth. When people began to shout: "Long live Belarus!", "Fascists!" Commandos forcibly silenced us. I’m going to withdraw their beatings, their wounds and bruises to refer a complaint to

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L. Barshcheuski: SLM not able to constructive solutions

Tsigankov: "How satisfied are you with the current SLM solution, and how it mixes with the decision of the Diet BPF withdraw their candidatures September 23?"Barshcheuski: "Technically, it is not contrary to the decision of the Diet. But practice shows that the UDF — the structure where it is very difficult to make decisions, even more so if they are quite constructive. I think that September 21 or whether a quorum is not block — in short, I do not quite believe that the 21st SLM can make a decision. And this again assures us that we have made your

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Salting Bulgaria replied L. Barshcheuski

"With a little delay I vyznat about the other situation that was caused by the public expression neobmyslennym owner of football club" Levski "sovereign Todor Batkova. Unfortunately, personal expression of this kind of persons for various reasons do not fall for the first time in Bulgarian media, but they are under no circumstances are not the official position of the Bulgarian policy, "- said in a letter to the ambassador.Recall that Party chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski sent a letter to the Ambassador of Bulgaria in Minsk Petko Ganchev. Prerequisite for appeal to the ambassador began expressing owner of football club

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Kobrin cashing rival Viktor Kuchinsky

It was planned that the court will accept the decision, since the other day already heard representatives of the parties and received from them the necessary documents. But here’s what he said "Freedom" Alexander Fur:"Referee Alexander Babaskin said that he needed my documents from Kobrin electoral neighborhood number 12. The reason for this is not explained to. Announced that the court hearing postponed to tomorrow at 9:00 in the morning. "Chairman of the BPF Lavon Barshcheuski, who recently was at the hearing in Kobrin, believes that "local authorities cashing Alexander Furs as a competitor Viktor Kuchinsky, which once again put

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L. Barshcheuski: If Karadzic is guilty, he should be punished

"If any person what charges will be confirmed sins against humanity, the person must at some point be before the tribunal. This also applies to the Nazi criminals, no matter how many years they were wanted, and this applies to all criminals later. If a fair trial substantiates the guilt of Radovan Karadzic, he must be punished. " Prince Lavon Barshcheuski also spoke about the versions are likely to remain on the territory of Belarus Radovan Karadzic:"I can not rule out that, because our country is closed. And so classified information, that nothing can be excluded."

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Elected as chairman of BPF

Now in the morning at the Congress were announced the results of the second round of elections for the chairman of BPF. Both candidates Vintsuk Vyachorka and Mikhalevich under the rules did not gain the right amount of votes. In this regard, Vladimir Labkovich proposed the configuration rules and hold a second vote.Mikhalevich: "I would suggest one of the options to find a compromise figure which would satisfy and Vintsuk Vyachorka, and me, who would you suggest a common candidate for the presidency in order to preserve the unity of the party."Yuri Khadika referred this proposal unconstructive.Yuri Hubarevich said that

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