Rubi Basic Line


ЦЕНА: 190 руб.

Название серии Basic Line говорит само за себя — это самый простой вариант из ассортимента Rubi. Упаковку информативной не назовешь, из полезной информации есть только рисунки, иллюстрирующие, как пользоваться устройством для подачи воды, совмещённым с центрирующим кондуктором.

Само сверло с узким (6 мм) цилиндрическим хвостовиком, для удаления керна предусмотрена прорезь в боковой поверхности сверла. Можно также выталкивать его через осевое отверстие.

Судя по результатам испытаний, свёрла этой серии не отличаются высокой износостойкостью. Но при их стоимости цена одного отверстия получается вполне приемлемой.

«Зубр Эксперт»


ЦЕНА: 150 руб

Информативность упаковки не очень велика —

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With Photoshop CS versions moving to a subscription-only fees package, now could be the time to consider alternative image-editing software. Here are 12 of the best contenders…


While Adobe Photoshop has long been the benchmark that all other image-editing software is judged by, it’s always been one of the most expensive applications on the market. That fact has been exacerbated in recent weeks with the announcement from Adobe that it intends to restructure its business model and the way it sells its flagship products.

In essence, Adobe has signalled its intention to license its industry-standard Creative


Basic Raw adjustments

Learn how to convert a Raw file to produce a stunning final image

Converting a Raw file can seem a complex process thanks to the range of controls and tools at your fingertips, and if you’ve never done it before, it can even seem like an intimidating process. Remember though that Raw files are non-destructive — so any changes you make can always be undone, regardless of whether the image is saved or not.

In this step-by-step basic Raw conversion guide, we’ll show you how to make a series of adjustments to the Raw file that will add depth, punch,

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On Franak Vyachorka instituted administrative proceedings

"Vecherka FV, while in the town of Grodno 9:06:07 about 12 hours on the street. Russian, 29, 31 are not putting up stickers in designated places," — written in the report.Vyachorka blame foulyl improvement and maintenance of the territories of cities and urban settlements. It can be punished by a fine in the amount of 16-24 basic values. 1 reference value — 31 tyscha rubles.F.Vyachorka said "freedom" that the administrative committee meeting to be held in Grodno for 2-weeks.• Young defenders Grodno summoned to KGB and police, 05.07.2007 • In Grodno and detained F.Vyachorka S.Sviderski, 09.06.2007

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Capital wipers: who are they?

In the management of housing and communal services of Minsk City Executive Committee on present day 6636 working janitors. An employee of the department of labor and wages is recognized:Employee: "routine most people retire. Held in the main only pensioners and those who have a farm dwelling. Youth are not delayed, dismissed." Official housing are very few: now he do not give a janitor. Because janitors working in the main ladies of retirement age. My companion — 57-year-old Anna — 30 years I worked at the knitting factory, it reduced just before retirement. Settled janitor. Working capital janitor day begins

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Shoigu included in the state defense order a new multi-layer digital outfit

Defense Minister Gen. Sergei Shoigu has approved a new generation of field uniforms and included it in the state defense order.

Novelty called "Seasons set of basic clothing" was featured today at the "Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation." 

Sergei Shoigu again inspected the novelty and pointed to its main advantage — the principle of layering. With this set of 23 items provides the military bearing of a comfortable life in all climatic zones in different weather conditions. In the production of uniforms used

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The age of testosterone deficiency in men

Age-related androgenic deficit— Is the lack of androgens (male sex hormone) in the male body that is associated with its natural aging. It is usually develops after age 50, but the first manifestations may occur much earlier — in40-45 years. It is accompanied by symptoms of androgen deficiency, affecting all organs and systems. At the heart androgenic Deficit reduction is the main production of male sex hormone testosterone.


Before talking about the causes of age-related androgen deficiency, it is necessary to say about where and how the formation of testosterone.

Testosterone — is main male hormone, the

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Polotsk: fine for the banner Freedom to political prisoners

Sergey and Dmitry Sokolov Korolenka fines sentenced to 10 baselines, that is 350 thousand rubles. Ales Krutkin, which for her role in unauthorized actions in This year detained and tried already in the 4th time awarded to a fine of 35 basic units, or one million 225 thousand rubles.Support friends in court th detained yesterday came along with them Sergei and Nikolai Demidenko Glinski. In Glinski and Demidenko police took explanations and put them on a special account in a card file of offenders. Three current defendants should spend almost a day in the temporary detention, because only now, after

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The unique roofing material began to produce in Saratov!


Dear colleagues!

We suggest you to read the line of high quality materialRUFLEX ROLL Expert.RUFLEKS ROLL EXPERT is designed to set the standard in the field of roofing materials. This material is able to impress even the most experienced experts in the field of roofing materials. Excellent technical performance line, long life can be used Ruflexroll Expert at sites with inflated operational requirements for roof covering. This is the first material is designed with unique technology BASIC REGENERATION SYSTEM (basic ability to recover. Basic Regeneration System (The ability to restore basic) — a

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Fire victims pay for the fire to 50 baselines

Killed 280 people, including 8 children. Fire victims, apart from the fact, that they have lost their homes and property, have to pay a lot of money for fire fighting. Who and how many need to pay money — defines the administrative commission. Fire victims in each case have to pay in different ways. The amount that you recover from fire culprit will now count the members of the administrative committee of the executive committee. In March 2007 began operating a new Administrative Code. Then, discussing some new articles, human rights activists did not direct special attention to the sanctions,

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