USAFE Base Closure

THE PLANNED RETURN to the Ministry of Defence, as expected, of RAF Upper Heyford, Oxon and the partial return of RAF Alconbury, Cambs by the United States Department of Defence was announced formally on May 7. In addition, the US Navy will withdraw from its facility at RAF Brawdy and control of High Wycombe air station will transfer from the USAF to the USN.

Withdrawal of the 20th FW F-l 1 IE aircraft from Upper Heyford to the USA and the base’s reversion to standby status by the end of 1993 had previously been announced in 1991. Now the USAF

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US Ejected From Uzbekistan Base

THREE DAYS after the US was given approval to continue using Manas, Kyrgyzstan, for the movement of troops into Afghanistan, it was asked to remove its personnel and aircraft for its Afghan operations from another important hub. On July 29, a notice was received at the US Embassy in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, to say that all US military aircraft and personnel must leave Kharshi-Khanabad Air Base, Uzbekistan (commonly referred to as K2) within six months. No reason was given, although in recent months the Uzbek Government has been continually tightening restrictions at the base, including a ban on

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RNLAF Apaches Move Base in Afghanistan

ROYAL NETHERLANDS Air Force (RNLAF) AH-64D Longbow Apache helicopters deployed to Afghanistan have moved their base from Kandahar to Tarin Kowt in Uruzgan. The six Apaches from 301 Squadron made the 30-minute flight to their new home on October 20, whilst still maintaining readiness to provide support for any operations, if required, during the move. Stationing the helicopters at Tarin Kowt will move them much closer to the Dutch ground troops deployed there, enabling them to provide protection when needed in a shorter space of time. A new apron has been constructed at their new base which can accommodate all

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Pull-along dog toy

The Victorians were very enthusiastic about wheeled toys. Some of the more popular ones represented different breeds of dogs, but horses, bears and elephants were also produced. The dog is especially appropriate because it follows its owner as it is pulled along by its lead.

The version shown here is based on 19th-century toys made in Germany and Northern Europe.

As in the originals, the main body is made from pine wood — laminated in this version and mounted on a pine platform. Wheels were either made from wood or metal. The toys had a painted finish.


The dog

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Pace quickens on US base closures

A NEW LIST of US military installations targeted for closure was revealed on March 12, comprising 31 major sites and 40 other installations. Operations at another 94 sites could be realigned or curtailed. Plans to close an additional 29 overseas bases were also announced.

These reductions will save about $3.1 billion from the year 2000. However, Defence Secretary Les Aspin indicated that this still falls short of planned reductions in defence budgets and a further round of more drastic cuts can be expected. The cuts would also see the loss of 57,000 civilian and 24,000 military jobs. Overseas closures are

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When you want ultimate MIDI control, sometimes you have to venture off the beaten track.

Livid Instruments is a US-based developer of controller hardware and software and its latest release is Base, a touch- and pressure-sensitive control surface that aims to provide adventurous users with a totally configurable, hands-on MIDI device that can be adapted to any task. Made mostly of metal yet lightweight, it has no moving parts and so is fairly safe to throw in a backpack on the way to a gig. It feels sturdy and well made, and powers via a single USB connection through which

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Dragon’s panther G, SD. Kfz. 171 (Late production)

Pieces and Parts:

— Dragon 6268 Panther G, SD.Kfz. 171 (Late Production), figure accessories

— Verlinden Cobblestone street, sidewalks, light post, GI Figures, engine parts

— Homet Heads — Aber PE tools, Panther fenders, buckles

— Plus models, buckets, boxes, rats, news papers and magazines

— Tamiya, Fuel Drums and Jerry cans

— GC Laser pallet and ammo crate

The Scene

On the surface, this build is just a Panther of the 11th Panzer Division located somewhere in Bavaria in the closing days of the war, which has been abandoned by the

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Keeping trim

Way back when, when I tested the Makita 3601B, I described it as a stopgap, suggesting that an old, very basic USA router had been launched in the UK as a knee-jerk reaction to the likes of Bosch. That model appears no longer to be available on Makita’s website.

This time round Makita has bided its time to come up with a small combination router that rivals the DeWalt D26204 and the Bosch GFK 600. Makita has certainly assessed the market well this time, and covered all the bases, choosing to offer this mode! as a basic trimmer with an

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Japan. Misawa Air Base. Part One. The American Forces

For the past 45 years, USAF units have been based in Japan. Robert Francies visits Misawa, a base on the ‘cutting edge’ of the Pacific defence theatre.

NEARLY 50 YEARS ago young pilots took to the skies in wooden gliders above Misawa Air Base in northern Japan — they were practising for their single suicidal Kamikaze mission to sink American warships. Today, two mighty Japanese and American air wings share that same base in friendship and co-operation. Misawa has come a long way since the dark days of the 1940s.

The base is situated about 400 miles (640km) north of

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Hitachi C6UY circular saw

Good news! I think the Hitachi chief designer has been put on ‘gardening leave’ as the garish flashes and zigzags of black that seem to dominate anything new it launches have been removed, and this saw now looks more like then Hitachi of old, and if that matches the performance of old, then it’s a good thing in my book!

For a sami-diameter blade, this is a quick and sizable saw both in stature and cutting performance, and weighty enough to feel solid in use.

That’s down to a good build structure such as a hefty alloy base, 1300W motor

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