Combat training 201 military bases

This morning, the three cities — Dushanbe, Kurgan-Tube and Kulyab under fire drill signals to landfills moved columns of military equipment from each of the military garrison 201 military bases. Thus began the company tactical exercises (RTU) with live fire. Exercises are held at three test sites 201 Russian military base in Tajikistan — Lyaur, Momirak and Sambulov.

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In the RTU will be worked out new methods of detection, blocking and destroying the imaginary enemy in mountainous terrain. Also, the military will work out the issues of interaction with the attached and

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Perm ufologists have opened a new anomalous zone

December 2, 2011 14:48


"A group of researchers Russian UFO service RUFORS returned from an expedition to an abandoned military base defense. Abandoned part is located 25 kilometers from Perm, near the station Adischevo. According to the director Nicholas RUFORS Subbotin, this military base, abandoned 20 years ago, often hear voices and strange sounds.

Therefore, the main objective of the expedition was to verify that this is not a myth, and to try to fix the unusual phenomena using recording equipment. The expedition team leader at the suggestion of the Permian Diggers Mikhail Morozov invited

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Candidates will be able to use up to 105 million of their money

Society The Central Election Commission adopted a resolution on the formation of presidential candidates individual financial assets.As the BelaPAN, according to the document financial fund a presidential candidate can be generated from three sources: the candidate's own funds (up to 50 basic units), voluntary donations of citizens (not more than 10 basic units) and voluntary donations from legal persons (not more than 30 basic units).

Fully fund the financial capacity of the individual candidate should not exceed three thousand basic units (105 million rubles). Funds from this fund can be used to pay for air time and print space in

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The base station TETRA network for the 2014 Olympics is set to record height


The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, announces that at the record height — 2,125 meters above sea level — successfully installed the base station TETRA network for the 2014 Olympics. The unique high-altitude work was performed by helicopter and installation of industrial climbers. 20-meter antenna towers had to be built on the slope of a ridge Aibka near ski resort "Rose Farm". The necessary building materials section base station and telecommunications equipment have been delivered to the site by helicopter. Installation of the structure is made of one of the leading

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Air Force Base in the U.S. failed checks on the use of strategic missiles

14.08.2013 / / 18:45

Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana failed verification of maintenance, security and support functions, Interfax reports. Regular inspection and safety procedures for working with nuclear weapons has set the basis of "unsatisfactory" on the audit.


 Check for Malmstrom Air Force Base held from 5 to 13 August. The inspectors reported that "during the execution of one of several military training tasks made some tactical mistakes." Deputy Head of the Global Impact of the Air Force United States Jim Kowalski said later that "unit failed, not showing the correct

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Area 51

One of the most mysterious places on the planet is the so-called Area 51, also known as "Paradise Ranch", "Land of Dreams" and "Watertown area." Zone 51 is an American military base, where, according to unconfirmed reports, is developing new aircraft and weapons systems. Is so top secret military facility in Southern Nevada, about a hundred kilometers from Las Vegas, on the southern shore of dry salt lake Groom Lake.

picasa / Osama Ali

The world first heard of Area 51 and 27 January 1951, when there was made the world's first explosion of a

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The man spent a year with the aliens in the Himalayas



Colin Andrews on its official web site tells the story of a Frenchman who lived in a secret alien base in the Himalayas during the year. Forty years of silence were established after the return of man to his home in France. The silence is now broken.

Within a month, the farm in the south of France worried appearance of lights. Balls of light appeared and surrounded the house in the evening 20-year-old Robert L., who lived with his

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Year of life with aliens (continued)



About Robert cared "biologist" who explained to him in a pleasant form of what was expected of him: regular sperm donation. This operation is designed to fill the life of the new planet, held every two days. There were conversations between the "Guide" and "anthropologist" of the civilization of our Earth.

Of particular interest was our behavior and how we treat the planet. They gave him a lot of advice to keep the physical and mental health. He regularly received instructions on yoge.Nesmotrya their policy of goodwill, non-interference and respect for the "free will",

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The air base in the Krasnodar region will ten Su-30M2

Air Base of the Southern Military District, stationed in the Krasnodar region, until the end of 2011 will receive ten Su-30M2, according to a press release from the Ministry of Defense of Russia. In the early summer of this year, the air base have been delivered two such aircraft. Due to the delivery of new equipment in 2011, the aircraft fleet Krasnodar base is updated by half.


About what kind of air base in question is not specified. Probably refers to the 6972-th Air Base 4th Army Air Force and Air Defense Forces, based at the

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The invasion has already begun?

February 1, 2012 11:13

French ufologist Emma Michelle once conducted this experiment. He marked on the map of France are the places where there was a UFO. It turned out that the reports on the observation of a UFO in one day come from places on the map in a single line. Moreover, it was not for the observation of a UFO, flying in a straight line, and the various "machines" that have different shapes. Michelle saw this pattern and put his observations in his book "Mysterious unexplained objects."

Similar observations were conducted and the New Zealand pilot Bruce

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