A resident of Bashkiria, Russia tried to sell on eBay


A resident of Bashkiria put Russia on the online auction eBay. The initial cost was 1 cent, or 31 kopecks, says RBC daily.

Countries have expressed a desire to buy 26. Price increased to nearly 3 million rubles.

However, the ad was removed by the site administrator.

As the description of the "seller" noted that "the country was used for a thousand years and is in good condition." It also provides information about the area and population. It was noted that there may be problems with the delivery. Exchange the item

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In Bashkortostan, opened a factory for the production of heat-insulating materials

In Blagoveshchensk (Bashkiria) was put into operation a new production — a factory for the production of insulating materials "Agidel." The total investment in the project amounted to about 3 billion rubles.

According to reporters who led the construction of the plant, Anatoly Bondaruk, the annual estimated output of 70 thousand tons of high-quality non-combustible insulation materials and the estimated payback period of 5-7 years. In this case, the company will cover the needs of the construction industry in Bashkiria such materials by 60-70 percent.

Bondaruk explained that "the company uses raw materials from basalt, which

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In Bashkiria created radio-electronic cluster

The Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy Bashkiria and a number of national companies and organizations have signed a cooperation agreement on the formation and development of the electronic cluster. A cluster is created for the cooperation of producers of telecommunications equipment, communication equipment, electronic equipment and microelectronic components, according to the ministry. Cluster members were JSC "Ufa instrument production association", JSC "Ufa aggregate production association", JSC "Ufa Scientific-Production Enterprise" Lightning "," SRI "Soliton", "HE" Promsvyaz "," NPP "Polygon", and Chamber of Commerce of Bashkiria. Special Organization Coordinator to conduct the common affairs of cluster members appears NP

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In Ufa, Russia’s largest open Motoshkola

RIA "Bashkiria":

Before the start of a small instruction, the coach gets a motorcycle, seven year old Timothy shows how to properly operate the throttle stick. Training bike less than a bicycle, but is run almost like a sport. The young rider, as his friends Motoshkola idol only one.

Timothy Alexeyev, a student Motoshkola:

— When I grow up I want to be like Kohl KRASNIKOV — champion.

RIA "Bashkiria":

Today, dozens of Ufa boys a real treat. For them, the stadium opened Motoshkola builder with the latest technology. According to the 17 times world champion Nikolai

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Earthquake in Burzian area Bashkortostan


Burznyaskom area in Bashkiria was recorded quakePhoto: Yandex

10.10.12.Vchera Burznyaskom afternoon in the area of Bashkiria was recorded underground tolchok.K Fortunately, an earthquake was not strong.

— Our area does not apply to an earthquake-prone zones. Tremor was associated with geodynamic disturbances that led to swelling or collapse in the depths of the earth's crust — said ProUfu.ru specialist for Civil Protection and Emergency Management Administration Burzian district Azamat Dautov.

According to him, the push was not strong and serious earthquakes in the region can not be.

Recall that in September a similar incident occurred in Uchalinsky area.

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In drinking wells Bashkiria this year the water will not be


15.04.11.V Bashkiria this year in drinking water wells will be even lower than last year. This was April 14 REGNUM correspondent chairman of the Union of Belarus Alexander Veselov environmentalists:

— On the consequences of the flood early to say. But the water in the White River is very small. Therefore, in the current year is expected to be below average flood unless the rains come. Soil is dry. Meltwater immediately go into the ground. In the gardens of water will not. Even less than last year, so we need to deepen wells.


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12.04.12.Gibel fish in Bashkiria. Video


12.04.12. In Ufa, visitors to the park named after Aksakov witnessed as from melted ice float dead fry and adult grass carp. According to experts, the cause of death of fish in the artificial lake was called Zamora — a lack of oxygen.

He usually begins in late February — early March. At this time, almost all the dissolved oxygen in the water is absorbed and the limited supply of fresh oxygen with a thick layer of ice on the surface of the reservoir. Workers cut a hole in the ice in winter park, but, apparently, their actions

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In Bashkiria zamirotochili 8 icons. Photo


10.01.11.Vchera we reported that the Holy Virgin Protection Church in the village of language (Bashkiria) zamirotochili five icons. Today, the number of "weeping" icons to eight: withvezhie drops appeared on the global icon of the Vladimir Mother of God, Nicholas and George.

The biggest "tears" on the face of the Divine Savior and St. Spyridon Tremithous chest. Believers attribute this miracle to the recent acquisition of relics — shoe saint whose body is in the Greek church, and consecrated his relics icon. The number of pilgrims in the village temple every day increases.

(For details about relics

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In lakes Bashkiria mass fish die

This spring, the lakes of Bashkiria has already registered five cases of sudden and massive fish kill, according svobodanews.ru

The first warning sign came in early April, with the lake in the Annunciation Achikul region of Bashkortostan. Local fishermen said they found a large number of dead carp.

According to the analysis of water samples showed that no contamination of the lake.

Another case of mass death of fish in the same month occurred on Lake Bath in October. According to the national department Rosrybolovstva dead carp, tench and pike.

That's why the choice of solutions —

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Two students killed in Bashkiria lightning

UFA, July 1 — RIA Novosti, Ramil Salikhova. Two freshmen killed by lightning while grazing cattle on Thursday in Bashkiria, told RIA Novosti on Friday, the investigator for particularly important cases of Ufa Interdistrict Investigation Division at SK Bashkiria Constantine weak.

According to him, the lightning struck two 19-year-old first-year students of the Bashkir Agricultural University while grazing cows at 10.00 (08.00 MSK). Young people died at the scene.

"At present, we are pre-investigation checks. Was it an accident, will show the results of the autopsy," — said weakly.

He noted that the students come from Yanaulskogo Zianchurinskogo and districts.

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