Flip-top cottontail

For Starters, Rough Out Your Bunny On the Bandsaw

1.To make a blank, rip and crosscut a 4×6 piece of 1 3/4-thick stock. (We selected cherry. If you have trouble finding stock this thick, you can laminate thinner stock.) Next, make two copies of the full-sized pattern shown on page 30, and adhere one of these to one face of the blank. (We used 3M Spray Mount, a spray adhesive you can buy at art-supply and crafts stores.) Using your bandsaw and a sharp Vs» blade, follow along the outside pattern line to cut the rabbit to shape, keeping your

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Creating a permanent Moon base.

Technology and innovation continue apace and the idea of manned lunar base is far from dead

On average, the Moon is 384,400 kilometres (239,000 miles) away from us, and is a mere hop away compared to the rest of the major objects in our Solar System. Yet, even after landing on its surface in 1969 the dream of establishing a permanent base there has so far eluded us.

The idea of a permanent base was proposed during the Cold War, when the US Army Ballistic Missile Agency envisaged creating a 12-man military outpost that would be protected by missiles and

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N ALL-TOO-RARE success story on the troubled African continent, Botswana gained its independence in 1966 through the peaceful transition of power, having been the British protectorate of Betchuanaland since 1885. Covering an area of 582,000 sq miles (54,000m2) and with a population of only 1.5 million, much of the country is a vast wilderness of desert and grassland, with some of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves. A well-regulated tourist industry provided the greater part of its foreign earnings, but the discovery of diamond and mineral reserves shortly after independence ensured Botswana’s long-term economic security.


With a peaceable, democratic government in


Baltiysk, Russia — 28 July

THE HEAVILY-GUARDED port and town of Baltiysk (Pilau) opened its gates to the general public for the first time on July 28, to mark the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy.

The Kaliningrad District has a special status within the Russian Federation which allows it to develop as a free economic zone. Separated from Russia by the Baltic states, the District is now establishing firm foreign contacts, mainly with Poland and Germany.

Thanks to its location, the Kaliningrad enclave has become particularly important to Russia. Its military significance was highlighted on January 1, 1995, with the creation of the Kaliningrad

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It is possible that the situation faced by Igor Rodionov from Ryazan, is typical of many people in the Russian hinterland. Igor himself lives and works in the city, and his parents — in the village. In the house they have a Russian stove, which during the winter «eats» not one cubic meter of wood. And they are known, it is necessary to prepare — to saw and chop. His father saw wood still can, but the stabbing — and the power, and not the vision that in his youth. Of course, Igor helps parents, but do occur days when out of town does not allow the time. That came up with Igor mechanical cleaver. For thick steel base (Fig.

Detail AA) welded pipe AB, which is inserted into a free labor _V58 / 40іYu0ba C. It serves as a guide — for it up and down moves freely splitter composed of parts IV, VA and AC. To bring the size fabricate themselves the same tool.

Use it well. Based on log set. On top of his ax falls. Now even the elderly person small impacts on Obukhov split the log in half.

Energy Volgograd region modernize production facilities

Dec. 15 opening new modern production base of the branch Zavolzhskiye MES of "Volgogradoblelektro" in rp Average Ahtuba Volgograd region.

A new manufacturing base is of strategic importance, as is the main electricity supply to the entire area Zavolzhskaya region.

 Photo source:volganet.ru

JSC "Volgogradoblelektro" invests heavily in the development and modernization of its facilities and equipment. Just this year, has built more than 5 km and repaired about 130 km of transmission lines, installed five new transformer rooms, replaced by modern fuel-efficient analogues 23 transformer, etc. And for the whole year invested in the development of the

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Electric locomotive EP20-002 sent in for testing Belorechensk

Two-system passenger electric locomotive EP20-002, created at the Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant in collaboration with the French company Alstom Transport, sent to the test site Belorechenskaya Maikop-North-Caucasian railway.

Locomotives have to go through trial runs at speeds of 140 to 160 km / h At the same time they will be comprehensive and dynamic tests on the effects on the way. After this locomotive will be tested chassis at speeds of 200 to 220 km / h on October railway track section on the Moscow — St. Petersburg, allowing the locomotive to develop such speed.

It is planned that at

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Four new departments were opened at MIPT in Dolgoprudnom

 Photo source:i-russia.ru

The creation of a new base chairs marked this autumn for the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (State University) in Dolgoprudnom. One of the last was the chair of the Russian Venture Company "Managing technology projects."

— Basic Chairs — is the core of the system PTI, — Said the rector of MIPT Nikolai Kudryavtsev. — Previously, these departments were academic, at the Institute. But today, with the emergence of the country's new high-tech sector — business, which strongly attracts creative and energetic students, the situation is changing. Since the discovery of the basic chairs institutions of

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Photo essay about the life of pilots airfield Central Angle

January 22, Russian Air Force air defense celebrated their professional holiday. In honor of this blogger zeka-vasch visited the military airfield "Central Corner", which is located 25 kilometers from Vladivostok, and made a detailed photo report on the life of the military pilots.

Many make the photo caption below the smile, but still — offer available. For the record:

Central Angle— air base in Primorsky Krai, which deployed 4th Guards Fighter Group 6983rd Air Base Russian Air Force. Located on the northern outskirts of the city Vladivostok, 9 km south-west International airport "Vladivostok". Built in the

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The flagship of the Baltic Fleet destroyer Pushy headed for the Kronstadt

The flagship of the Baltic Fleet destroyer "Pushy" came out of the main naval base of the fleet in the Baltic Sea and headed for the Kronstadt to participate in the parade in honor of the Day of the Baltic Fleet.

Together with the destroyer "Pushy" put to sea to make her way transfer small missile ship "Downpour" and basic minesweeper "BT-212".   During the transition to Kronstadt crews will work the elements of joint maneuvers will hold training on communication, air defense, will perform a number of combat training missions at sea.


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