ON JUNE 2, the US Department of Defense announced plans for a simultaneous deployment of seven US Navy carrier strike groups (CSGs) in five theatres with allied and coalition forces. All seven carriers will be deployed under Exercise SUMMER PULSE 04, the US Navy’s first such deployment under its new Fleet Response Plan (FRP). The FRP doctrine implements ‘new ways of operating, training, manning, and maintaining the fleet’ to provide increased force readiness and significant combat power to the US national command authority. The primary objective of the FRP is to provide six CSGs to support contingency operations around the

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Spanish progress.

SPAIN HAS shown an interest in the new CASA C-295 (CASA C-295 makes first flight, March 99, p10) and has apparently ordered an initial batch of nine aircraft. The first of these has been funded and is expected to be delivered to the Ejercito del Aire (EdA, Spanish Air Force) next year with the remaining eight supplied by the end of 2002. On February 15 CASA signed a deal with Sextant Avionique for its Topdeck avionics suite for the C-295 and the CN-235-300.

A number of other developments in the EdA have been revealed recently. The prototype upgrade for the

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Modern art.

One of the most interesting factors about aircraft is that the aerodynamics required to make them fly efficiently have, from the very beginning, created art forms that were, and are, indicative of the age.

The Beautiful Warthog.

The Mighty A-10 Warthog came close to a premature demise, but enter the Gulf War, and it did exactly what it was designed to do — bust tanks. In the photo, a four-ship of armed Michigan ANG Hogs join up in the wild blue yonder.

Night Eyes.

A U.S. Air Force «Viper driver» models ANVIS-9 night-vision goggles, and his F-16 looks on. Night-vision

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High-flying Limos

ON SEPTEMBER 11, 1985, the Gulfstream’s fourth design series business jet made its maiden flight from the company’s facility at Savannah, Georgia. Designated the Gulfstream IV (GIV), it was the latest version of the Gulfstream family of business jets. New design features included a 2ft (0.6m) stretch in the fuselage and a refined wing.

New Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 61108 engines gave the GIV improved performance in comparison to the Gulfstream III. Range was 4,220 nautical miles (7,810km), maximum speed 519 knots (957km/h), with a maximum operating altitude of 51,000ft (15,545m).

In the Army Now The US Army was the first

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EUMEROUS’ AND ‘widespread’ are two words which describe the fielding of the F-16 Fighting Falcon with Air Forces around the world. The most prolific is the United States Air Force, which operates the F-16 in seven of its ten commands, including the Air National Guard (ANG). Since the first F-16s were delivered to what was then the 169th Tactical Fighter Group, at McEntire Air National Guard Base, South Carolina, in July 1983, General Dynamics’, and subsequently Lockheed Martin’s, revolutionary little fighter aircraft has formed the backbone of the Guards’ combat capability. In 2004, no fewer than 27 Air National Guard

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South Korea develops cruise missile based on the Russian Yakhont


South Korean military are developing new supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles based on the Russian missile "Yakhont", said Wednesday AFP referring to the local newspaper "Chosun Ilbo".

The rocket will fly low over the water at a rate of 2.5 times the speed of sound, and will have a range of up to 300 kilometers. Detection and such a missile and track it will be considerably complicated.

"A full-scale work on the development of supersonic anti-ship missiles at the Agency for Defense Development has been going on for several years" — gives the publication the words

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Photo essay about the life of pilots airfield Central Angle

January 22, Russian Air Force air defense celebrated their professional holiday. In honor of this blogger zeka-vasch visited the military airfield "Central Corner", which is located 25 kilometers from Vladivostok, and made a detailed photo report on the life of the military pilots.

Many make the photo caption below the smile, but still — offer available. For the record:

Central Angle— air base in Primorsky Krai, which deployed 4th Guards Fighter Group 6983rd Air Base Russian Air Force. Located on the northern outskirts of the city Vladivostok, 9 km south-west International airport "Vladivostok". Built in the

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Tomsk scientists have invented a non-toxic solution for embalming

Scientists Siberian State Medical University (SSMU) developed a secure solution based on glyoxal, which is able to replace the toxic formaldehyde in embalming, told RIA Novosti Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine of the university Fedor Alyabyev.

"Unlike formalin solution was our smell — it can be given any flavor example fir. And it is not toxic, unlike formaldehyde. And preservative properties on biologicals it acts as formalin", — said Alyabyev.

According to him, his department specialists replaced in the exhibits of formalin to "Aldofiks." "The Law on Education stipulates that the training should

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AG Dugin: Deconstructing Democracy

The concept of "democracy" is not neutral and is not a self-evident concept. Democracy today can not be discussed objectively. It is not a neutral concept: in the "democracy" as a political regime and the corresponding value system is the West, Europe and the United States. To them, "democracy" is a form of worship or secular tools of political dogma. Therefore, in order to be accepted in Western society on the bases full in the West, should be the default "for" democracy. Whoever puts it in question falls out of political correctness. If it's marginal, it is bearable if

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New fire trucks arrived to Kamchatka

In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky delivered two new fire engines to staff the units in areas of the province.

One of the cars based on the car "Ural" will join the fleet of fire fighting equipment in § Sokoch Elizovskiy district. The car is planned to complement the specialized rescue equipment for work at the accident scene on the highway Petropavlovsk-Milkovo.


The second car — based on the GAZ designed for small fire departments in small towns. After technical tests in Elizovsky area it will be directed to one of the settlements of Koryak Okrug.


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