Declassified by the most famous in the world of the story of aliens

October 17, 2011 13:33

FBI declassified documents about the visit of aliens on our planet. In one file, dated 1950, the head of the Washington office of the FBI Guy Hottel induct Director Office of the unusual discoveries made by the U.S. Air Force during the investigation of crashes unidentified objects over the Nevada desert. "In New Mexico, found three so-called flying saucers — report Hottel in his report. — Each of them found in humanoid. "

The investigator, whose name has been exposed to a security classification, provided information to a special agent, whose name is not mentioned in

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What do the Russian military in the U.S.?

The news, which almost went unnoticed. Russia and the United States for the first time will hold joint military exercises in the United States. Bezpretsedentny step!

Russian paratroopers and U.S. Special Forces to hold joint anti-terrorism exercises at the U.S. Army base Fort Carson, told RIA Novosti on Monday a representative of the Defense Ministry for airborne troops (VDV) Major Irina Kruglov.

Earlier, Airborne Troops Commander Lt. Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said that in 2012, Russian paratroopers will take part in several major international exercises, including in the U.S., Armenia and Tajikistan.

"During his visit to the U.S. Navy representatives of

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Kyrgyzstan approved the establishment of a Russian military base on its territory

Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev signed the law "On ratification of the Agreement between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation on the status and conditions of a Russian military base on the territory of the republic," according to December 18, press service of the Kyrgyz state.

Also, the president signed the "Protocol on cooperation in the military field between Kyrgyzstan and Russia in the period preceding the entry into force of the agreement."

In Kyrgyzstan, the Russian military base located underwater weapons testing in Karakol, military communications center in Kara-Balta, radioseysmicheskaya laboratory in Maily-Suu and the CSTO airbase in Kant.

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Cyprus allowed Russia to use an air base in Paphos

Cyprus allowed the Russian armed forces to use an air base "Andreas Papandreou" in Paphos. The parties came to an agreement in the negotiations of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and his Cypriot counterpart Ioannissa Kasoulides in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, which ended yesterday. It is reported by the Cypriot newspaper "Fileleftheros."

This agreement expands the already existing agreement between Moscow and Nicosia, which allows Russian ships come to refuel in Limassol.  

It is reported that the agreement will be formally ratified at the next meeting of the presidents of Russia and

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Area S4




In 1989, a small area in the state of Nevada, known as Groom Lake and is owned by the U.S. Air Force, has become extremely popular. Until then, the word "Area 51" and especially "Groom Lake" ("Lake groom") and "Pepus Lake" ("Lake of the Child") to the

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Invasion can not be avoided!

French ufologist Emma Michelle once conducted this experiment. He marked on the map of France are the places where there was a UFO. It turned out that the reports on the observation of a UFO in one day come from places on the map in a single line. Moreover, it was not for the observation of a UFO, flying in a straight line, and the various "machines" that have different shapes. Michelle saw this pattern and put his observations in the book "Mysterious unexplained objects."

Similar observations were conducted and the New Zealand pilot Bruce Katie. Katie also charted

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Area 51.

Area-51 — the secret military base that does not mean not on any map, and until recently it was one of the greatest secrets of the American government. The existence of the base "Area 51" was officially recognized only in the late 90's of the XX century.

Area 51 is located … in the desert of Nevada. The road leading there is always empty. For more than a hundred kilometers are not met any of the village, not even a road sign. Only near the very base there are huge billboards, warning intruders from further progress on the road: on

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Bear — Eater appeared in the Arctic station

In the area of one of the Russian Arctic research station will bear-eater. Received information that a predator killed a northern one of the scholars of the weather station. It happened right outside the base. On the man-eating bear hunting began.

The Russian archipelago of Franz Josef Land and the island is Hayes, on which the Russian scientific weather station named ET Krenkel. September 20 at the station a man was killed — a scientist from Komi Eremkin Michael, 54 years old. He came out of one of the premises of the Arctic base and went down

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Ground forces will wheeled armored vehicles instead of tracked

Defense Ministry decided to transfer a large part of the Army armored vehicles with caterpillar on wheelbase, told reporters on Mon army chief of staff, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin.

"Office of the Ministry of Defence decided to transfer most of the armored vehicles on wheeled chassis. We open development work on the development of weapons on a wheelbase," — he said.

According Chirkina, soon tracked on a wheelbase will be transferred to self-propelled artillery, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft guns, and light tanks.

He explained the need to move armored vehicles wheelbase that the lifespan tracked vehicles 10 matches times smaller

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Explorers in February finished collecting barrels lost in Antarctica

Russian polar explorers at Novolazarevskaya in Antarctica in mid-February to complete the collection of fuels that are lost in May of last year because of a splinter of ice shelf, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute of Roshydromet (AARI).

Due to difficult ice conditions in the past, the vessel "Akademik Fedorov" could not get through to the base of the barrier Novolazarevskaya, which was necessary to unload fuel, equipment and products to ensure polar winter. (Barrier base located at a distance of about 85-90 kilometers from the station.)

Russian polar explorers used by Indian counterparts, as

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