Slonim district found the palace cellars Slugs

"Newspaper Slonim" said that in the village on Novadyavyatkavichy a place where palace stood Slugs failed land. Local schoolchildren found there tunnels. It is clear that in the second half of XIX century. Palace still renders Napoleon Orda. It was built in the style of retragotyki. To This time nothing unclear about the fate of its values: the arsenal of ancient instruments, the king’s advantages, wills, and other property belonging to the genus Meleshek and Slugs.

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Magnitogorsk residents attacked by fleas. Video


15.09.11.Nashestvie fleas in the southern Urals. In Magnitogorsk residents buying chemicals and sanitation crews treated the whole house.

"Bodies all bitten, especially strong in children — said Lyudmila Stepanova, a resident of the house. — Even on a balcony can not leave, because there fleas. "

Particularly affected are the residents of the ground floors, apartments are located above the basement. After all basements are responsible for a large number of blood-sucking. "The entrance can not enter — very bad", — complains Hussain Ahmed, a resident of the house.

Communication in the basement for a long time

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Karst failure in Nizhny Novgorod. Video

Karst holes

7.10.11.Vo yard — karst failure. Every day, residents of one of the houses in the Nizhny Novgorod region Nizhny Novgorod Prioksky greeted with fear: the failure of asphalt next to the entrance, not only threatens to destroy the wall of the house, but also the peaceful existence of the house. Pit, wash away by rain, increasing every day and slowly moving to the wall.

Land in the yard number 2 on the street Tereshkova literally goes from under mestynh residents. 3 years ago asphalt collapsed and formed a pit, which over time became more and more

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In one of the houses of the Naryn underground spring


29/12/10 Bishkek — IA «», Kanykei MANASOVA. In Naryn (Kyrgyzstan) basement house number 6 in the street of Ala-Too in the depot to break through the flooded water from underground springs. The press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

According to her, the scene came urban rescue and pumped water from the basement of the house. Department of Emergency Situations in Naryn start checking for the presence of other underground sources in the scene.

IA «»

In Bratsk invasion of rats. Video


27.07.11.V Bratsk invasion of rats. Although only this year, experts have spent on them two and a half tons of poison. Rodents feel themselves masters in residential areas, which is very scary citizens. However, in this mass distribution and rats have their wines.

There are flocks and no fear. So say the residents of one of the houses in the street Malyshev in Bratsk. The vicinity of the rats was their headache. How to tell the people, more and more appetite tailed. To come out of the basement, they chewed through the course in the asphalt. Meeting people does

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Terrible secret dungeons Aksai

February 28, 2013 0:15

Residents of the Rostov region Aksai have superstitious terror, telling the secrets Aksay dungeons. Dungeons Aksai — labyrinth of underground tunnels and passages.

He was not built for decades and even centuries: people Kobyakov — ancestor of Aksai — first built the catacombs in religious purposes, and then to successive generations and generations maze grew and grew. At present, under the Aqsa Mosque, there are a maze of city-living their Latent life. In Aksay dungeons found a lot of anomalies that warily share with a visiting locals.

In Aksai Mezei is a local

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Demons have invaded the village school




On the whole village Novokremlevskoe looks ordinary: a pond, vegetable gardens and school.

Nightmare in Novokremlevskoy school: a mass psychosis, or harbingers of a collapse?

Yesterday, the teacher waited for arrival of military experts who were

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The Kremlin has been tested poltergeist MES (Novosibirsk)




General Directorate of Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Novosibirsk region has completed verification Novokremlevskogo Kochenevskaya Village School District. As reported from the scene correspondent of IA REGNUM, in April, students and teachers of the schools began to complain of certain vibrations that cause the deterioration of

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My modest experience (abstract Survival)

I have long asked for yourself the question, "Do I have the right to write an annotation on the practice of survival in the case of the arrival of the northern beast?" After all, I did not survive a nuclear strike, do not know everything about the survival of the forests, plains, seas and other places. In fact, I only have experience of survival in the criteria of the war. Little experience. A very mild, but the experience I have gathered over the particles are not on the shelves, and in the criteria of a real threat.

I do not

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Invasion of rats in Moscow

Residents of a house on the street Chertanovskaya seriously troubled from the sudden invasion of rats. Rodents climb on balconies and regularly annoy motorists, destroying the wiring in cars. They were so many that even the local public utilities are afraid to go to the basement.

"Here, even their food is sometimes. They drag under the hood of your own food" — outraged host "Lada".

Now it is not uncommon — a rat under the hood. Residents of house number 37 on the street Chertanovskaya have to get used to the unpleasant neighborhood. Rodents invaded lawns, basements

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