For unauthorized flights over Belarus will be fined

Now House of Representatives adopted additions to legislation whereby for individuals set a fine of up to 20 baselines, and for legal — to 50. (Reference value 1 — 31 tyscha rubles.)The need to introduce such penalties deputies argued Defense Minister Leonid Maltsev:"No liability for violationyl use air space Belarus leads to unauthorized flight intruders. "L.Maltsev not specify how often this happens.

Japanese food manufacturers have bought 120 tonnes of Ukrainian corn

Japanese food manufacturers have bought 300 tonnes of Ukrainian and Brazilian corn for delivery in October-December, reportsDow Jones.


Price of 120 thousand tons of Ukrainian corn was $ 242 / t on the basis of C &F.

Price of 180 thousand tons of Brazilian corn was equal to $ 1.45 plus the cost to the December contract on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) or $ 253 / ton basis for C &F.

Corn origin United States, proposed by the bidders was $ 30 / t more expensive grain

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ERA GLONASS: 2 years before the start

To ERA GLONASS was launched in 2014, requires reliable operation of at least two types of equipment: the satellites in orbit and the terminal consumers. This writes the topical application to the newspaper "Kommersant» Business Guide (Geographic Information Systems) in an article on the prospects of the Russian system of emergency response in case of accidents.

Currently, GLONASS orbital group reached staffing levels and ensures stable reception of navigation signals on a global scale. Thus, the first condition for the implementation of the program ERA GLONASS almost done. Consumer equipment, based on which services will be provided

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Conservationists fined

His works are recognized small hooliganism. He was fined 5 basis units — is 175 thousand rubles, as specified referee Natalia Kozel.Igor Lapeha and Hope Krapivina, not counting small hooliganism were still in the protocol "disobedience to the police." Igor was fined 30 basis (50 1000000 thousand rubles), Hope — by 25 basis or 875 thousand rubles. Tribunal found that they interfered spilovvats trees.

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Centre for Policy Development opened in SEZ Dubna

November 1, 2011 in the Innovation and Technology Center Special Economic Zone "Dubna" (left-bank area) was inaugurated Centre for Policy Development (CPR) Russian holding company "Trackpore Technology" (SEZ resident status has its subsidiary "NANO CASCADE"). The main objectives of the center — the development and introduction of new products on the basis of track-etched membranes.

at the opening of the Center for Applied developments acts CEO of "Trackpore Technology" Vyacheslav Terentev


Among the main areas of research activity EDL: ? development of new projects in the use of track-etched membranes; ? obtain samples of the

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Holding TITAN-2 has launched a new production line

The line is created on the basis of assembly and blanking area (MSS) of "Sosnovoborelektromontazh" — the basic wiring business unit of the holding. Its basis are modern laser system TruLaser 1030 and press brake TruBend 3120. The purpose of a new line — expanding the range and increasing the volume of output wiring products.

Today MSS of "Sosnovoborelektromontazh" produces electrical cabinets, panels SO, BEZ boxes, cable racks, boxes for cable. It is planned that a running line will produce: racks, shelves, metal, shell panel equipment.

Manufactured equipment used by specialists of "Sosnovoborelektromontazh" in

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Tomsk scientists create instant pots for seedlings on the basis of bioadhesives

Tomsk scientists develop pots for seedlings, which will feed the plants and decompose in the ground, told RIA Novosti the project Natalia Martynov.

"Our pots stood, as necessary, until the seedlings are growing, and then the seedlings in the ground right into them planted, they're gone bad and fueled roots. Project is still under development, will need about a year on research and development. But no one in this world does not — from biological materials is only from peat pots, "- she said.

The spokeswoman explained that the peat pots have a number

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TSU scientists found an investor for serial production of X-ray machines

Technology researchers TSU became the basis of the project on the organization of serial production of unique equipment: portable X-ray equipment of a new type

Agency for Strategic Initiatives (Moscow) has decided to support the project "Detectors and X-ray machines: the creation of innovative manufacturing gallium-arsenide semiconductor detectors, digital color images, and mobile X-ray units of new generation on this basis." The project's goal will be to organize the production and output of high technology to the world market a new generation of competitive products in the field of digital radiography based on the unique domestic

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Tu-204SM has successfully completed a test of resistance to EMI

Successfully completed the program of ground certification tests of the Tu-204SM number 64150 under the impact of high intensity electromagnetic fields (HIRF). HIRF tests were conducted to confirm the security systems of the Tu-204SM from the effects of electromagnetic fields emitted by TV and radio stations or radar, designed to ensure safety.

According to the preliminary results of the tests carried out have shown compliance with the requirements of the aircraft certification basis.

Certification tests conducted by specialists of JSC "Tupolev" and JSC "Beriev Aircraft Company. Beriev" on the basis of the Taganrog Aviation Scientific-Technical Complex under

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Minsk: the trials of protesters

One of the detainees, youth activist Andrei Kim, not counting penalty sentenced to confinement for 10 days. Policemen drew him as many as three protocols: for role in unsanctioned meetings January 10 and 21, also for what he Tipo cursing obscenities.

Militiamen in protocol development, if we want to read them, used force

Another nine people detained yesterday fined for his role in an unauthorized rally. Penalty 20 baselines (700 thousand rubles) Gave a young activist of the Belarusian Christian Democracy Nikolai Demidenko from Polotsk, Alexander Lyubenchuka from Pinsk, a member of the movement "For Freedom" Constantine Balagura from

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